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Chinese Medicine; Beyond The Surface with Peter Galle (#215)

Join Mason and Peter Galle for a deep exploration of Classical Chinese medicine and it's timeless wisdom, with an emphasis on the importance of the perceptual senses in the art and application of this ancient healing craft.

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Today Mason welcomes the remarkable Peter Galle onto the show. Peter is a practitioner of true Classical Chinese medicine, one of many exceptional individuals keeping the practice of this lost healing art present and alive in the current diluted culture of Westernised appropriation.

Peter and Mason go deep in this episode, inviting us to acknowledge with gravity, the enormous value the sensory faculties of sight, smell, taste, touch and perception hold in the fruitful practice of healing, regardless of the modality.

Both men share their knowledge and insights passionately, many of which are heavily influenced by the Huang Di Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperor's Classic Of Internal Medicine, a seminal text on Chinese medicine that captures the root intention of the Classical approach.

Peter speaks from the heart, with care and diligent reverence for those who walked before him, whose path of mastery was apprenticed in alignment with the original guidance of this ancient craft.

Covering all manner of topics; including the challenges practitioners face when working to harmonise complex pathologies, the importance of honouring lineage and working with classical texts, why self-cultivation and self-care are crucial aspects for the longevity of the healers' practice, developing perceptual sensitivity and the acuity and discipline that is required to accurately read the body and its subtle cues, plant medicine and the indigenous use of Cannabis in China and so much more!

This episode is rich and valuable, a truly insightful listen for all, especially those in communion with the practices of Chinese medicine. 

Image of rocks embedded in sand with water running between the spaces between.

"The body is incredible. When you're dealing physically with the body, the living form of the tissue, it is a complete miracle. It is unbelievable. It's the flesh of the earth moving.".
- Peter Galle.

Peter & Mason discuss:

  • The difference between commercialised Chinese medicine and true Chinese medicine.
  • The challenges faced by practitioners in treating complex illness.
  • The magic and interconnectedness of plants in healing.
  • The importance of self-cultivation for practitioners.
  • The layers of the body and disease in Chinese medicine.
  • Honouring the lineage and working with classical texts in Chinese medicine.

Who is Peter Galle ?

Peter Galle is a Chinese medicine physician, clinical herbalist, medicine maker, author, and educator. His medical practice focuses on patient advocacy and detailed, one on one full body care with Chinese medicine and herbs, addressing chronic and difficult to treat disease as well as preventative health. His medical practice is grounded by 4 important roots:

1) His translation and application of medical theory from the 黃帝內經 The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, the oldest complete Chinese medical text.

2) Making herbal medicine and working with plants to better understand their functions in an embodied way.

3) Modern medical research on organ, vasculature, and lymphatic physiology and pathology.

4) Biannual dissection courses with unfixed cadavers to improve his understanding of the human form.

Peter currently treats patients in his Los Angeles clinic as well as patients all over the country through telehealth consultations. Peter also teaches professionals alongside his colleague Todd Gonzales through the Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. 

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