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He Shou Wu: Sourcing from the Source

He Shou Wu - The Great Kidney and Adrenal Restorer

by Farley D 2 mins read September 12, 2020

When exhaustion does occur and the Kidneys and adrenals are tapped out, we look to...
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Mason with He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu: Di Dao Sourcing Practices

by Farley D 1 min read September 11, 2020

We want you to trust where you are getting your tonic herbs from. This stuff is...
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Why Chaga Mushroom Is Always In My Top 3 Mushies (Plus bonus recipe)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 3 mins read June 15, 2020

10 years ago, my love affair with medicinal mushrooms began with the vital inclusion of...
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Ashwagandha Flavour - Tips To Help With The Taste

by Farley D 5 mins read June 09, 2020

So potent, so full of health benefits, so... strongly flavoured. Get the download on the...
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SuperFeast Ashwagandha Stress

Ashwagandha - Your New Best Friend To Beat Stress

by Farley D 4 mins read March 26, 2020

Ashwagandha (also known as Withania somnifera) has shown to be extremely beneficial to improve an individual’s ability...
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Reishi: Will Take Your Meditation to the Next Level

Reishi: Will Take Your Meditation to the Next Level

by Mason Taylor 5 mins read January 13, 2020

Mason (founder of SuperFeast) in China with a wild red reishi, notice how it's sort of...
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Ashwagandha for Androgens

Ashwagandha for Androgens

by Mason Taylor 7 mins read November 03, 2019

It wouldn't be Brovember talking about adaptogens and tonic herbs that are super potent for...
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Potent Men's Health

Ashwagandha for Potent Men's Health

by Farley D 6 mins read November 01, 2019

We've got men's health on our minds at SuperFeast HQ and one of our fave...
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SuperFeast Lion's Mane

Health Benefits of Nootropic Lion's Mane Mushroom

by Farley D 6 mins read October 22, 2019

Nootropics are a hot topic right now and have absolutely permeated the West in the last...
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Chaga Mushroom - The Incredible Health Benefits

Chaga Mushroom - The Incredible Health Benefits

by Farley D 9 mins read July 07, 2019

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a medicinal mushroom that serves as an anti-ageing, immune-boosting powerhouse. Packed-full of adaptogenic...
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