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SuperFeast Di Dao Medicinal Mushrooms and tonic Herbs

Nature's most potent tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms

Find your nature-state.

100% Natural, Sourced Dì Dào (地道). At SuperFeast we source potent tonic herbs and mushrooms from their original source (Dì Dào (地道)). We seek the best herbs for our families and for yours - and we're willing to go the extra mile for it!

How we stay in full integrity

We never
We do

We never

Use low quality additives

We never add starches, additives, fillers, colors, flavors or synthetic additives to our powdered extracts. Our products are 100% herbal extracts. We use a small amount of organic sweet potato and bamboo extract in our capsules for the slip-factor, in the smallest quantity possible.


We never compromise the quality and sustainability of our sourcing, ever. We are here to represent the herbs and growers and their health reflects our health.

Use cheap mycelium filler

Many companies bulk out their products with cheap mycelium-grain filler. Our mushrooms are grown on wood and we use fruiting body extracts; the exception is our Cordyceps which is grown on a liquid substrate.

We do

Keep it clean

We independently test our herbs for heavy metals and pesticides (and more) in TGA labs and adhere to stringent TGA standards to make sure our products are clean and safe to consume.

Work with nature

We source and grow in alignment with Dì Dào (地道) principles, which means we use herbs that grow in the regions and manner in which nature intended. We honor each other, our customers, and this planet we call home and aspire to act in accordance to nature's laws.

Believe health = joy

At SuperFeast, supporting the health of ourselves, others and our planet brings us joy and we celebrate our role in bringing forth this playful expression of health.


Mason's Mushrooms

"A family favorite."

The entire family loves this one and even if they didn't it's super easy to sneak into food undetected ;-). It keeps us all super healthy and I'm so grateful.

Lion's Mane

“My partner and I love this!”

We recently got the 250-gram bag to share as we went through our last batch so quickly. I definitely feel more clear and a lot less foggy when I consume my mushies. My partner also mentioned that he feels as though his memory has improved since drinking Lion's Mane daily. Will definitely be buying again!

“Inner glow!”

I love the sour freshness of the taste. And my hair skin and nails are looking strong and healthy.