An Interview with Róisín Carey: Blood Moon Artist

by Olivia Winslow January 18, 2022 2 mins read

An Interview with Róisín Carey: Blood Moon Artist


Introduce us to your art... how it is supporting your life and cycle?

Menstrual blood painting has taught me so much.

I first tried it while going through a period of intense creative block and self doubt, and It immediately brought me to a state of connection with myself.

It’s made me see less through the controlling lens of perfectionism, aiming for an end result and more through the lens of my intuitive self, experiencing in the present, the painting as ritual, and the beauty of our inconsistencies and ephemeral natural.

That mindset has in turn, spilled into all other aspects of my life and made me reimagine my relationship with my body and my cycle with much more patience, love and reverence.


Moon Bathing by Roisin Carey


...and your journey in the world thus far? Who are you, what drives you, what are you proud of having accomplished?

My name is Róisín Carey and I am an independent artist. I’ve been blessed with Irish, Taiwanese and Brazilian cultures in my family. In my art, I like to infuse folklore from my background as well as what my intuition whispers to me but I am also very driven to try to transmute the negative stigmas society holds against women’s bodies into a source of beauty and empowerment.

I’m very proud that through this practice I have gotten to know my truth in a deeper sense and I have carved out a space for myself that I didn’t know could exist and I’m so grateful to have discovered a sense of community within it with such amazing and supportive women.


by Roisin Carey


What brings you back to yourself and reconnects you with Nature?

    I like connecting with nature by walking barefoot, grounding, touching the trees, watching and listening to nature with my partner. Hiking in the woods or walking by the coast, where the sky and sea meet, being with animals or with my nephews, experiencing their raw energy in the form of play, or on some days just having a fragrant cup of herbal tea.

    What are you excited for the future?

    I’m excited to see how things will unravel in the future, with new waves of awareness in each generation bringing even greater movement of women embracing each other, themselves and their magick.

    And in the short term, when some of “this” passes, I hope to travel again and immerse myself in nature and visit different regions and sacred sites to deepen my studies of matriarchal traditions and feminine wisdom.

     A Woman's Inner Journey by Roisin Carey

    What inspires you?

    I’m really inspired by folklore and literature and music but my highest inspiration for sure comes from my dreams and the diversity and wisdom of Nature. 


    What are you doing, small or large, in your daily life to help cultivate sovereignty of mind/body/spirit for yourself, your community, and/or the planet?

    I try to remain conscious of what I consume and the affects of my surroundings, and I try to bring presence and playfulness into all my activities, I nurture my creative flow and my wildest ideas, and through my art I strive to honour women and create a space of healing and awareness that we can share in.


    Thank you so much for your time, Rosin.  We have been inspired by your art and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this transformational work you are brining through.




    To connect with Róisín:

    IG: mooncocoonpainting

    LinkTree: RoisinCarey








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