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Jing Energy (PODCAST #2)


Join Mason as we take a deep dive into the mysterious and vitally important energy that lives in our kidneys; Jing.
 ‘Jing’ is the Chinese word for ‘essence’ - specifically kidney essence. In the ancient Taoist tradition, fatigue, weakness and hormonal imbalance, were all considered a result of Jing depletion. By learning to nourish Jing we begin to stop any “leaking” of this energy, and therefore cease to be in states of exhaustion and restore this energy so that our body can grow deep roots of health to grow upon. When the Jing is strong and being used sustainably we experience healthy hormones, less stress, a rocking libido and strong bones, back, hips and knees. Mason covers the primary herbs and practices needed to ensure healthy levels of Jing in the body, this is our first step to ensuring a nice long, healthy life is experienced. 


In this podcast you will learn:

  • The key principles to stop leaking Jing and start accumulating it
  • What is Jing and why does it live in the kidneys
  • Why Jing is the key to great digestive fire
  • How to get away from being exhausted and start building energy in your organs
  • How stress leaks your life essence
  • Why weak knees, hips and lower back are a sign of deficient Jing
  • How kidney health determines the capacity of ALL your vital organs
  • The keys to ensuring your libido is rocking
  • The best herbs to build back your core Jing energy and how to take them
  • Why the JING blend is a key for long term energy

Join us on our #30daysofJING Challenge, 30 days of taking Jing herbs to restore your adrenals and Kidneys. Don't worry, it will be fun ;P




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Check Out The Transcript Here:

- - Hi everybody it's Mason Taylor here. Flying solo today as we continue to dive deeper into this beautiful practice of tonic herbalism. And we're going nice and deep today into an absolutely essential topic concept, conversation when it comes to Taoist tonic herbalism and that is Jing, J-I-N-G. Jing is one of the three treasures of tonic herbalism. One of the three treasures of life itself. The Jing, the essence, the Chi, just the vitality and the Shen, which is the spirit. We're really gonna be focusing in on this Jing essence because one, in the Western world, when we are trying to get our Western cerebral minds closer to an instant philosophy that isn't so reductionist in nature, that has a little bit more of a holistic and all-inclusive and more of a seeing the body as a living system, a living ecosystem, not just parts, the Taoists and the ancient Chinese herbalists and medicine men and women really were amazing at cataloging, bringing terminology to the various concepts and energies and organs of the body that really allow us to connect our minds and go deeper into feeling what these concepts are and really feeling what they are within our own body.


Now these three treasures, Jing, Chi, and Shen exist within everything in our universe. We're really gonna be focusing in on the human body, Jing where it lies in our body, what it means for our lives, what it means in this current world, in these lifestyles that we are living and also where it fits into this culture of health that we are creating for ourselves, for our families, and our communities. Jing is the first treasure. It's where we start. Jing is the essence of our life. It's the primal energy of life. Now this Jing is stored within the kidneys. I will just point out that yes we are talking ability the physical kidneys being the root of life in which this Jing is stored. But remember that the Taoists and the traditional Chinese medicine model doesn't just talk about when I say kidneys, they're not necessarily just talking about the tissue of that organ. But they're talking about all the functions and all the various organs and glands in which that kidney organ system governs and maintains. So it's important to lay that out, but the Jing is substance very much most closely associated with life itself. It's the source of life. It is really material in which we can start to really sink our teeth into. Whereas the concepts of Chi, concepts of Shen, a little bit more etheric, a little bit more slippery, whereas Jing, when you ground Jing into this universe, it really contains the possibility of birth, the maturing of energy.


So aging, maturation, and then decay and death within itself. Jing also has the potential for differentiation into Yin and Yang. So remembering that Yin, more of a slight, like more feminine energy, especially closely associated with winter, stillness, rejuvenation, whereas Yang, more of an expansive energy, more of a summit energy, really bringing the fire into life. So it's for that reason that within the kidney storing that Jing, we have the possibility for there to be Yin Jing and Yang Jing, and we'll go a little bit into the differentiation of the two and how those different sources of Jing really manifest within the body. Important to remember that every organ and cell within the body needs Jing in order to absolutely thrive and because the kidneys, they're storing that Jing, they're really bestowing this potential for life acitivity of the cells, and of all the other organs.


