FAQs, All You Need to Know About Medicinal Mushrooms & Adaptogens

Our frequently asked questions come from you, our SuperFeasters! We love how super-curious our customers are about our herbs, and we take our mission of sourcing the best herbs available very seriously. We are always transparent about our herbs and supplements, about their efficacy and their origins, about our process and about how we use and enjoy them. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to email us via our Contact Us page, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Our Guarantee

Our tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms are grown in conditions that mimic wild environments. Our herbs are traditionally and sustainably sourced with longevity for the earth in mind, and cultivated in line with Daoist Di Dao principles - meaning they are grown in their ancestral homelands of China, Tibet and Inner-Mongolia.

The one exception to this is our cordyceps, which are lab-cultivated and grown on a vegan liquid fermentation medium.

We extract our herbs using either spring water (‘water extraction’), or spring water and rice alcohol - a process known as ‘dual extraction’.

Our processing facility in China adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. GMP is a strict code of conduct governing how products are handled. Our processing facility is GMP certified.

We place a lot of focus on the quality and purity of our products because we don’t just sell them, we give them to our own families. Poor quality herbs are not only a waste of money, they also have the potential to be hazardous to our health. Herbs that are not carefully grown and processed often contain high levels of toxic compounds like heavy metals, moulds or pesticides. Possibly even worse than this, is that such inferior quality herbs will not have the intended therapeutic effect.

Our processing facility uses technology like High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) and UV fingerprints to ensure our herbs are of the highest quality possible.

Our customers are right to be concerned about heavy metals in foods and supplements. We routinely test our products in China, Australia and the USA to ensure we are getting thorough and accurate results.

We source our herbs and mushrooms from regions far away from human or industrial contamination and we list the regions we source from on our website for transparency.

We regularly and routinely test our products for the four heavy metals considered the most toxic. These are:

* arsenic * cadmium * lead * mercury

We use the strict heavy metals guidelines of the Low Heavy Metals Verified Organisation as a benchmark to test our mushrooms. All of our herbs and mushrooms score between A+ and A+++ (meaning they test extremely clean), based on the LHMVO ratings.

However, like any food or herb taken from the earth, our products contain tiny trace amounts of heavy metals. Even with this in mind, our reishi still tests far ‘cleaner’ than farmed organic reishi we sourced from the USA (which we assume is grown on 'organic' grain or wood chips that have a high level of heavy metal contamination).

Our products are incredibly clean in comparison to almost any food or supplement on the market today. Please contact us on hello@superfeast.com if you wish to view our heavy metal test results. We update them regularly to ensure we are continuing to offer the cleanest herbs possible.

We love the healthy bugs we find in our favourite fermented foods like sauerkraut and beer (!), but we don't want nasty bugs in our herbs or mushrooms. So we take care at every stage of our processing to ensure no contamination occurs.

Our products are tested for microbial quality in China, Australia and the USA. We routinely and regularly test for total microbes, yeasts, moulds and pathogens like E. Coli and mycotoxins. Our products are all successfully tested against the guidelines of the American Herbal Product Association.

We do not irradiate our herbs. Ever.

Our herbs are hand-packaged at our facility in the Byron Shire, Australia. We package them using Miron glass, which we believe preserves the medicinal qualities of our products better than any other glass on the market. Read about the epic properties of Miron here. Please repurpose your Miron! Larger product quantities are packaged in resealable foil-lined Kraft bags. These Kraft bags are not eco-friendly and we are currently on the hunt for more responsible packaging.

We are a pretty conscious and aware bunch at SuperFeast, the environment is super important to us. We are currently auditing SuperFeast to see if we can make our environmental footprint smaller. We are aiming to reduce, or eliminate, our plastic use. We have committed to an internal waste program and our HQ is now fully solar powered.

Our herbs are grown in environments completely free of pesticides, here the wild ecology of the land flourishes, allowing the herbs to prosper within their own seasonal rhythms. There is absolutely no need for the introduction of chemicals of any kind into these wild settings, the intelligence of companion planting keeps things in check. Our test results confirm this, with results showing a zero reading for each of our products every single time. The way these herbs are grown, as per the Di Tao is practice that yields product that is truly beyond organic.