Herbs To Get Through The Silly Season

by Mason Taylor December 07, 2020 5 mins read

Herbs To Get Through The Silly Season

I wanted to share some thoughts on some 'non-naff tips' for this time of year. We cover the herbs to get you through the silly season and provide some thoughts on lifestyle tweaks you can consider.



....has gotta be: don't get into a Jing-leaking cycle. Not sure what I mean by this? Then dive into this epic podcast episode on What Is Jing Energy? So many people in the SuperFeast community have done so much to pull their lifestyles back into balance, whilst learning not to be exhausting themselves and burning the candle at both ends. They've been using tips from How To Cultivate Your Jing Energy. But this is the time of year where you're given an inch and, all of a sudden, you're taking a mile due to not laying down boundaries for your Jing, and you use up all your "savings" that we rely on to stay grounded and not fatigued. I'm talking both energetically AND literally. Everyone uses up *all* their savings.  


For you guys in the USA, this Christmas tradition is celebrated in the middle of winter, traditionally a time when there's not much going on and everyone needs their spirits lifted - but in this year of COVID and Presidential Elections, everyone is pretty darn tapped out in 2020!


For us here in Australia, we're in the middle of the high Yang already: hot weather, lots of activities on, lot's of movement and excitement, lots of places to already spend our savings. So we don't actually need any more Yang. And so, the very Yang expression of Christmas and New Year's needs to be mitigated and watched here in the Southern Hemisphere.



So prevention-wise, how do you not leak your Jing essence? First of all, you get ultra responsible with your calendar, make sure you've carved some time out to prioritize your personal practice and your rest / Yin time. And then you need to avoid getting complacent with your diet and keep up with your nice deep breathing because they are the things that give you your daily Qi. Qi energy ensures that you're animated and you can get through this time, which is pretty hectic without drawing on your Jing reserves.

leaking-jingLeaking Jing Essence


If you feel you're someone that's prone to becoming tired or exhausted at this time of year, you might just want to incorporate those Jing herbs into your days, to really buffer you and to get you through. I'm talking the JING blend of course and herbs like ashwagandha, especially if it feels like you *really* need some grounding, foundational support during this time with managing stress.


If you are called to keep up your Qi tonics, I love Mason’s Mushrooms, which also supports the daily Qi.


And hey, if you are someone that is feeling like you're in a really good place and you're not going to be exhausted, just keep on hitting the mushrooms (Mason's Mushrooms blend is always a safe bet to cover all bases) and chaga to keep up that robust immunity.


So if alcohol is your thing, keep on hitting Beauty Blend. The schizandra, goji and pearl in our Beauty Blend is going to cover a lot of your Liver Qi needs, and you can just easily get up in the morning (hopefully you're not feeling too remorseful) and have a Beauty, lemon and warm water to kick off the residue. We've also got a beautifying recipe here, with Beauty Blend, aloe vera and grapefruit that you'll love, here. Feel free to keep this practice up throughout the silly season if you find that you're celebrating life often with a joyfully boozy drink in your hand.


Maybe you've indulged in a little bit of that white powdery stuff, sugar. I find the medicinal mushrooms are really great blood sugar regulators, the Mason's Mushrooms blend is great for this one (we've got maitake mushie in there, which is particularly known for its blood sugar balancing, along with Chaga, just really great at mitigating that).



If you're prone to feeling anxious around this time of the year (well, honestly, this conversation is relevant for any time of the year) and obvio usly, if it gets severe, make sure you've got someone you can talk, but please remember to focus on your meditation practice, whether that be sitting or forest bathing or hitting the surf, spending time doing what helps you get into the space to digest and process life is going to be a huge factor. 

It gets really mentally 'hivey' during this time (busy energy, easy to get swept up in everyone else's energy), feeling some social angst can be pretty common if you're not ready to go full commercial Christmas. A good reishi tonic at night, or even in the morning if you're kind of getting swept up into it, is a really, really great idea. We love our reishi / camomile combo, AM or PM, whatever you need. If you've got ashwagandha floating around, throw that in too.



The whole point of taking these magical herbs is that we've got strong, protected Essence (Jing) so we're super physically healthy and robust so we can enjoy ourselves and not risk burning out or sacrificing our Essence in order to experience life at its fullest. Through building our Jing with lifestyle and the herbs, we can be that expression of ourselves who's able to be out there staying athletic with the kids, or hitting up those abundant social obligations without getting exhausted (protect your sleep for this!)


These herbs, when they've got the Jing foundation, allow for a strong, open flow of Qi to run through the body and the organs. This is where we experience the vitality, and where your emotions can be felt and experienced and dealt with so that you develop and express your Shen (your virtuous nature i.e. compassion, patience, empathy, joy) easier and easier as you become healthier year by year.


Why am I going on about this?


Because - let's be honest - this time of year we get tested by our family - the people you like to be the most, but tend to be the least, virtuous towards! 


So, we take the herbs and keep up our healthy practices, so we're not total assholes to these beautiful people. Rather, it's a time of year to REALLY test and hone your ability to stay stable and aware of your inner process so you can stay centered. 


This is ultimately what the herbs are about long-term.

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