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The SuperFeast Crew’s Favourite Herbs: 2022 Edition

In 2019 we published a blog sharing some of the SuperFeast crew's favourite herbs and daily tonic routines with you all. We loved sharing it, we know you loved reading it - so it felt like the perfect time to share an update! There are some new kids on the block, but we are also checking in with some of our OG’s too. 

In 2019 we published a blog sharing some of our favourite herbs and daily tonic routines with you all. We loved sharing it, we know you loved reading it - so it felt like the perfect time to share an update! There are some new kids on the block, but we are also checking in with some of our OG’s too. 
We hope this brings some inspiration, and new ideas or re-sparks your love for the herbs. 

Wazza (Warehouse Legend and OG) 

Astragalus, Cordyceps and breathwork helped cured my asthma (which I had since a small child). Reishi and Chamomile put me straight into a deep sleep every night ( I used to always have problems falling asleep). Shiitake is the best in a veggie broth.” 

Sophia (Team Love, Education, Customer Care) 

“I like moving, I think a lot and am driven by a passionate nature, for me my herbal practice is all about supporting my foundations and daily output so I don’t overcook myself. The philosophy behind these herbs is gently teaching me how to do this and it’s a fun ride and curious ride.

I generally flow with whatever resonates intuitively, for a little while this has been a morning combo of Neural Nectar, QI blend and either Schiz or Cordy, this supports my morning movement practice and gets me in the flow.

Throughout the day I’ll get some mushrooms in, Mason’s is my go-to, lately, I’m feeling some additional Chaga to support my sleep cycle so that’s popping in where it pleases. I’ll either do a simple tea or mix it into a hot choco.

Before bed, it’s a pungent combo of Ashwagandha and Reishi to mellow out the nervous system. I’ll have MSM most days and play with whatever takes my fancy in the tonic bar, sometimes that’ll be JING but QI is definitely my favourite.” 


Mase (Founder, CEO, Keeper of the SuperFeast Spirit)

“I feel like I'm back where I started 13 years ago with tonic herbs. Mushrooms and Jing herbs are my staples, and I take a lot of them, and then I am adding large doses of many other herbs and blends into my tonics without much discretion. My attention is so consumed with other stuff right now, that I'm settling into the best thing about tonic herbs in that you can just go for it and dose up. Sure, there are times when the body wants to get really fine-tuned and focus on some in particular but not right now, and I'm enjoying it a lot.”


Nic (Rep and Keeper of Good Vibrations) 

“Hi guys, my morning routine usually consists of a blend with 2 or 3 single herbs added. 

My fave at the moment is Qi with Cordyceps, Eucommia & Chaga, a little dip of maple and Coco Quench warm. It’s a great vitality blend, helping to keep my 3 Treasures activated throughout the day. That’s my morning energy brew. 

In the evening I’m chugging down shots of Ashwagandha, Reishi or Shen that I’ve pre-brewed and left cool in bottles in the fridge. Usually, 20 ml to 30 ml shot - after dinner. Helps me come down from a big day and have a deep restful sleep.” 

Mollie (E-Commerce & Digital Marketing) 

“I love starting the day with a Jing and Ginger tonic, with a tsp of JING Blend and 1/4 tsp of ginger extract followed by boiling water, a tsp of honey and a dash of soy milk. This is my 'cuppa tea' replacement and such a beautiful flavour combination. It's nice to have a simple tonic rather than hot chocolates all the time!

If I'm needing a bit more of a kick for my work day, around 10 am I will add 1/2 tsp of Deer Antler to a coffee, banana, oat, macadamia butter, maple, oat milk and crushed ice smoothie. Having coffee in a smoothie helps smoothen out the adverse effects for me, and deer antler gives me a real positive charge for the day.

In the evenings it's always a hot chocolate with SHEN Blend and extra Reishi. I like to use ginger extract and cinnamon too, to help mellow out the herb flavour and give it a choco chai spice. For the nights where I can't switch off, I pop two Ashwagandha capsules paired with a mindful practice.”

Mads (Education/Content Writing & Social Media Co-ordination) 

I start most of my mornings off with a combination of Schisandra, JING and Neural Nectar with some ginger extract (It’s a Nic recipe that I stole), but if I am feeling a little more simple then just Schisandra and ginger. I only recently got onto Neural Nectar and it’s been a game changer, I notice such a big difference in my focus and mental capacity for the day. Kicking myself for sleeping on it for so long. 

I’m a multiple-beverage kinda gal, so I will also have matcha or coffee. I generally always have QI blend (it’s my favourite blend) in there.

At work, I dabble with other herbs if I am making an afternoon hot chocolate and will gravitate towards Chaga and JING again. I always come back to the JING.

I also love having Ashwagandha caps on hand if I am feeling a bit anxious, have had too much coffee (I get the jitters really easily from caffeine), or if I need some extra support to sleep.

Some days I do have that much, but I also let myself pull it back and just focus on 1, max 2 herbs at one time. It comes down to what my body needs or wants, and I do my best to listen to that. 

Olivia (U.S.A Angel)

“For me, I like starting my day with a coffee with JING and a shot of honey. Sometimes I mix it up and add Mason's Mushroom's and Neural Nectar. It depends on what my body is needing. In the afternoon I usually do JING in some hot water with some honey.”


Arielle (Social Media Energizer)

“My solid herbal routine, in the morning, when I wake up have a glass of lemon water with MSM and Schisandra.

Then throughout the day, make a chocolate tonic with Lion's Mane, Cordyceps and Chaga.

My evening routine is always Reishi in some water to wind down after the day.

(I take a lot of Mushies daily lol).” 

Marky (Customer Service & Warehouse Legend) 

“Currently, in the morning, I love a ‘MegaSchiz’ (Schisandra, Lion’s Mane, Tremella and Astragalus). It’s magnificent and very yummy.

Then in the evening, after dinner, I tend to have a strong Reishi, which always sends me off into a deep slumber. Oh, and Lion's Mane before bed gives me magical dreams!.” 

So once again you can see that there is no particular right or wrong when it comes to tonic herbalism, any herb is still better than none, just do whatever feels best for you, your body and your constitution. The tonic herbs work in synergy with one another and were traditionally formulated to carry a certain intention and energetic within the body. Just remember to go slow, and let your body adjust to the tonic herb magic!


*Of course, if you have pre-existing medical conditions and are on specific medications then we recommend seeking the support and guidance of a medical professional, acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine Herbalist to ensure you are working with the herbs that best suit your needs.

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