So they have a very special relationship with all the other organs in that, they're the underlying material if that organ existing in the first place, and also the source of the Yin and yang function of each of those organs. So it's in that that we look at the kidneys and the Jing energy that they store being the root of life really for us. What we are seeing within this western culture at the moment is many people are burning the candle at both ends, eating foods that possibly are hard to digest, aren't really nourishing the body, maybe not sleeping enough, being around a lot of technology a lot of the time, putting a lot of stress on the body, and also maybe not just not sleeping enough, maybe not exercising in sustainable ways what that really boils down to is the lifestyle isn't sustainable especially in the sense that we are not using our Jing in a sustainable manner, that is going to ensure that we can have a nice long healthy life.


When we are born, the Jing essence from our mother and from our father is really refined and unites within those new fetal selves. And then this life takes up residence within the womb, and the Taoists will go a little bit further in saying that combination of that you will get almost like a dropper full of Jing squirted into the womb with itself and then as the fascia of that fetus unravels, it will, where the kidneys emerge in case and in close that Jing energy that you've been passed down genetically from your mother and father and also from the universe within itself. That's your pre-natal Jing and that pre-natal Jing will remain pre-natal ideally being protected by mama when you're in utero the make sure that you are born with the healthiest constitution as possible. But once you have been born and the umbilical cord is severed that's when you're kind of on your own with that energy. So that prenatal Jing can then really that can begin to be used for all of the functions within your body. It is the root of energy.


The possibility to transform energy within the body and be that basic foundational life force that really, then it's the closest thing we have to really point forth the possibility to measure within ourselves how long life is going to be for us, the amount of Jing that you have and how consciously how mindfully you're burning through that Jing once you are born and that prenatal Jing becomes postnatal Jing. And you start to use that energy to fuel yourself and bring forth this wonderful experience of life, of you being an individual and you're exploring yourself, and what we find in the west are people are not really most of the time, maybe generalizing they're not being very conscious about the way they're burning through their Jing. Now you can see as when you're young, especially babies they're bouncing around. They're spongy. They're full of energy. They've got strong bones, strong joints, flexible joints, and as you get a little bit older, as you mature, mature, mature, you start to burn through that Jing. You start to use up that Jing, which is a beautiful thing. That is life in itself.


Now one of the core concepts around tonic herbalism is to ensure that we are not leaking out Jing. And by having a sustainable lifestyle, which is in harmony with your body and in harmony with the way that your kidneys and your body are using that constitutional Jing energy within yourself the idea is that we are not walking around leaking it, that we are really here we are exercising, we are sleeping and kind of like we are going to touch on today, since SuperFeasts we're all about those tonic herbs, taking herbs that tone the kidneys that help to restore kidney function, ensure that you are not burning through your Jing too quickly because you have that capacity for the organ to do its thing, to sing and dance in a way that isn't really throwing it up and ideally with consistent tonic herbal practice and consistently practicing with Jing herbs, ideally restoring, restoring, restoring, restoring, your reservoir of Jing. Remembering in day-to-day life 'cos we want to make this really tangible for you. In everyday life, Jing is that foundational force for you to get up and have energy within itself. Get up in the morning. The capacity for your body's stamina. The power within your body. These are all emerging from that Jing essence that's within your kidneys and especially correlated to adrenal function at the same time because you can see as people begin to get exhausted in life, basically what that's gonna tell you is they're leaking Jing. They're a lot of the time gonna be relying on external stimulation, things like a couple of coffees, whether it's probably even a little bit like down the stimulatory factor like the cocoa and even teas, people relying on that slight stimulation from these external herbs that do stimulate the nervous system and adrenalizing the body and lifting the body up. But what we start to bring into the fold, into our Wen, as when we start realizing that we have Jing energy, it's kind of like the wax of the candle. You wanna make sure that you are unsustainably having to chip off that wax, which is your lifeline and your capacity for energy. Your capacity to maintain life within your body and function within all your organs and all your cells, when we are burning the candle at both ends, relying on coffee or just our sheer mental will to get us through the day and keep on going, it's like call energy. We are using an unrenewable resource in the way that's chipping off the wax from our candle, that is our Jing, and we are throwing it into the furnace, but we are not replenishing it in any way.


