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Transcending The God Matrix with George Kavassilas (EP#119)

We’re bringing a full spectrum intergalactic, God Matrix transcending, health sovereignty, love-fueled conversation today on the SuperFeast podcast. In this stellar conversation, Mase sits down with Exo and cosmopolitical specialist George Kavassalis for a journey through the unified field of love and universal veils of human experience.

We’re bringing a full spectrum intergalactic, God matrix transcending, health sovereignty-love-fueled conversation today on the SuperFeast podcast. In this stellar conversation, Mase sits down with Exo and cosmopolitical specialist George Kavassilas for a journey through the unified field of love and universal veils of human experience. Do you consider yourself to be truly free? Do you believe in the God matrix? And what is the journey of humanity thus far that you won't find in history books? In discussing what it means to embody organic sovereignty, George expresses why he feels now more than ever human civilisation is at a point where every individual needs to harness their creative powers and take responsibility for their experience and wellbeing. Disclosing control systems that utilise the intelligence within technology, and exopolitical mysteries; This conversation is rich, multi-dimensional, and at the heart of it is a message steeped in love, co-creation, honour, and respect for all beings. There's a reason why the George Kavassilas episode was the most downloaded episode ever on The Mason Taylor Show. Check out some of the topics Mase and George discuss below and tune in for this epic conversation.

"What about bringing the light out from within you? From your heart soul essence, and connection that we have to the unified field of love within us. That place where we're connected to everyone and everything"
- George Kavassilas



Mase and George discuss:

  • Natural lore.
  • Incarnation.
  • Exopolitics.
  • Cosmopolotics.
  • Phasing out 5G.
  • Sacred geometry.
  • The God matrix.
  • Cosmic conquerors.
  • Reality management.
  • The Multi-and Omniverse
  • TI (Technological Intelligence).
  • mRNA technology and nanotechnology.


Who is George Kavassilas?

George Kavassilas is an author, mentor, and public speaker. George has had a lifetime of experiences beyond the ordinary, encountering a wide spectrum of expressions of life both Inter-Dimensional and Extra-Terrestrial in nature. As a consequence, he went through a process of reconciling the knowledge and wisdom gained from these experiences and came to realise a natural responsibility to share what he has learned with our global community. George now embodies a limitless passion in addressing life’s primordial questions: “Who are we? Where do we come from? and What are we doing here?”


George knows his life path includes a focus to expose all levels of deception, no matter how far they go. He carries a deep-seated sense of responsibility to help liberate our Humanity from all forms of imposing doctrine and dogma, without exception - be they Earthly or even Cosmic in nature. As George says, “It’s really a remembering process to revitalise and resurrect the Sovereign and Infinite Being you truly are.”

The Extent - The Challenge - The Creative Solution





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Superwoo Radio (George's Podcast)
Our Universal Journey (George's Book)


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Check Out The Transcript Here:


Mason: (00:00)

George, thank you so much for coming on. I've been so looking forward to this.


George Kavassilas: (00:06)

Yeah Mason, thank you as well. I see you as a brother in life, and I'm just really, really grateful that you invited me back on. Thank you.


Mason: (00:17)

And it was New Year, 2015, I want to say. I think maybe even 2014, actually, where we met at a New Year's party in Byron, lots has happened since then. It's great to still be connected with you. And as I was telling you beforehand, it's funny, like I jumped out five minutes before we had to get on another podcast and went to the toilet and could hear the booming Kavassilas voice downstairs. And it was your son, who never comes to the warehouse. It's just.


George Kavassilas: (00:51)

Turns up five minutes before we're on.


Mason: (00:54)

So good. He actually, he said to send his love shit forgot to send. But it's yeah, it's so beautiful to arrive here. And I know there's many people in the SuperFeast community that do know your work, I know that for sure, a lot of people have heard the podcasts we did years back on the Mason Taylor Show. And that's still the most downloaded episode on that podcast. There's a lot of people that aren't aware of your work. And I thought, especially since we talk so much about Taoism, the yogic universe. But we talk so much about going back to its roots, almost its Shamanic earth-based roots and not the colonisation of the systems. And that is you take that into such a more macro, micro at the same time in your work, in the education through your workshops, through your one-on-ones, through your podcast, your book.


Mason: (02:09)

And so, I'd love to just ask that general question and ask for that sharing for those that haven't been exposed to your insights and your experience yet to share your core work and perhaps even your experience of the universe, what it is, but I'll just leave it out there. It's such a hard one to kind of ask.


