What I did to help me feel better

by Olivia Winslow November 16, 2021 2 mins read

What I did to help me feel better


I have been sick in bed with a respiratory infection for about two weeks. It began with my ears hurting, joint pain, sinus pressure, and a headache. It then moved into a cough, congestion, nausea, and severe fatigue. There were days I could barely get to the fridge for water or to let the dog out. I was miserable!

As soon as I felt the onset of symptoms,  I started doing everything I could to support my body through the viral-load. I live alone, and was required to keep my visitors to the absolute minimum, so the protocols I adopted needed to be easy and within reach of my bed-side table!

I thought I would share my experience and what helped me to recover. 



At the first sight of my system being run down, I began Reishi and Mason’s Mushrooms. I chose Reishi because it stimulates a weakened immune system. It is also said to be beneficial in viral infections and chronic pneumonia which is similar to what I had.  


Mason’s Mushrooms 

I take Mason’s Mushrooms every day in my morning coffee before I got sick. When I started getting sick I boosted my dose to twice a day. The mushrooms in this blend are said to contain beta-glucans which increase the activity of infection-fighting cells within the bone marrow. 


Lion’s Mane 

I take Lion’s Mane every morning in my coffee due to severe brain fog and nerve pain. Lion’s Mane also contains beta-glucans which act as "biological response modifiers" in humans. When ingested, they awaken and greatly augment our own native immune cells to carry out actions in which they are inherently designed to do but may be executing poorly. 


Neural Nectar

I suffer from brain fog from Narcolepsy. Therefore I take Neural Nectar every day in my coffee. When I got sick my brain fog increased dramatically. It was the worst I had ever experienced. I made sure I was getting Neural Nectar daily. 


Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Elderberry

I did research about the viral infection I had and found that research was suggesting that Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D were beneficial in reducing the symptoms of it. I took Vitamin C by itself daily and a gummy vitamin that included Zinc, Vitamin C, and Elderberry. 


QI Blend

When I was sick I was doing some light work as a part of my job at SuperFeast and found that the QI Blend helps tone and strengthen the lungs. I had it in my mushie shelf so I thought I would add it to my sick-day routine. 



I told my teammate at SuperFeast I was sick and she suggested I take Chaga. Chaga is said to help fatigue and boost immunity. 


I am not for sure what element of my protocol helped me feel better the most. However, I truly believed my protocol helped reduce the severity of my symptoms and kept me out of the hospital. I know of other folks who have been sick with the same flu-like infection who have been debilitated for MUCH longer than I. After 2 weeks I'm not back to 100% health, but I AM back at work and able to function almost as well as before the symptoms started.

Olivia Winslow
Olivia Winslow

Described by her friends as a ray of sunshine on a dark day, Olivia recently graduated from Anderson University with her Bachelors in Marketing. She loves long walks with her dog, essential oils, cooking healthy meals, and exploring all-natural solutions to life.

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