Now the idea is to ensure that your lifestyle is really improving the quality of that candle that is the Jing energy stored within your kidneys. I like to say that we've all had times when we've had that experience of being exhausted, I'm sure. I definitely have and that was a beautiful experience for me to really feel that edge and especially when I was inquiring internally, you go like what's going on? Maybe the time I wasn't thinking what's going on within my organs, but just trying to feel like what's going on internally. And eventually realizing, that's going to be correlated to your Jing energy within your kidneys in that whole organ system, but also yourselves. Also your genes. When you look at Jing energy really manifesting into something we can sink our teeth into in cellular biology, we look at the telomeres of the cells. A telomere, that aspect emerging from the cell that every time the cell reproduces, little bit of that telomere comes up, gets a little bit shorter. And when the telomeres are gone, we find that we are unable to reproduce that cell anymore and it becomes little bit more of increased risk of our starting to degenerate. Because we can't replenish our cells. Therefore we can't replenish our liver tissue, our lung tissue, our bone tissue.


Now when we are burning candle at both ends, we have to do churn through those telomeres and then you see what we have in this culture, in this current world where people start degenerating, as far as I'm concerned way too easy. 50, 60, 70, people are degenerating at 40. What we wanna really harness is that intention that comes emerging from the core of tonic herbalism, and ensuring that we are aging gracefully and sustainably.


When you see someone entering into that, they've got their lifespan and in their civil life, they'll enter into the deadpan early. They've gone through their Jing. The Jing in their kidneys and their cells. And you start seeing degenerative diseases emerge way too quick rather than the concept of really making sure that we are tending to the fires and the waters of our health all through our life, really getting into that preventative lifestyle, and ideally that explorative lifestyle, just how good can it get being in this body, an explorative lifestyle in the sense that you are understanding how your body uses energy and what it needs in order to keep that Jing within your kidneys nice and strong, so that your organs can do that thing. So that you can continue to circulate Chi and have a nice strong vitality. So that your spirit and your wisdom can through, and you can live a rich fulfilling life, ideally full of lots of laughter and lots of energy and so that's the idea here is living this beautiful sustainable lifestyle, we want to ensure that we are not aging prematurely. That premature aging is something that is being somewhat accepted because we have drugs in surgery, we can kind of tend to it. We are also told there's nothing you can do about it. That's your genes. You just gonna go down. When you go down and it's absolutely off the case and life style has a huge, huge part to play in that and whether that's actually gonna happen or not. And Jing has a massive role in that, for it is the depletion of Jing prematurely that leads to premature aging. And leads to aging, well let's put it this like when we have nice strong Jing and we are burning it appropriately, we get to in our own right, and ideally age with grace. And a sense of fulfillment, and despite the fact that we are aging, it doesn't feel like we are getting sick or degenerating or going down. That's the whole idea behind this Jing essence and Jing energy and is lifestyle that's chosen we are not leaking it. And that excites me and I hope that that excites you as well.


Jing is the energy that's most closely associated with our genetic potential. That energy and then merging from that energy the function of our kidneys. What that enables is a nice, strong foundational environment with deep roots. Remembering the kidneys in this Jing essence is the root of life. And so the stronger it is, the stronger we are and the more balanced we are in that Yin and Yang. The deeper the roots are gonna be. We are gonna be like a real nice old oak. The older we get, the deeper the roots get. Can't throw us over. No wind or no life event or no external stress or even internal stress is really gonna have the capacity to really shake us. And that's huge. We found out over the years, remember Superfeasters, we've been going since 2011. We've talked to thousands and thousands of people. And one of the things that comes up is lot of the time people are feeling okay, they might be a little bit of exhaust, that they're exhausted but they're not really doing everything that they feel they should be doing for the body and to the body, to ensure that that core energy remains, and there might be some reliance on drugs or modern medicine just to keep them going, but really all the while they're leaking Jing thanks to the fact that there is stress, elevated cortisol going crazy through the body. And then what we find hormonal dysfunction occurs and then a big stressful event can occur in life, whether it's getting sick, someone else getting sick. You know what it's like. Many different things, financial troubles, and then that one event just bang. It just sets a Domino effect through the body and you find your health talks a hit. The amount of times I've heard that happening is incredible and I felt it to an extent when I was younger as well. I didn't like being that kind of fingers crossed, I'm gonna be able to like really handle this incredible life and everything that it has to throw at you. And so having strong Jing, it's a great preventative measure to ensure that you're gonna be able to stay strong through everything that life throws at you, or at least be a little bit stronger.