George Kavassilas: (02:38)

It might be. What a cracker. For me, it's a lifetime of experiences from when I was a little baby, it's just been steady throughout my whole life. Sure, there's quiet periods and then, they ramp up again and then, and as I mature and I grow and I evolve, the experiences change as well. So in the last three years was a winding up of my agreements with what people call the SSP or the Secret Space programme, or, you know, in some MyLab agreements that I had in place and now for me I didn't sign anything from this incarnation. This was all preordained prior incarnation that I, the agreements were made prior to incarnating that all would work with these groups. And so that's all come to a close now, you know.


Mason: (03:37)

What do you mean by working with them?


George Kavassilas: (03:37)

I would offer myself up to go on missions and to be trained and go on missions by them training to a degree. But, you know, because they, it's kind of interesting in the sense that they, they end up getting power hungry and then what they want to do is hold onto someone like myself and then use someone like myself as an asset to push the boundaries or even just be belligerent and not give two cahoots about the original agreement. And they just get lost in their own power trip, basically become self deluded. I call it like a porcelain glaze that, you know, that comes over people and they get lost in it. So that's all come to a close and that's just one example. And now, you know, my interactions with the matrix and with other power groups it's changed. And I'm merging into more of a background advisory role to the civilization builders that are here on earth now who are building the next expression of civilization on earth. And it's a really wonderful role to be playing.


Mason: (04:59)

So let's look at the context of what the purpose is of building new, you know, like an evolution of civilization. Why are we doing that? Why are we like what's the purpose of moving in those directions and working on this. I mean, I'm kind of framing it up there of like, I guess, especially heavily on the subject of your book is where are we in? Where are we ending up here?


George Kavassilas: (05:27)

Yeah. And it's, you know, a lot of people with my opening statements just now probably going, what's he talking about.


Mason: (05:32)

Everyone just hold on, everyone. It really like a lot to have context to build in. We don't have a short amount of time. We've got as long as we want, but holding now like, you know if especially, if you haven't hang in there, it'll be take the journey. It'll, it'll it'll land


George Kavassilas: (05:57)

And it'll come. It looks, it'll be self-explanatory as we go along. And so humanity's at a really interesting stage. Like you could say we're at a crossroads and that's as obvious as it gets. And, you know, there's this old saying, we are the ones who are mining for how many people are actually transferring that from an Ideological concept into the being and living the expression of that and you're one who's doing that for sure. And there's lots of people who are listening, who are doing that. However, there'll be people who are listening, who are feeling a bit lost and not really sure about what they're supposed to be doing in this world. And even on the way there, this morning at a beautiful dialogue on the phone with a friend of mine, who's really, really awake and aware, but she was like, I'm feeling lost at the moment.


George Kavassilas: (06:57)

Don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. And I feel that this is, this is where a lot of us are at the moment. And so there's other people that I've been speaking with lately who are overwoken to their fundamental purpose. And the fundamental purpose is the language, you know, it's the Georges and that I use, it's just called fundamental purpose. And that is for our existence here, why did I really come to this world? What did I really come to earth and incarnate? What was the main, well, let's call it the paramount or the principle, the foundational reason why I came to have an incarnation on earth at this time, when it's the timing, see when you've got this entity called humanity as a single organism, and then you have this incredible planet, which has got more biodiversity here compressed into one space, time location due to the fractal nature of it all than any other reality in the universe. And these two entities are having this most dynamic relationship and we've come right into that space right in the middle, right in the middle of there. And there are many of us who are here that are aware that we have come to engage. We have come to participate and facilitate and support and do all these wonderful things in the evolutionary leap that both mother earth and this entity called humanity, are both co-creating and symbiotically experiencing right now. And we are here to do exactly that to engage and the universal law of non-interference has been overridden for quite a large group of beings to come and to engage. And now there's, you know, because I work very deeply in exo politics and cosmo politics. That's the two areas that I specialise in, and these are the skillsets I bring into this lifetime. And I've been, as you know, I've had a lot of experiences in my life.


George Kavassilas: (09:07)

We've had a lot of, you know, private talks about that. And they've been quite extraordinary in nature. And it was all leading up to the work that I'm doing now, which is more of that advisory role in the background, because the evolutionary leap that we're in now, it's this next step. And so if the next step goes in a direction, let's say the next step goes over here, but we needed to go over here because of the step that comes after that. Okay. If, if we don't have this next step in our evolution, heading in the direction, it needs to go in, and let's say, we get pulled over here then to bring it from out of the heat, back to where it was supposed to go in. The following step is such a big gap and it's going to create a lot of pain and suffering to bring it back course corrected.


