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The Tonic Herbs For Healthy Hair & Nails

When the body’s internal landscape is harmonious, the outer expression is one of radiance, vitality and shine; this is what it means to cultivate beauty from within. In this article we will explore how to cultivate long, healthy hair and strong nails with Taoist Tonic Herbs. 

We all want to know the secret to growing long luscious locks and strong healthy nails. Thanks to the ancient wisdom of Taoist Tonic Herbalism and Chinese Medicine, we can gain a deeper understanding of how the health of our hair and nails is a direct reflection of our organ systems.

Read on as we explain how TCM views healthy hair and nails, and the tonic herbs to nourish their growth!

Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair 

The Kidneys 

Ancient Taoists consider long, healthy hair to be a sign of strong Jing (Kidney) energy. The Kidneys are considered the foundation of YinYang in the body. Kidney Yin is responsible for nourishing and moisturising the hair and nails, while Kidney Yang provides the necessary warmth and energy for their growth. Imbalances in Kidney Yin and Yang can manifest as dry, brittle, or thinning hair, as well as weak or brittle nails. Jing Essence is also associated with the colour of our hair, so those with a deficiency of Jing may experience an increase in grey hairs. 

The Liver, Spleen, Blood and Qi 

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, healthy hair also reflects healthy Qi in the Liver and Spleen, as well as the smooth flow of Blood to nourish the scalp. Our Spleen is responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients, while the Liver is responsible for storing and circulating Blood. Qi is also the driving force of Blood, therefore we need healthy Qi flow to ensure healthy Blood circulation. 
This flow can manifest as Qi/Blood stagnation or deficiency. A deficiency of Qi and Blood can reflect low nutrient intake and assimilation, whilst stagnation can reflect organ disharmony caused by stress, emotional stagnation or hormonal imbalances. 

To cultivate luscious locks, we recommend using our:

Healthy Hair and Tonic Herbs

Healthy Nails

Similar to healthy hair, to have healthy, strong nails, we must cultivate our Liver Qi and Liver Blood. The Liver is connected to all aspects of health and beauty. Someone who has a healthy Liver function will have beautiful nails that are strong, smooth and naturally shiny. If the Liver energy is depressed, the nails will be soft, thin, brittle, pale and dull and ridged. The Spleen also plays a crucial role in the health of our nails. Strong Spleen Qi is crucial for the absorption and assimilation of nutrients that are necessary for nail growth. 

To tonify the Liver we use Beauty Blend or Schisandra

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