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Your Top FAQs Answered

Join Mason as he dives into some of our most asking FAQ's!

We love our tonic herb community - you guys are ever-curious and inquisitive about the herbs and their magic. By now you know how darn serious we take our mission of sourcing the best, most potent and pure adaptogenic herbs possible. You also know how transparent we are about our herbs, about their efficacy and their origins. We are super passionate about education and explaining how we process the herbs, and of course, the fun bit - how to integrate the herbs into your daily flow.

Today, founder of SuperFeast, Mason, explores our TOP frequently asked questions. You will learn:

  • What Is A Tonic Herb?
  • What Is A Medicinal Mushroom?
  • Are Your Herbs Safe To Take While Pregnant?
  • Magic Mushrooms?
  • How Much Should I Take?
  • When Will I See Results?
  • What On Earth Is Trojan Horsing?
  • What Is Miron Glass?
  • How Do I Store My Herbs?
  • How Long Will My Jar Last?
  • Can You Eat Medicinal Mushrooms If You Have Candida?
  • When Is Our Next Promotion?
  • Can I Mix My Herbs Together?



If your question is not answered in the video, please feel free to check out our more exhaustive list of FAQs over here, OR you are always always welcome to email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.


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