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Considered a life-enhancing herb, cordyceps nourishes both the Yin and Yang and is revered as an absolute superior herb in the Taoist Tonic Herbal tradition. Cordyceps have traditionally been used to increase blood oxygenation and cultivate Jing - the primordial energy that resides within the Kidneys. When we increase our Jing, we improve our core energy and increase cellular performance and endurance.

Used to increase physical performance; we reduce our recovery time after exertion and cultivate an overall robust feeling in the body, mind, and spirit when using this mushroom. It's also an immunological powerhouse and a great herb to strengthen our capacity for the ultimate source of life and energy - the breath!

We love to use cordyceps to help combat coughs and phlegm; it's a great ally for preventing colds and flu in the stages of recuperation (just avoid it if you have an active fever).

Chaga, otherwise known as Inonotus obliquus, is a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees in temperate climates. It's actually not completely accurate to call it a mushroom - rather, it is the sclerotia of the mushroom that grows on the birch trees. The ability of this mushroom to predigest the nutrients contained in the birch tree allows it to deliver a potent medicine that serves so many benefits for us humans.

One of the most widely utilised and loved medicinal mushrooms globally, chaga is an absolute powerhouse of goodness. One of our key objectives here at SuperFeast is to empower the community to be health-sovereign so we encourage you to do your own deep dive into the vast amount of research available about this wonderful medicine. We do however want to explore some of our favourite benefits of chaga and why we love it so much. 


Cordyceps sinensis (Cordyceps CS-4) from dry hyphae (mycelium) 2g200mg / 250ml

10:1 extract powder


SuperFeast Cordyceps is produced via a unique liquid fermentation process. Due to the prohibitive cost of wild cordyceps, the Chinese developed cordyceps mycelium which they now grow in liquid fermentation tanks.

This pure mycelium product is known as Cs-4 and this is what we use at SuperFeast. We choose this style of cultivation as it is the closest in effect to wild cordyceps and can be grown in a liquid broth, rather than on grain, which taints the end product. Our grower has a unique and secret (vegan) broth recipe that makes our Cs-4 cordyceps stand out from the rest; try it and you’ll see what we mean.


Not to be used when experiencing an acute fever. 

Serving Suggestion

Time of day

Whatever feels best for you! 

You can enjoy Cordyceps any time throughout your day.

We particularly love it in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up.


Take three times a day.


Generally, we recommend taking the herbs daily in small doses, to begin with. This allows you to develop an understanding and acknowledgment of how the herbs are unfolding their medicinal magic for you. Follow the dosage instructions on the package, or start with 1/8 - 1/2 teaspoon per day, adjusting the dose if you feel it necessary within your unique body system.

Doses can be taken as high as two teaspoons per day, however, most people find their sweet spot with 1/2 to one teaspoon per product, per day. We call this sweet spot your "lifestyle dose". We don't recommend taking more than two tablespoons of herbs a day. These extracts are potent, and you want to take care not to overload the body with too much of a good thing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Cordyceps whilst pregnant?

Tonic herbs are generally warming, building, and nourishing. In the context of health optimisation and the Taoist tradition, tonic herbs are not directly used to treat individual symptoms, but instead to create harmony and strength within the system as a whole.

In this regard, we generally only recommend our Reishi and Eucommia Bark during pregnancy as there is quite a lot of empirical use of these herbs in pregnancy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Tonic Herbalism. 

To learn more about the tonic herbs best to take during pregnancy, read this article.

As pregnancy is a very individual journey, we recommend checking in with your healthcare provider when starting on any new herbs or supplements as they will have a more comprehensive scope of your medical history. 

Can I take Cordyceps while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can use Cordyceps whilst breastfeeding. 

We always suggest introducing new herbs slowly and in low doses, this allows the body to adjust and benefits to unfold at a pace relevant to your individual system.