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Golden Ticket Giveaway!

It's our Wonka-Esque
Ticket Time!

Welcome my friends. Welcome to my herbacious factory.

Mason Wonka Taylor here and I have a spectacular announcement today! We are giving away an ENORMOUS prize pool for you to win! From today, if you purchase any SuperFeast herbs, you have a very good chance of finding a ticket, maybe gold, silver OR bronze! There's a total of 45 tickets to be found, so you've got a great chance. Head here to start buying!

If you find a golden ticket, you're up for a prize of more than $900 worth of goodies, including Chocolates from Loco Love, candles from Northern Light and beautiful natural beauty products from Cannabella.

Our silver and bronze tickets include a whole bunch of Gift Vouchers to spend in the apothecary .

Ohhh we are feeling delighted and excited to be sharing this Willy Wonka-esque escapade with you. And why? Because we love our community. Plus it's SuperFeast's 10th birthday this year, so we are celebrating hard!

Quick details:

⬩ From today until - Friday 14th 8pm AEST
⬩ Your chance to win one of 45 tickets
⬩ Golden ticket prize valued at over $900 RRP!
⬩ Available world-wide!

Now time is a precious thing. Never waste it. Get to buying your fave herbs now!

Love to you all,
Mase Wonka xx