And so remembering that Jing is our genetic potential and when it's nice and strong, kidneys are really nice and strong, really singing and dancing. The rest of the organs are doing their thing. Jing as a foundation, roots nice and deep. Kind of the roots of the immune system as well. We're gonna get to that a little bit later when we talk about bone marrow. It begins to create the foundations for an environment to create more of a potentiation of your genetic expression. And so there's many people, I think epigenetics is starting to become really a well known science at the moment, and even being accepted by the modern scientific community. Jing has a huge part to play in that, being associated with the potentiation of your genetic expression.


And so stronger that Jing is, the more you're going to see those beautiful parts of your genes and less of those parts that are linked with degenerative disease and decay, activating prematurely, but the beautiful thing about having a nice strong body and Jing, is it's not really in this kind of bio hacker kind of way. Now I don't mind the bio hacking community, I kind of like it. It's getting people into their bodies, thinking about their health. But a lot of it is focused on getting in and somewhat aggressively activating genes right now. That the idea around this long-term lifestyle is a way of thinking of decades. We have to ensure that you're living sustainably, not leaking Jing essence and energy from your kidneys but over the decades and over a lifetime, is that you've got the environment within your body, the ecology within your body and the energy within your body for that particular points in life when it's appropriate for those beautiful genes to blossom, activate, when they feel appropriate to do so. And that's a huge part to get the mind out of the way.


A lot of the time, we're not looking for these immediate, immediate results. Although people we're gonna talk about Jing herbs and quite often when people have been exhausted for an extended period, people would get on to Jing herbs, they're not stimulants, but they'll feel that energy deeply, get into their kidneys and adrenals and especially over those first few months. They'll really get a nice note, they'll feel that increase in energy coming about. And that's wonderful, but the real goal is taking them over years and having a lifestyle that nourishes your Jing over years, so you can maintain a nice healthy harmony and environment within your body, so your genetic expression will be potentiated, based on the intent of where you want to take your help, from where you want to be in life. Maybe that's being 80 and being able to walk up a hill, still have that lung function, which is heavily reliant on the kidneys. Having nice strong knees, hips, and lower back.


A direct sign that our Jing is possibly a little bit deficient is that manifestation of a weakening of the legs, knees, hips, and lower back strength and basic flexibility of the spine, highly correlated with the kidney Jing. Especially in the sense that Jing energy and the kidneys are really governing bone strength, bone density, as well as the diet and mineralization as an organ function, the kidneys are really managing that whole operation within the body. But kidneys are bringing forth a toning and a heavy maintaining of bone marrow power and strength. And it's for that reason as well that Jing energy and the kidneys govern the brain, the brain tissue. Because within the bone of the skull, the Taoists refer to that as a sea of marrow. And since the kidneys and the capacity they have, thanks to the Jing energy that they have stored within, are governing the marrow within the bones and the body. It is also governing the brain. So in that sense, with an intention you blow out to like 90 years old or hey, even 40 years old. Being able to really maintain a nice, strong, sharp mind, maintain the capacity to have a strong intellectual conversation. That's one of the result you're going for, like bang right now, that's a long-term intention. And then that bleeds into this long-term intention that we have to really maintain that potency that we have throughout our lives. Make sure that we are not aging prematurely really, and so let's go a little bit more into what the kidneys and this Jing really brings forth in a manifest. We are looking at fertility big time, when it comes to Jing. Jing really brings forth the capacity, especially in the Yin Jing. The ability for your body to really produce and maintain a healthy ratio of sex hormones. And then in that maintenance, coming forth is our sexual fluids, our sexual potency, our vigor and as I said our fertility. As we kind of alluded to before, that does cross over into our sexual, sorry not sexual, cellular capacity to reproduce. To reproduce cells so that we can reproduce tissue. And so that's a huge place to start because there's many, many people out there prematurely losing libido. And losing their capacity to actually feel like they have that vigor and definitely the capacity be even fertile.


