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How To Transition Between Seasons

At SuperFeast, we follow the Daoist philosophy, an ancient tradition that, among many things, highly revered nature and her rhythms...


At SuperFeast, we follow the Daoist philosophy, an ancient tradition that, among many things, highly revered nature and her rhythms...


The Dao were wonderful observers of nature and we really encourage our community to do the same. Today Mason discusses the change in season and how to navigate this transitional time. Mase shares his general views on the changes between Seasons, weaving in the Elements and practical ways you can make the transition an easy one.

Some points he explores:

--> encourage yourself to really notice when there is a change of season. Look around your natural environment, feel the winds change, the air temperature, notice where the sun rises and falls. These are a few easy examples
--> between each Season transition, there is a culmination of events and changes occurring, so we must remember to stay grounded. How? Remember Earth. This is your home base
--> remember too, to be gentle with yourself during these transitional times
--> key practices and tips to ground between the Seasons

Tune in to the whole video, we'd love to hear what you practice to get through the changes in Seasons?




So with a change of season every change of season there's gonna be a time when you notice that there's a lot of energy moving and we're moving say right now from like the Winter water time over to the Spring you know Yang rising Yang times in the Northern Hemisphere, it might be kind of like that. Little pivot when you go in from that fiery Summer, moving towards the metal of Autumn beautiful time. So during these change of seasons, the earth right you know the mothership, is altering and changing. And what we wanna do is we want to jump into that bridge over the seasons, which is that Earth that Spleeny Earth energy and we wanna ground during those seasons.


Now depending on how long you've been in sync with the seasons, right and living in accordance to mother nature, which is a core principle of Daoism, therefore Daoist herbalism. It might be just a day but you need to be really grounded in order to allow your energy to bridge over from one season to another. It may be a few weeks be very gentle with yourself. So how do we ground at the change of season? So let's go through the list. One is remember it's an Earth energy so we want to connect to the Earth. So in your meditation, we're not flying off into the astral at this time.


We're moving away from the grounding Yin water time. You know, right now we're just getting into the Earth. We are connecting to our center, our Earth, our lower Dan Tien, our body and we're grounding in that way. With our movement, we are moving from our lower Dan Tien about two inches below the belly button and two inches in and we're connecting with the body, right? We're connected to the physicality of the body and we allowing ourselves to anchor down and then connect to the earth in that way. Okay? So that's very important to be nourishing with your movement. You know get in your body workout and be connected to your body have compassion during this time, key, empathy, compassion these are very grounding virtues and we wanna bring that don't flog your body, it's not the time to flog your body right now. Now that goes over into diet as well as exercise.


When during this time because we are grounding, don't get too aspirational. Don't be doing intermittent fasting. Don't be flogging yourself. Don't be exploring edges. If you can just ground for this small amount of time say at the moment we're coming from Winter over to Spring. If you can just ground you know don't fast three kind of like square meals a day. The Spleen loves it you can't deny it. Well cooked food, root vegetables nourishing as if you can get into that energy good with consistency, then when you do into the Spring and then eventually the fire in of Summer you gonna have greater capacity to explore your edges. Don't worry you're gonna be able to go flog yourself and do your cold plunging and work on your hand stands and all that kind of stuff. But as long as you can ground right now or when you notice the season is changing then you're gonna be able to go much further.

We also want to make sure your days are practical in work, in your workouts time with family, a grounding energy is a consistent energy. Okay? So your expectations are consistently met, don't get too aspirational, whether it's for this day or this month until you feel that you can transition over into the next energy. So for us it's a wood rising Yang, and in the Northern Hemisphere it's gonna be for you to start to descend down into that that mourning period. Like you're mourning the Summer going away in the Northern Hemisphere as we enter into that Autumn lung metal period and your lead is starting to let go, right. So you want to schedule your day.


You wanna make sure that you're not being too ambiguous with your goals and setting your expectations and make sure you are meeting your expectations so that you can stay grounded through your day. These are some of the simple practices that you can take on during these bridging periods. And if you can nail it then your Qi and your life and your emotions and your body will be able to smoothly transition through the seasons, through the year, through the decades and that's when we get ultimate health but especially if you're taking medicinal mushrooms which is what we really want to be doing through these transitional bridge periods as well because those mushrooms are very grounding. They're nourishing our Spleen. So don't forget your mushies as well. Mason's mushrooms is probably the way to go. Big love guys.

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