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An Interview with Jasmine Alicia Carter: Blood Moon Artist

I have suffered of very heavy and painful periods when I was younger prior doing this kind of work, and this practice ritualistically weaved it into meaning. It gave my pain a voice and in a sense it liberated me because through art, I learned to alchemise pain into beauty. It made me feel so deeply connected to myself, it made me rediscover and be curious about the magic held in my womb and Yoni (vagina) since nobody has ever taught me this before... suddenly something deep changed within me through dedicating to this practice every single month.



Introduce us to your art... how it is supporting your life and cycle?

I have been involved in this sacred practice since 2016, after a pivotal plant ceremony that made me experience deeply the deep, spiritual beauty of our period phases. I was on my period that specific day and it felt absolutely normal and innocent to touch it, see it and interact with it after I went into the bathroom and saw it on my pad! It felt like seeing it for the first time and it felt like a wonderful homecoming. I knew that I needed to do something with it -- throwing it in the trash bin suddenly felt so wrong -- and since I've always been an artist in my life, paint was the first obvious channel for me to create something meaningful out of it.

I purchased a menstrual cup the day after, I collected my period with it, and created my first ever mandala that my mother now has hanged up in her kitchen!

I have suffered of very heavy and painful periods when I was younger prior doing this kind of work, and this practice ritualistically weaved it into meaning. It gave my pain a voice and in a sense it liberated me because through art, I learned to alchemise pain into beauty. It made me feel so deeply connected to myself, it made me rediscover and be curious about the magic held in my womb and Yoni (vagina) since nobody has ever taught me this before... suddenly something deep changed within me through dedicating to this practice every single month.

It became in time a true spiritual practice. Period painting became something I am always looking forward to with anticipation and devotion. It shifted the relationship with myself and my body, so in return it recalibrated the relationship with others, my ex-partners, my friends, my work, my life, my spiritual path. I learned magnitudes of self-love and self-care I never knew before that gave me meaning, purpose, depth.

What first felt like a burden and a curse since my first ever period now held the deepest meaning of my soul. I always say: "the taboo holds the magic we are deeply longing for".

Fast forwards to today, after being consistent in documenting my experience on social media over the years about how period art changed my life and all the wisdom I have gathered over the years in healing my cycle... Now it actually became my business and the signature reason many women gravitate towards me and desire to work with me.

Our entire menstrual cycle is sacred and holds the key of wealth, magnetism and abundance of a woman... Period Art is wonderful catalyst to begin to reclaim the ancient wisdom of our wombs and begin the journey to become the most elevated versions of ourselves as women.


By Jasmine Alicia Carter

...and your journey in the world thus far? Who are you, what drives you, what are you proud of having accomplished?

Many people refer to me as a very “weird fascinating creature”, because I really don’t fit into a classical human being experience. I create a lot of polarity wherever I go, not because I desire to or because I am special, but because it is simply who I am and how I was forged.

At the same time… Just like many others in this world, I had a very difficult and traumatic upbringing that created deep dark voids in my heart. Many stop their story here, but in my life these voids triggered me to walk a spiritual path very young to resolve the many WHY’s this kind of deep suffering even existed and to recognise the light within it.

Along side spirituality, Art has always been a catalyst for me to express who I am… What drives me is SELF-EXPRESSION at it fullest capacity because it sparks the divine we all hold within.

I studied Art in high school and at University, and never settled on one specific art form because I was looking for the right medium that never seemed to appear… before period art came into my life.

I then started to share and document this experience on social media and it slowly and steadily got more and more popular until it went viral in multiple occasions, I created the Menstrual Art Movement, I’ve been contacted and published in different magazines, contacted for many interviews, contacted by major social media platforms, I have been noticed and mentioned by several VIP’s, and the ripple effect has been extraordinary over time.

Today period art seems quite mainstream in the holistic world, and I know I had a huge part in making it a thing. This is definitely something I am really proud of today.

But also over the years I have studied with many Teachers, Gurus, Educators, Mentors, Coaches, regarding feminine empowerment and spirituality that helped me to learn, integrate and embody so much wisdom that today is integral part of who I am and my work.

I today call myself a “Period Artist and Sacred Woman Embodiment Mentor”, and am devoted to empowering and educating women to reclaim their true sacred feminine nature, embody their menstrual cycles and heal their sexuality and claim their legacy through 1:1 coaching, long term mentorships, online courses, education shared on my social media platforms and website (that is currently under construction!).

I also own a successful e-commerce shop where I offer luxurious and powerful tools for a deep empowerment/healing journey like crystal yoni eggs, yoni wands, menstrual cups (with a very special design for womb keepers).

What first began as a “passion” and a journey of self-discovery became the fire that broke the chains of generational trauma, it became my life, my business, my success, my wealth, my impact, my abundance.

I am married with the love of my life and have a hurricane 2.5yrs old son, we currently live in Barcelona, Spain!


By Jasmine Alicia Carter


How have you found incorporating our herbs into your daily ritual has altered your reality?

    I know for fact that the journey of reclaiming our femininity, our wombs, our sacred feminine nature is also remembering and reclaiming the inner shaman/witch/wise woman we all have within us that is deeply connected to nature, Mother Earth and its magnificent, limitless bounty garden.