So we look at Jing and we look at Jing herbs when we're wanting to really restore that function. Now let's have a look at just a little correlation here about why it's important to have strong Jing when it comes to other functions within the body. And remember I said the kidneys have a real unique relationship with all the organs in the body, and all the organ systems within the body because they really maintain that foundational energy that makes it possible for those organs to do that thing. But let's look at digestion for example. So we know that the spleen and the stomach have a lot to do with digestion. Really the stomach is really that pot that we put on to the fire. That fire and that material that fire's burning on being that the spleen energy and all its digestive juices, and all that capacity to transform those nutrients into Chi that we can use in our everyday life, but the kidney Jing, the kidney Yang Jing especially heavily fire related despite the fact that the kidneys are closely associated with water, water being the element that most closely affects, and water which lives in that kidney system. Fire is also said to be born and rooted within the kidneys. Being associated with that Yang Jing. The kidneys are like the pilot lights of your digestive system. That pilot light goes off, you're leaking Jing, fertility goes, weak bones, all that kind of stuff that comes with it, because you're burning at both ends.


Already discussed you didn't know about it, then our capacity of fire within the digestive system isn't possible, because the pilot light isn't on. We can't turn it on to begin with. So it's a really important part of that restoration of your digestive fire, and I always focus on the Jing herbs, get them on to Jing herbs. I'm gonna go through a couple of those soon. When it comes to skin health, we go in from the skin and we look at the organ system that's really closely, is most closely associated to skin health. Now we could go down and associate with liver function, yes, because if the liver isn't functioning. I'm gonna get a buildup of toxicity, and the body is possibly gonna start to move that toxicity out or get it jammed in through the skin. We'll get a little bit of dysfunction but really the organ system that's governing it, and that's health and making sure that it's plump and holding fluids is the lung tissue. And lungs, when we look at the water element, water has a huge and the fluids within our body, huge part to play within our skin health. Keeping it lubricated and the joints and which the kidneys also govern. What we find is, when the Yin Jing of the kidneys, so when we are like resting appropriately, so that we feel we have energy on a deep level, that's going to really lay the foundations of possibility for the lungs in themselves to disperse moisture through the body. It's a very close, watery relationship between the kidneys and the lungs. The kidneys will store that water and then use that kidney fire to turn into a vapor and lift it up into the body, into the lungs, and then the lungs will disperse that water through the body and especially to the skin. And so we find again, the kidneys are an absolute foundation for health. With those two huge aspects of health, when it comes to, when you look at fertility, when you look at digestive power, when you look at really the ability of the lungs to do their job and then manifesting in skin health, which, let's not beat around the bush, very important, very important 'cos it does show what's going on in the inside as well. As I alluded to there, when you talk about the joint tissue and the cartilage, the tendons, again governed by the kidneys.


So what we find is that Yang Jing, that expansive nature of Jing in growth, potentiation, that's associated with the strength of our joints. Whereas the Yin Jing, that stillness, that nourishing of essence that's associated with the flexibility of our joints and our tissue. That correlates to the bones as well. That same model.


So it's another beautiful reason why these are longevity herbs and why even practices like deep restoration deep relaxation, deep true Taoist Yin yoga, time in nature, getting barefoot on the earth, getting away from technology here and there. Giving yourself some space, sleeping deeply, make sure you got a nice sustainable sleep routine and you're going nice and deep. These are practices that restore Jing. And then if you start throwing in Jing herbs into that mold, we are talking about herbs that are getting in there, and they are restoring all of that capacity for all those things to come for. So if you're interested in bones, if you're looking at Yang Jing herbs, they're the herbs that are going to be restoring bone strength and to an extent, keeping them spongy and nice and elastic at the same time. The primary Yang Jing herb in the tonic herbal system being eucommia bark, which is in the Jing blend as well, but that's the primary herb for bringing bone strength, primary Yin herb, so we are talking about that flexibility and also the capacity for us to really create those sex hormones in the first place is He Shou Wu, which is a root. Now there is a crossover there. Don't worry if you are on He Shou Wu, you are still gonna be restoring that essence to the kidneys and that will lead to a development, and those Jing development and a potentiation of that Yang Jing at the same time. But it's nice to know your specifics.


