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Remember, Any Herb Is Better Than None

It's really that simple.


Let's take this is an opportunity to remind you of that! Some of the best advice we receive from Mason, founder of SuperFeast, most days!

Remember: the true potential and power of taking the tonic herbs. When you start on a new tonic herb for the first time, you may feel acute benefits as it balances deficiencies, then after a few months you begin to experience deeper (yet most likely, more subtle) shifts as you make long term upgrades in the constitution of your organs, meridian flow and varied bodily systems. The important piece to remember, is consistency in consumption. It's natural for your body to crave different herbs, in varied doses, at different times in the seasons and your life. And this is ok :)! Enjoy the varied ride.

Remember: we are a bunch of romantic herbalists here at SuperFeast HQ, who love to dance the Taoist path, who try microdosing and macrodosing of the tonics, we put herbs straight into our mouth, we experiment and tune in to each herb and feel into how our bodies experience their individual magic. We encourage you to as well. Now please know, I don't say the term 'macrodosing' lightly. We have all played around with up to 2 tablespoons per day of herbs, to really feel the immersive and sometimes very profound power the herbs can have. But remember, these are potent herbs. So once again, a reminder, trust your intuition and trust your body in how it reacts and feels. It will tell you if you need more, less or even a break.

Just roll with your instincts and have fun making the relevant upgrades to your constitution through the herbs. Sometimes a herb brings up a symptom that we need to work through, sometimes our body has to overcome some hurdles (detoxing) before the uplifting can be felt, sometimes the herbs bring up deeper blockages or deficiencies that we didn't know about and can now address by ourselves or with a practitioner, and sometimes our body just doesn't get along with a herb. 

Remember: we are always here to help you choose which herbs may be of benefit to you, we are only ever a quick phone call, email, or social media post away. You can reach us at, call us (888) 912 3324 and here we are on Instagram, shoot us a direct message.



And remember: any herbs are better than none ;P


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