    We commonly tend to use herbs to aid in some illnesses through prescription. But rarely we connect with them spiritually and feel deeply the magic, the wisdom that herbs, plants hold within them…

    I regularly bring with me a small pack of herbs wherever I go, especially in vacation or trips to make infusions (I particularly love consuming daily neetle, rose and chamomile) which bring me so much inner peace, intentional moments and aid and support my menstrual cycle immensely.

    I have also established had a deep connection with entheogenic plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Iboga, Peyote that have supported me with powerful healing experiences in my journey of self discovery. I also have experienced retreats in Perù in the Amazon rainforest where I have used a deep variety of plants to heal some inner imbalances I was living at that time.

    I have incorporated in my wellness practices also Yoni Steaming, an ancient practice performed by our ancestors that implies using a variety of medicinal herbs to create a steam that is then funnelled into the Yoni to heal, support, enliven, nourish the womb space. This practice alone helped me heal my terribly painful periods and many women swear of having healed their PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, sexual imbalances and so much more.

    Nature provides us with most of the things we will ever need. I firmly believe that most of the common ailments and diseases come from the severed relationship we have with Mother Earth (femininity). 



    What brings you back to yourself and reconnects you with Nature?

      There are so many tools I have learned over the years to help me center, align and find myself in every moment, in the chaos of the highs and the lows.  I love using all of them in the moments that I need them most!

      Sometimes it might be doing Womb work with a Yoni Egg or a Yoni Wand, or dedicating to an active Yoga Practice in the sun, or meditating and reciting my mantras, or creating a ritual with my herbs, or period painting or offering my period to the earth… Maybe dedicating to self-pleasure in a intentional way once a week, or do a Yoni steaming, being naked in nature, swimming in a cold lake or river, lighting a candle and singing a song for the Earth and for all the women who will never have the privilege of remembering who they are… Breathing fresh air in a forest.

      Hovering my hands over my womb and remembering her, feeling her, nourishing her with my love and unconditional presence.

      I think it is all a matter of being truly present and intentional in everything that we do, because society as it is today is set up to make us forget quickly of who we are… we need a lot of inner strength and dedication to our connection to nature and the feminine in order to hold a standard for a new paradigm where the feminine can be the force of beauty, healing, wealth and evolution that the world is so longing for.

      What are you excited for the future?

      I am excited and head over heels for a HUGE project I have in mind that involves a 2 litre jar filled with period blood stored in my freezer and a huge piece of wall that I am yet to manifest in the incoming years.

      I have a huge vision that has been following me for the past years to create a huge mandala mural made of my own period blood along with the period of many other women that will gather in circle in my live retreats.

      With my husband we are looking to create in the next 3-4years a big holistic residence center where all this and so much more will come to life!

      What inspires you?

      I am inspired by greatness, by the fullest expression of the human potential. I look back at the devotion and passion that was infused in ancient cathedrals that were built in the name of the divine.

      Today it’s so rare to find people who are so bold and so motivated to create something so big that leaves an impact for centuries to come. I know that I was put here to make people, and mostly women, question everything they knew as true and remember in deeper layers that we are DIVINE and we are made to live with this inner knowing to have a deep meaningful life.

      What are you doing, small or large, in your daily life to help cultivate sovereignty of mind/body/spirit for yourself, your community, and/or the planet?

      Everything I do at this stage of my life, I do with the intention to create a better life for me, for my tribe, for the world. Every choice I make, every word I speak, every action I take, every food I eat, every story or post I create, every step I take, every thought I think, every prayer I make… has to be aligned to the bigger picture, of I have tragically wasted the most precious thing of them all: time.

      I invested more than 50K just in 2021 in education, support, coaching, courses, therapy, to dive deep into my embodiment, clear my mind from unnecessary talks that do not serve my purpose, to heal, to be fuller and bolder in my expression, to refine my marketing strategies, to learn how to deliver a service in a fancy and refined way, to have support of likeminded and powerful people…. All this, TO HELP ME GET MY MESSAGE OUT THERE.

      Because this message is big, it’s huge, it is for everyone.

      If we want to change the world, we need to put all our efforts and commitment to remind ourselves who we really are and as a consequence… we will be helping people remember who they really are.

      And in less time than we know it, the ripple effect will do what it has to do.

      When we REALLY remember who we are, there is an aspect of effortless motherly compassion to the human condition, there is unconditional love that heals the most broken heart, there is divine passion that makes you want to serve and care for others with no expectations, there is paying attention to what matters most and letting go the distractions because they do not serve… there is the return to laws of the Universe, the connection to the elements, to Earth, Nature, Life, God.

      My biggest purpose is to remind women who they are. Anyway I can… Because once we remember, the world heals. The world takes a breath.

      We already know what we have to do deep inside, we just need to remember, do the unsexy nasty uncomfortable work that is required to heal, clean off the dust from the rusty mirror and from there, we do what is our calling to do.



      To connect with Jasmine:

      IG: @jasminealiciacarter
      IG: @menstrualartmovement












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