So now let's go a little bit deeper. Now that I've mentioned two herbs there, another beautiful Jing herb is deer antler velvet. Now for those of you who haven't heard about this herb, it can be a little bit confronting at first, but it was a herb I brought into the SuperFeast range years ago, because sometimes I would find that the Yang men and Yang women who would come to me, when I was doing markets and events, and who absolutely had no libido. They just had no luster. They had no foundational energy and they just couldn't get it up literally and figuratively. A lot of the time we try plant based herbs, which work to an extent but sometimes that deer antler velvet, was such a big kickstart for that whole organ system, whole capacity, to produce sex hormones, hold the ratio of sex hormones and the best thing about deer antler velvet, which we source very particularly. I can put a link that explain in show notes. It explains how we source, why we source the way we do, talks about the open pastures, the revealed red spotted deer I use, and where I live. Not waits for me. Very vivid animal through the Orient, through China, and how two days a year when it gets the spring, and the antlers are beginning to grow at that point where there are maximum maturation. When they're growing as the fastest appendage on a mammal. They're spongy and they're gooey. They have all kinds of beautiful growth factors, hormonal growth factors. That's when a vet will come, do the procedure to take off that gooey velvet as pain free as possible, and then as we know that the deer are okay, they're released back into open pasture.


Now I would use that herb in these situations when the Jing was bottomed out, they've been bottomed out for too long. Quite often what's happened is the body's been in a state of excessive cortisol for so long. That is in the state of emergency, the body will shut off the capacity for the body to actually bring cortisol to the body in the first place. And at that point, we find a little bit of a limpness coming through the kidney organ system. So to get in and do some of this deep restoration, sometimes I found it is appropriate to use an animal herb like deer antler, and I continue to use it. I'll go through about a jar a year of SuperFeast Deer Antler myself, I'll have weights here there when I get into it. Beautiful thing about it is, it's both a Yin Jing herb and a Yang Jing herb. And so it is really doing that deep restoration of the essence, so we can get a nice strong flux of sex hormones back within the body, bring fertility back, bring libido back, no matter where you are in life, but it is also a beautiful toner of the bone marrow. It's an absolute longevity herb. Now yes the plant based Jing herbs as well, we'll be working on this level. Deer antler is a bit of a specialist when it comes to being a toner of bone marrow. And in fact helping to strengthen that function within the marrow to build blood. Really helps to create strong white blood cells as well.


Good good ones of building blood, building strong blood, building strong immune system as well. The substance needed to create an immune system, which is incredible in itself. Deer antler also an amazing Chi tonic. Really getting the vitality moving through the body, circulating blood through the body, and it's also an incredible Shen tonic, which means it calms the mind, calms the spirit. I would like to point that out because quite often people see deer antler just as a libido tonic or testosterone building tonic. It is not or it is those things, but it's so much more and it's not just driving up testosterone, so it's very healthy for women to have as well. But always go slow, go less eighth of a teaspoon, move up to about a quarter teaspoon. Most I've ever needed to go is half a teaspoon of deer antler. Go for a couple of weeks, know how to break and circulate it. Beautiful herb to have in your diet.


Jing is a blend that I created in SuperFeast and it came out in 2017. It was at this time that it had been years, years, and years I've been getting people on to individual Jing herbs, eucommia bark is one I've told you about already. He Shou Wu another one I've told you about already. Cordyceps was another core medicinal mushroom Jing herb that I was using. And that one is being touted as the herb of athleticism. Bringing potent stamina and power and capacity back in the body through balancing Yin and Yang Jing within the kidneys, and giving rise for the capacity of the body to really bring forth the physical structure that can athletically just go and go and go. Also happens to be a lung tonic, a Chi tonic. Really helps to tone immunity within the lung, function within the lung, so we can get more oxygen into the blood. Another reason why it's a really beautiful herb for athletes, but for anybody, 'cos we are all going pro at being ourselves. The way life is these days, we are all athletes. And I especially like seeing the elderly get onto Cordyceps especially 70 plus. It is an absolute perfect, perfect herb. Because it's that age you really wanna be the whole life you wanna be, but at that point it becomes very obvious how much you want to treasure that Jing energy within your kidneys, within your adrenals, within yourselves. So 2017, I came out with this blend of six Jing tonic herbs.


