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30 Days Of Jing | A Diary! | Prep Part 1



It’s the end of June, so do you know what that means?!?! It is time for the #30DaysOfJING Challenge! The challenge does not start for a few days but I have started prepping for the challenge and I wanted to let you know what I am doing.


Before I tell you about my process I want to introduce myself. I am Olivia, one of the United States marketing assistants. I graduated from college in May. I was taking a Global Marketing class where I was introduced to SuperFeast because they were our class project. I soon fell in love with SuperFeast and their products. Days after graduating I was asked to come on to the SuperFeast USA team for the summer. I love learning about alternative health, especially essential oils and herbs. 


I have a slight obsession with increasing my energy. I have tried everything from essential oils, drinking my weight in coffee, among other things. After a two-year-long battle with doctors on why I was always exhausted after sleeping 8-12 hours and taking a nap nearly every day, I finally got answers. I am narcoleptic, meaning I fall asleep extremely easily. There are other common symptoms but this is the only symptom I have. They have put me on a stimulant which has helped my energy levels and decreased my coffee intake, but I would still love more energy. That is where the #30DaysofJING challenge comes in. 

The #30DaysOfJING Challenge is simple. You add a teaspoon of the SuperFeast Jing Blend into your daily life for 30 days. Some people take it a step further and go off stimulants for the 30 days. With my diagnosis, I cannot go off my medication but will try to decrease my coffee intake from three cups a day to one. I have previously decreased my intake from five cups a day to three. 

Before we move any further, what is Jing? Jing is the primordial energy that you are born with that lives in your Kidneys. The JING herbs are a super-blend of Taoist herbal traditions most revered JING herbs. JING herbs cultivate energy in the kidneys & adrenals. The SuperFeast JING Blend supports healthy hormone function, stamina, and libido.

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to see the effects JING will have on my life. As soon as I heard about the challenge, I headed to the SuperFeast website and ordered my first jar of JING! If you are interested in the challenge, stop what you're doing and go buy your jar of JING now so you can start the challenge on July 1st! (JING is 15% off until the start date, so stock up!).

Before starting the challenge I am going to take inventory of my energy levels, sleep quality, and a few other factors. I will revisit these metrics during and after the challenge. I invite you to do the same. Feel free to copy the things I am measuring or make up your own. These are just suggestions. I actually did my own spin on the measurements mentioned in the JING Challenge guide. 


Energy levels: My energy levels are not high, but not low either. They are middle-level. I do get tired easily and want a nap, but push through by drinking another cup of coffee. 

Sleep quality: I am currently sleeping 8-10 hours a night. My night of sleep is a tad restless and I am plagued with bad dreams.

Clearness of thoughts: One of my symptoms of narcolepsy is brain fog. I want to track how I am feeling through the challenge with my brain fog. Recently, I have had very little brain fog and have been very clear-headed.

Productivity: My productivity with work has been high, but my productivity in my home life has been low. I have not had enough energy to walk the dog more than once a day and my house is a mess. 


I hope you join me on this journey to cultivating Jing and increasing your energy! Be sure to sign up for the JING challenge today


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