An Interview with Skye Cielita Flor: Blood Moon Artist

by Olivia Winslow January 19, 2022 3 mins read

Skye Cielita Flor: Blood Moon Art



Introduce us to your art... how it is supporting your life and cycle?

I first began painting with my blood in 2016 after being introduced to the practice by a friend, Jasmine.


It was a time of big transition and change in my life and the resulting stress had caused my cycle to become intensely painful and irregular after many years of balance. I had already been practicing cycle tracking and blood ritual for some years, but this practice immediately brought me into deeper presence and connection with my body, helped to slow me down and brought in another layer reverence to something I had been taught to fear, ignore or hate.


 My first Menstralia by Skye Cielita FlorMy first Menstralia by Skye Cielita Flor


...and your journey in the world thus far? Who are you, what drives you, what are you proud of having accomplished?

I am Skye Cielita Flor, born and raised on a little farm in South Africa. My path has been winding, eclectic, and non-linear.


My early years were filled with a fierce passion for nature conservation and work as a wildlife carer and a wilderness guide in the South African bush…


I then spent 3 years apprenticing in the Daoist healing and martial arts in Cape Town with Dr. Jeff Lan at the Kim Loong Wushu Center...


Then 5years living full-time in the Peruvian Amazon jungle studying traditional Curanderismo (plant medicine) with my Shipibo teachers from the Mahua-Lopez lineage and working as a facilitator for a well-known healing centre called Ayahuasca Foundation…


I then immigrated to Australia with my husband in 2016 and have spent the last 5years immersed in the world of Deep Ecology/ The Work That Reconnects, Folk Herbalism, Grief Ritual, Mytho-Somatics, Nature Connection Mentoring with young kids, and fundraising for 'The Rainforest Information Centre' who work to protect old-growth rainforests threatened by mining activities.


My devotion is to remembering and embodying the awareness that I am one cell in this wild, shimmering, breathing, sentient body called Earth… to grieving all that has been lost and will be lost to our totally insane Western Industrial Growth Culture and to participating in the creation of a life-sustaining regenerative culture that is kind and connected to Earth Laws and Planetary limits.


I am most proud of my deep, soulful 9 year relationship with my husband and the body of work we co-create together that weaves deep ecology, animist perception, grief, and gratitude ritual and folk medicine, and curanderismo together.



Lunar Nature by Skye Cielita Flor
Lunar Nature by Skye Cielita Flor



How have you found incorporating our herbs into your daily ritual has altered your reality?

I have only recently begun using your herbs as part of my daily protocol but I can really feel the quality of your formulas and I can't wait to see their impact over time.

What brings you back to yourself and reconnects you with Nature?

    Wilderness fasting. Several times a year I head onto the land to fast in isolation and silence. This is absolutely my most treasured practice and helps me drop into deep connection with the land and my own centre. On a more regular basis, it's going on solo nature walks/wonders. This is something I do every week and is a practice that very quickly brings me back into connection.


    What are you excited for the future?

    I am excited for my podcast that is launching this year and the slow emergence of a new body of work that my husband and I have been gestating for some years now.



    Transforming the pain by Skye Cielita Flor
    Transforming the pain by Skye Cielita Flor


     What inspires you?

    •  Death and the incredibly unlikely fact of our existence…
    • The connected creativity and patterns of meaning in that which we call ‘nature’…
    • Cycles within and without… As above, so below…
    • Neurognostics (psychedelic plant medicines)…
    • Intentional music and singing…
    • Gratitude tea ceremonies…
    • The Universe Story as told by Brian Swimme
    • The old, unsanitized Myths and Fairytales…
    • The great poets Mary Oliver, Rilke, William Stafford, Robert Bly and many more…
    • The First Nations peoples who have managed to protect and remember the old ways…
    • My partner...
    • My sweet border collie pup, Zazi…
    • My beloved teachers Joanna Macy, John Seed, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Bayo Akomolafe, Francis Weller, Josh Schrei, Joan Halifax, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Susan Murphy Roshi...
    • Passionflowers, Cicadas, Amanita mushrooms, Turkey Tail mushrooms, Praying Mantis, Bees, Dragonflies, The Moon, Mountains, Venus, Old-Growth Rainforest, Mossy Logs and Rocks, Caves and Cave Paintings, Huge Gnarled Old Trees, Usnea, Lichen, Reishi, Lions, Leopards, Lightning Storms, Rock Pools, Coral Reefs, Giant Mantarays, Sea Caves, Hot Springs, Mountain Top Views, Dancing to Live Drum Beats, Snakes, Frog Chorus and so much more………


    What are you doing, small or large, in your daily life to help cultivate sovereignty of mind/body/spirit for yourself, your community, and/or the planet?

    All of the above, sometimes less and sometimes more, often imperfectly.  



    Skye Cielita Flor

    To connect with Skye:


    LinkTree: Cielitaflor







    Olivia Winslow
    Olivia Winslow

    Described by her friends as a ray of sunshine on a dark day, Olivia recently graduated from Anderson University with her Bachelors in Marketing. She loves long walks with her dog, essential oils, cooking healthy meals, and exploring all-natural solutions to life.

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