Now those three that I've mentioned already, He Shou Wu, Eucommia, and Cordyceps. Cordyceps being the one medicinal mushroom in the blend. Those are the three big doses within that blend. The other three being Miranda Root, which is a Noni tree root, another Yang herb, bringing deep roots within the body and then prepared Rehmannia root, is what I use, like the big Yin cuddle for your kidneys, for your blood. Then Dendrobium was that finally ingredient. Really had to come through before I was releasing this blend. It's an orchid, beautiful orchid, grows on cliff faces. And in China where it grows and where it is native this little orchid, little flower, it will be south facing so it'll get as much sun, moon, stars, rain, sleet, all of it, wind, as much as possible, without a canopy over the top, it's very important aspect of that herb and really brings forth why it's important to really look at where these herbs are grown, because growing in an environment like that, that's going to be one robust herb. Those herbs that come to maturation and get to harvesting point, they've had to really enjoy the elements and so there's gonna be a lot of deep Jing essence within those herbs themselves. They're going to have to treasure. And of course looking at it from a more Western perspective they're gonna be highly adaptogenic. And yes the herbs that we deal with at SuperFeasts are adaptogenic, but for me even more important when I am sourcing herbs, when I'm trying herbs, when I'm picking herbs, I want to be able to feel that they were grown and handled in a way, up until the point which we send them out to you, in SuperFeast with absolute love and integrity. So that the treasure, the Jing essence is still within that herb, and that's why I find that they're so effective, both of the six herbs within this Jing blend, are blended that specifically to be balanced within its Yin and Yang function, not going too far in any direction, so that for us in our community general community, we're gonna be able to get on to that blend with the intention of toning and really replenishing our Jing, and it's gonna be appropriate for most people. And that's definitely what we found. It was interesting when I launched it because although I've been talking about Jing herbs and this whole concept for so long, I really wasn't ready for how well received Jing would be. There was something about creating a blend where people could get the intention that they had to build their own energy back, because this wasn't a product and if you know SuperFeast we don't like to be like take this, it will give you energy because that's not the point. That's to an extent true, but that doesn't lead to a real sovereign feeling when you're taking your herbs. It doesn't lead to long-term intention. And I kind of sap on the blend for a while and then I felt there's something, I feel like it's time to launch it and the formulation was really there and really came together. And we launched and it was just celebrated and just taken advantage of by so many people within the community jumping on it straight away and getting on to this Jing because with that blend, their intention that they had to start to work long-term to really restore their own kidney function or their own organ function so they could endogenously start creating energy rather than relying on external factors or external foods or herbs to give them the energy. Something just clicked and it was just, it was beautiful seeing people take it on and then what we do every August we did it when we lunched, and we do it every August on August 1st, is we do the 30 days of Jing. Like a little fun challenge, because what we want is for when people get on to these herbs, yes there are in the Jing formula for instance there are beautiful compounds and medicines and phytonutrients, adaptogenic substances that are getting into that organ system and helping your physical kidneys, up their game, and get more in harmony. But the real medicine is as you start taking it, especially if you've been in a state of exhaustion, and adrenal exhaustion. You take that over a few weeks and over a few months, you start to feel what it's like to build back energy without having taken stimulants and nothing will ever take away the experience that you have of feeling it and getting a sense of your own organs.


Getting a sense of your own Jing. That's the long-term medicine of tonic herbalism. And that's the long-term real date medicine of taking Jing herbs. And yes, Jing herbs are our friends. We treat them like a friend. We include them in our diet ongoingly, and they help us to maintain our own symphony of health rooted within our kidneys, and rooted within our Jing.


So every August 1st we get off stimulants, or if you are, you can do this anytime. If you are listening to this and you feel like, you know what, I wanna get in touch with my Jing and I wanna spend a little bit of time rebuilding this energy, you can start in 30 days of Jing anytime. Now I will put a link to a blog in the show notes, but you can just look up 30 days of Jing SuperFeast the blog up on Google. What we do is we get off stimulants, or if we don't want to get off stimulants maybe a week, 'cos you're just a little bit concerned about any detoxification or symptoms that come up sometimes if you've been reliant on coffee, you get off, the headaches and those other things can come up. You can slowly decrease over the 30 days, but the idea is we get off stimulants like coffee and chocolate and cocoa and green tea and chais and anything that helps that caffeine, not that they're bad. We just want to give ourselves a little bit of space, so we can be sure that we are feeling our kidney energy coming back online. Another 30 days, we will just take, so you're just starting out. Start with a quarter teaspoon, and if you're liking it, get up to a teaspoon. If you're a little bit more sensitive, you can stay on a quarter. You can stay on a half a teaspoon. See where you're sick. A lot of people kidneys start drinking it up straight away. They really like getting a nice good teaspoon in there in the morning, drinking that in a nice hold elixir. And then they'll do another teaspoon in the afternoon. And then we'll maintain that for 30 days, feel what happened when you start bringing those Jing herbs in. At the same time, ensuring that your lifestyle more and more is matching that in which is going to restore that Jing. Restore that genetic potential. Your life force, the life force in which is so precious and so important that's your longevity and we are really remembering that that longevity isn't just, or we are not focused on adding years to the life, that's a very mental and trying to grab more years on to my life, by pouring more life into your years right up to the last breath. That Jing is so paramount in that conversation and so precious and it's so fun knowing about it.


