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Lion's Mane Farm - SuperFeast Adventures in China

Lion's Mane is one of our favourite mushies. It's a potent brain and nervous system support, encourages next level cognitive function and is the ultimate digestive tonic. 

Lion's Mane Farm

Lion's Mane is one of our favorite mushies. Check out our article on all the amazing health benefits of this extraordinary nootropic mushroom. It's a potent brain and nervous system support encourages next level cognitive function and is the ultimate digestive tonic. As you guys know, we are committed to being as earth-friendly as we can, which means from our initial sourcing through to delivery, we aim to be as eco-conscious as possible. Lion's Mane is an interesting one... because it has gained such popularity amongst Westerners, Lion's Mane is actually being depleted in the wild.


So, with our earth-loving principles in mind, at SuperFeast we utilize semi-wild cultivation practices for our Lion's Mane, using wild spores in far-north China. In this particular region, there are significant temperature swings; this means our mushies deal with stressors in their environment, which results in significant adaptation within the mushrooms.


In the below video, you will learn why we grow our Lion's Mane on 10 year old oak tree wood chips. Note in the video too how the mushies are IN PAIRS - this is to mimic how the Lion's Mane grows in couples in the wild. This is why our Lion's Mane is super potent and energetically dense; we follow the ancient Taoist wisdom. 


Lion's Mane is BOUNCING with brain-promoting constituents. Lion's Mane will nourish your white and grey matter, repair nerve damage, it's neuroprotective, it's neuro everything!


You'll notice in the video live from China. Unfortunately, we need to use plastic in this herb's growing production to contain the oak tree wood chips. As you guys know at SuperFeast, we are seeking to become plastic-free. Mason has already started to seek a solution to this and get us closer to be a plastic-free organization (that means talking to local waste facilities and learning what types of biodegradable plastic they're able to process).



Oh how we love Lion's Mane for its wonderful brain protection and gut support. If you are feeling brainy, make sure you sign up to our 21 Days of Brain Gains (for 21 days of brain optimization to your inbox). Maybe you'd like to read up on Nootropics and How They Relate To Medicinal Mushrooms...


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