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Heart Perception In Herbalism with Stephanie Hazel (EP#219)

In today's episode Mason speaks to the wonderful Stephanie Hazel. Stephanie is a traditional Western herbalist, teacher and earth lover whose passion for her craft is robust, poetic and deeply felt. Stephanie and Mason delve into the sensory landscapes, the realms beyond intellectualism and linear thought, covering all manner of juicy topics like heart perception, animism, herbal dieta, herbal apprenticeship and so much more!

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In today's episode, prepare to be transported into the enchanting world of herbalism as Mason sits down with the incredible Stephanie Hazel. Stephanie, a traditional Western herbalist, teacher, and earth lover, brings forth a passion for her craft that is as robust as it is poetic, inviting listeners to explore realms beyond intellectualism and linear thought.

Stephanie and Mason embark on a captivating exploration of the sensory landscapes, diving deep into topics that range from heart perception and animism to herbal dieta and apprenticeship. With each exchange, they unveil the rich tapestry of wisdom woven through Stephanie's experiences and teachings.

At the heart of their conversation lies the concept of heart perception in herbalism—an idea that transcends the notion of the heart as merely a pump. Stephanie eloquently elucidates how heart perception involves listening with both body and heart, allowing for profound insights into the healing properties of plants to emerge. Emphasising the fusion of intellectual knowledge, intuitive knowing, and embodied experience as essential components in cultivating herbal wisdom.

Stephanie generously shares her approach to teaching herbalism, highlighting the importance of reverence and respect when interacting with plant allies. She advocates for a guided process that honours the deep connection between humans and plants, ensuring a safe and meaningful exploration of this sacred relationship.

For those eager to delve deeper into Stephanie's teachings, her courses—Plant Allies and The Wild Edge of Herbalism—offer unique opportunities to engage with herbalism in a way that transcends conventional education. Each course is a doorway to a world where plants become not just subjects of study, but cherished partners in the journey of self-discovery and healing.

Stephanie's wisdom shines through as she and Mason explore the practice of embodied listening, highlighting its transformative power in fostering harmony with plants and the environment. Their conversation serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of honouring perceptive senses alongside intellectual understanding—a testament to the profound wisdom that awaits those willing to listen with an open heart.

Tune in today for a powerful and profound journey into the heart of herbalism with Stephanie Hazel—a true plant person and universal voyager whose insights will leave you inspired and enlightened.

To learn more about Stephanie and her courses, visit her website here.

Mystical picture of a forest.

"If we are to accept that animism is actually the base state of being human rather than it being an alternate for theology, then we don't have to choose to be animist or try to be animist. We just have to remove the illusion of a dead mechanical universe. And if you take that away then underneath is our existent state of animism."
- Stephanie Hazel

Mason & Stephanie discuss:

  • Heart perception in herbalism.
  • The power of using single herbs over formulas.
  • What it means to hold an animist worldview, in herbalism, and life.
  • Plant dieta and the importance of holding reverence in herbal practice. 

Who is Stephanie Hazel?

Stephanie is a traditional western herbalist located in Uki, North NSW on Ngarakwal country. Stephanie is currently focusing on supporting herbalists, naturopaths and herbal folk to re-engage with the lost art of plant relationships and sacred herbalism as a foundation stone of herbal medicine. Stephanie is convinced that in a world of information overload, reconnecting to our intuitive heart wisdom and the ancient human-plant relationships is key to bringing our world into balance. Learn more about Stephanie here.

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