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Herb Spotlight - Poria 茯苓

Poria is among the most famed and administered longevity herbs of the Tonic Herbal system, a potent Qi tonic this herb is used to nourish the Blood, regulate Fluid metabolism, enhance immunity and calm the mind. 

Poria 茯苓 

Chinese name:  Fu Ling

Botanical name : Poria cocos

Organs - Heart, Spleen, Bladder, Kidneys, Lungs

Energetics - Neutral

Treasure - Qi

Taste - Sweet, bland.

Actions - Tonifies the Heart, Liver and Kidneys, strengthens the Spleen and Middle Burner, calm the Shen, Yin tonic, expels Damp, transforms phlegm.

Sourced from -  Yunan and Hunan regions of China.


Poria is among the most famed and administered longevity herbs of the Tonic Herbal system, its use is on par with that of Licorice. 

Poria is said to improve the flow of Water through the body, helping Water metabolism find a healthy balance. The herb achieves this action via its ability to strengthen and tonify the Kidney, Bladder and Spleen. Allowing for further Water regulation and diuretic action to maintain proper Fluid metabolism and flow.

In the classical texts, Poria is said to alleviate pain below the Heart, which is often linked with emotional outbursts such as rage, fright and fear palpitations.

In the Shen Nong Materia Medica, it is said that Poria tranquillises the mind and the long-term consumption of the herb can relieve hunger and lengthen life.

A mild sedative, Poria is used to calm the nervous system and reduce stress, actions that aid the expression of the Western lifestyle perfectly.



Poria is formulated into our Women's Blend and QI Blend. 

As a Yin tonic, Poria balances the energetics of our QI Blend beautifully, complementing the Yang raising functions of both the Astragalus and White Atractylodes present in the formula.

A major herb in the Women's Blend , formulated to nourish and replenish Blood and support a healthy menstrual cycle. Poria brings life to this blend by nourishing and moving the Blood, regulating Qi, strengthening immunity, regulating Water and calming the Spirit. 



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