Our Team

Our SuperFeast Crew consists of nutrition and naturopathy nerds, herbalists, musicians, designers, corporate refugees, yoga and pilates teachers and massage therapists (Chi Nei Tsang and Lomi Lomi, incase you were wondering).

We're all united by our deep love of tonic herbs and wanting to spread the tonic herb magic as far and wide as possible.


The SuperFeast crew is an allegiance of SuperHumans brought together by the SuperPowers these beautiful tonic herbs have given us. You can call us The Tao Dream Team, baby! Kidding! But seriously you can if you want, it’ll make us feel special.

Our Founders | Mason & Tahnee

SuperFesat Founders, Mason & Tahnee 


SuperFeast is company that founded in Australia in 2011. We are so excited to be building a US-based organisation, but for now, our US operation is bolstered by our amazing Australian team, with a couple of on-the-ground employees (our first American crew!)


We always find that we attract the best people - herb, nutrition, and natural health nerds, musicians, artists, designers, comedians, people who’ve only ever worked odd jobs and those who’ve worked in big corporations, yoga, meditation and pilates teachers and massage therapists and animal lovers!


We're all united by our deep love of tonic herbs and wanting to spread the tonic herb magic as far and wide as possible.



Mason & Tahnee

Admin + Marketing + Customer Service

Amy, Kelly, Sophia, Marcy, Sam, Farley, Elie, Lucia, Bali, & Nicole


Wazza and Shai


Our Aussie Crew


Who is Mason Taylor?

Many things! He's vibrant, that's for damn sure. Mason is the creative juice running through the veins of SuperFeast HQ. The dreamer, weaver, educator and creator. He's a wellness educator, host of The Mason Taylor Show and Super Feast podcasts, professional speaker and retreat facilitator. 


Mase has a gift - inspiring and teaching peeps to once again become enchanted with their body, life and health. Mason is dedicated to teaching people of all walks of life how to embrace and benefit from the healing forces of nature as they create a unique and dynamic health philosophy. A long and happy life is the intention. Mason also brings a refreshing and cheeky sense of humour to his talks, podcast, and life, because longevity relies on a good belly laugh. Follow Mase at @masonjtaylor and get to know the guy that sources your herbs!


Who is Tahnee McCrossin?

Tahnee is the business brains and mumma to all of the SuperFeast crew. Caring, intelligent and wise beyond her years, she is the glue that keeps this herb ship floating! A student of the body, weaving the ancient healing traditions of Yoga and Taoism with somatic exploration and modern scientific understanding into an integrated system that supports longevity and self-healing of the body-mind-spirit. 


Through her work as a yoga and meditation teacher (Founder of Yoga For All), chi ne tsang practitioner and health researcher, she is striving to reunite the modern body-mind with the spiritual and psychological wisdom of the ancients. She is grateful to be a current student of Mantak Chia, Paul Grilley and Michael Tierra. You can see more at @tahneeyoga