The amount of time I've heard people on that 30 days of Jing come out the other side and yes we are feeling great but one of the greatest things that they'd really feel is they really got a sense of what it was like to be exhausted. Start to get a sense of right, that's what it is like when I'm living unsustainably, and they feel that building that process. So they get more reference points of what it's like when their body starts and their kidneys start getting dysfunction a little bit. So they know that edges even more. So after 30 days, even if you take away the herbs, the Jing, they felt and know their edges. That's exactly what I've experienced. I'm sure many who are listening have experienced too. You naturally start living a little bit more sustainably, sometimes and hopefully a lot more sustainably and in harmony with the organs and the energy of your body, because you know what's gonna be leaking, that gene, and you know the way I'm living that's going to not be leaking that Jing. It might take years to the actual lifestyle to change if you're really deep seated in habit, but that's okay. Just the perception is magic. Don't make yourself feel guilty. That's an excessive guilt. Excessive anything but excessive guilt will definitely lead to leaking Jing.


So I'm gonna say, with like a nice smile on our face, lots of compassion coming forth for ourselves, 'cos sometimes it's taken years and years and sometimes decades of these habits forming. And it can take a long time to unwind them, just having attention on them, having a feeling, and a sense that maybe this isn't the most sustainable way for me to be having a lifestyle flow, or having a social life or whatever it is. Don't try and do, sometimes it's great to but a lot of the time, it's nice to go nice and gentle, and just make sure that we make little tweaks along the way to ensure that our lifestyle is reflecting our desire to have a nice long healthy life. Remember you have long time to make these little tweaks and changes. But remember it really is time to start getting in there and nourishing your Jing, your kidney essence.


One of the things we are able to offer here at SuperFeast is these conversations bringing light to what this energy is in your body, and we are also able to bring forth that tonic herb, Jing herb, aspect of the whole conversation. And assist us in bringing them into our kitchens, into our apothecaries, into our recipes and into our families, into our personal cultures of health. So that long-term we've got that piece of the pie, really nuzzled in there, really helping us to restore that Jing essence to our kidneys directly and restoring the function within our kidneys and adrenals, so that they can work in a harmonious way that doesn't require, where it requires minimal Jing. And ideally we start packing more wax on to that candle, more power back into those kidneys. And started real anti-aging vibes and that's my intention for you guys. It's my intention for myself that I have a true anti aging lifestyle and culture, that is rooted within the general flow of my life, the way I'm eating, the way I'm living, kind of herbs that I'm taking. And the way I'm thinking.


So if you have any further questions about Jing energy, Jing herbs, by all means shoot us an email,, write to us on the SuperFeast Instagram or call up SuperFeast, 1300-769-500. So many ways to get in touch with us.


Check out the show notes, there's lots of resources for you in the show notes here including recipes and ways that you can weave Jing into your lifestyle. And remember the Jing is a patent extract that Jing blend that we have. Those six herbs, it's ready to go. Easy way you can put it in hot water, with a little bit sweetener, a little bit of honey, dash in nut milk and you are on your way. You've got an instant Jing. You can add it to recipes, and if you're not on the 30 days of Jing and you are enjoying coffee, add it to your coffee, bring a more well rounded elixir so that the coffee is just not smashing the adrenals, but you've got that gene essence pouring medicine into the adrenals. You'll find that you won't get that crash and you won't get those jitters.


Everybody, I hope you've enjoyed diving down the rabbit hole with me, deep into the kidneys and the adrenals, learning about Jing, exploring Jing, have fun going out there and exploring your own Jing and further weaving a lifestyle for yourself, that restores this precious energy. Hi everybody, thank you so much for tuning in today. Now time to take that information, round it into your lifestyle so you can amplify your health to the next level. You can really help amplify the help of this podcast by going on to iTunes and subscribing and leaving us a review. It really helps us spread this information around tonic herb around sovereign health, further out there to the community so we can help more people experience the best out of this life.


Thanks guys, I'll speak to you next time.

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