Herbs for Self Care

by Farley D March 30, 2020 4 mins read

Herbs for Self Care

It's a surreal process to look back on 2020 so far...


Here in Australia, we have experienced devastating bushfires, back to back with unprecedented floods and we are now facing a global virus outbreak with the future economic outlook uncertain. It reads of biblical times.


And during these times, there has been government mis-leadership, political unrest, the rich get richer, misinformation spreads and there's an overall sense that we have forgotten what's really important, we've lost our way as a population. Do you sense that?


There does not appear to be many (if any) humans not feeling things. Sadness, fear, uncertainty, disconnection, frustration and grief, to name a few. The notion of feeling 'ecological grief'* and an acute sense of disconnection is rife at the moment. Mastering the gamut of these emotions is a new territory for many of us.


Know that you are not alone in these feelings.


We are currently facing the prospect of pushing the pause button on the magic of life.


Self-care is so important right now. Arguably more important than ever before. We need to look after ourselves (and our fellow humans) and remain healthy in mind and body. While we are purveyors of very potent immune herbs, we also have tonic herbs to support your spirit during this disorienting time.


Tonic Herbs for Self Care

Our tonic herbs are adaptogenic - aka they provide your body what it needs, they will up-regulate functions, or down-regulate, depending on what is required to restore balance to your unique system. In other words - any herbs from our range will help you overall with resilience, adaptability and more vital, stronger health. But these herbs below are even further aligned with the concept of self-care and nourishing of the mind and soul:

  • Reishi: so highly revered for centuries by the Daoist masters, reishi is the queen at fully embodying shen. Shen, one of the Three Treasures, akin to your higher self, your wisdom and virtue. Reishi can take you to new meditative places and can truly soften the sharp edges
    • Good for an over-thinking, over-stimulated, over-panicked mindset
  • Ashwagandha: an Ayurvedic herb we had to add to the SuperFeast apothecary, ashwag is the ultimate stress-buster. Research consistently shows the physiological effects this potent yet gentle herb has on the stress response (read more here).
    • Good for feeling tense, stressed, anxious
  • JING blend: the ultimate support for our adrenals and Kidney system. This blend was formulated by Mason especially for exhaustion and a weakened system. Living in such a confusing time can be exhausting mentally and physically, JING is an ultimate act of self-care to provide a tired body the nourishment it needs.
    • Good for feeling exhausted or depleted
  • Mason's Mushrooms: I don't know about you guys but having a happy belly makes ME happy (thanks, hormones!) and Mason's is my go-to for increasing the health of my gut, which seems to have a magic effect on my mind. It's also comforting and easy to incorporate into chocolate drinks, which I believe is also a form of self-care, right?
    • Good for increasing the health of your gut, which may increase your body's ability to produce happy hormones (Gut by Giuila Enders is a great read if you're interested in such things)


    Herbs are never the silver bullet! They are simply one part of your lifestyle which will lead to vibrant and long life. 


    And The Good News Is

    This strange time gives us all some space, it's a true opportunity for the creators in all of us and certainly, thinking this way is far more nourishing for our minds and bodies than the doomsday.


    Tahnee (boss Mumma CEO here at SuperFeast HQ) reminds us that this is forced quiet time is a time of Yin and we lead such outwardly Yang lives, and so this dramatic shift can be confronting and overwhelming (hence, try some herbs). As our favorite climate activist, Sarah Wilson says, "We've been given the Biggest Permission Slip Ever. We've been spared the guilt (associated with) slowing down and doing less." So, let's try to embrace the uncertainty, lean into it. Alchemizing these feelings into something that can build life and creativity is important.


    The other silver lining appears to be that nature is feeling some of her own spacious-ness. The wild is now breathing again.


    Birds are back singing in Wuhan and air pollution is significantly decreased in major cities. Roads are empty, mindless consumption has generally decreased (except toilet paper!)


    Is this virus the spiritual awakening we have needed? Is it here to remind us, force us, to slow down, be more still, see the beauty in the mundane, remember the connection to nature? Honestly, I am not sure and my over-stimulated mind doesn't need these Big Life Questions right now ;P For now, a nice ashwagandha chai might do the trick.....



    Farley D
    Farley D

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