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Deer Antler


Deer antler is a precious and potent herb, renowned for its life-enhancing, Yang Jing-supporting benefits. It is widely used in Taoist herbalism to nourish and restore the sexual essence of both men and women, helping to promote vitality and regeneration in the body. In some regions of China, deer antler is considered the most prized tonic herb.

It also assists in restoring Kidney Yin (Yin Jing) and is a Heart (Shen) and Liver tonic. Deer antler assists in building and moving Blood and restoring Qi. It is a powerful restorative herb, useful for assisting in recovery from exhaustion, rebuilding life force (Qi, vitality), and supporting longevity and virility. Deer antler velvet is the only mammalian organ to continuously regenerate itself; this regenerative capacity is one of the reasons we love deer antler!

Our SuperFeast Deer Antler is collected from the antlers of Cervus nippon deer, who roam freely in their native environment where they can sustain themselves on wild oak leaves alongside an organic diet. Modern research has shown that the vast majority of the bioactive substances, nutritional elements and growth factors are found in the tips of the antlers and our powder is derived from this very area - it is made from the tips of deer antler that have not been ossified. Deer antler is collected from stags when their soft antlers are rich in amino acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins.

If you wish to learn more about the sourcing and extraction process, read our article here.


Cervus Nippon (Cultivated, humanely harvested red deer antler velvet)


All herbs in this formula are sourced Dì Dào from herb-producing regions of China. Sourcing herbs from their spiritual homeland is born from the Taoist philosophy Dì Dào. Dì Dào poetically translates as ‘the way of the Earth’, and shows us where to harvest herbs if we wish to experience the herb’s true Spirit. From its ‘original place’ or ‘spiritual homeland’, a method that results in a product that is both full spectrum and medicinally robust. 

We take pride in our intentional sourcing of this ancient herb. We revere the deer as much as the ancient Taoists did. The deer antler is the harvested young horn of Cervus nippon deer, taken as it is undergoing the formation of new mammalian bone. The deer are never raised for meat. They enjoy clean and non-crowded stalls and exploring open pastures daily.


Not to be used when experiencing an acute fever. 

Serving Suggestion

Time of day

Allow Deer Antler to fortify your immunity, and bring vibrancy and energy to your favourite hot tonic or morning coffee, or enjoy it as an afternoon pick-me-up. We love it mixed into hot chocolates or on its own with hot water, in a broth, or in a meal.


Take daily. 


Doses can be taken as high as two teaspoons per day, however, most people find their sweet spot with 1/2 to one teaspoon per product, per day. We call this sweet spot your "lifestyle dose". We don't recommend taking more than two tablespoons of herbs a day. These extracts are potent, and you want to take care not to overload the body with too much of a good thing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Deer Antler whilst pregnant?

Tonic herbs are generally warming, building, and nourishing. In the context of health optimisation and the Taoist tradition, tonic herbs are not directly used to treat individual symptoms, but instead to create harmony and strength within the system as a whole.

In this regard, we generally only recommend our Reishi and Eucommia Bark during pregnancy as there is quite a lot of empirical use of these herbs in pregnancy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist Tonic Herbalism. 

To learn more about the tonic herbs best to take during pregnancy, read this article.

As pregnancy is a very individual journey, we recommend checking in with your healthcare provider when starting on any new herbs or supplements as they will have a more comprehensive scope of your medical history. 

Can I take Deer Antler while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can use Deer Antler whilst breastfeeding. 

We always suggest introducing new herbs slowly and in low doses, this allows the body to adjust and benefits to unfold at a pace relevant to your individual system.