George Kavassilas: (09:57)

And so people like myself are here and others we're here to actually play that mentoring advisory role because the civilization builders that are here at the moment working behind the scenes to create the next expression of civilization on our planet, which is being implemented over the next five years, I would say, and then we'll be living it for another 10 years before it changes again, where we're looking at helping to mentor and guide the folks who are here doing this fabulous work to create the structures and expressions of society that are going to be beneficial. And I mean, heading in that direction towards that place, that both mother earth and humanity and the solar being, the galactic being, the cosmic being, the universal being are all intending it to go to, but they're allowing a certain amount of leeway in the process.


Mason: (10:58)

Would you mind, I know this is another big conversation where I'm feeling is to even step back into get context of where we from in your experience and what you teach the universal being, what is the universal being? What is that? And what is that journey that we've gone through up until this point and how did we undergo it?


George Kavassilas: (11:24)

Yeah, that's a big question. That's okay. So, you know, what is a universe? A universe is from the infinite nature of life of being expresses itself. And that expression becomes manifested. And that manifestation from that space becomes what we call a universe, a reality. And the being who expressed itself in that form is the prime creator of that space. So then it's responsible for everything. So it has the ultimate responsibility and it has the ultimate authority. That's the way natural law and law spelled L O R E natural lore. That's why that's the tenant. That's the main tenant of natural laws. Only one covers everything, you know, and the ultimate, the prime creator of a reality is the ultimate authority of that reality. And these are the ultimate responsibility of that reality. And there's no escaping that. That's the way life operates.


George Kavassilas: (12:25)

So it's about, you know, and it's the same for us on a, on a micro level. You know, we are the prime creator of our experiences. So, you know, how long are we going to sit back and play the blame game for when's the time that we're going to actually step up step into our responsibility and our natural authority, and then work in conjunction in harmony with these intelligences, which are these beings. So meaning from the universal being, and then there's, it's cosmic expression, which is the multiverse, which is inside this grand universe. And, and there are other universes in the omniverse beyond this universe. Okay. Lots of universes, countless. And what we call the multiverse, which is full of parallel universes, because it's multiple versions of the one verse, meaning this expression of unit universal creation.


George Kavassilas: (13:18)

So that's what a multiverse is, it's an omniverse all different each, each universal construct is, is uniquely different because it's all different expressions. Okay. Whereas the multi- verse is the one construct meaning light, which is what this universe is made of and multiple versions. And that's the parallel universe is at quantum physics talks about in quantum mechanics. So that's the multiverse, but that's all in, what's called the grand cosmic arena of this universe. Okay. So that's what I call a cosmic. There's the cosmic being. So there's the expression of the universal being that holds in space, holds the space for the entire multiverse to exist.


George Kavassilas: (14:03)

And then a grander aspect of that being is actually the entire universe structure itself. But it's a, so it's like think of it as a stepping down is not the right word, stepping out is probably more accurate, you know, into more of an outward expression. It's not the true nature of life is not hierarchical. It's more concentric. So what people term the higher realms in more to be more accurate are the inner realms. And what people call the lower realms in their hierarchical entrainment. Is really the outer realms.


George Kavassilas: (14:49)

And if we can make that switch, you know, the way and our modus operandi of our thinking, then it will really help a great deal for people to come back home to the natural way of life. And because we are, you know, you said earlier now preamble to the interviews, like how do we relate? And that's the key word relating to whatever well, that's because we're in an active, conscious relationship with, and that's how we relating through that relationship. So how do I relate to the universal being? Well, that's a personal thing between me and the universal bang and I'm in a co-creative process with that being I'm not lesser than, or not subservient to, okay, this is, we're talking about the natural order now, right. The natural way of life and the natural way of life. So the universal bang, which is separate to the God of religions, I just want to make that distinction absolutely clear. Once people realise there's the prime creator of this universe, and then there's the God of religions, and they're actually two different things we're talking about, even though one's trying to mimic the other.


Mason: (16:04)

We'll definitely get to dive into that.


George Kavassilas: (16:07)

And all of a sudden we've now got, you know, something real going on and all of a sudden it's a pure organic, natural relationship internally. And to, I guess, to settle into that relationship, we can only really settle into that relationship, but we start accessing our own multidimensional nature within ourselves.


Mason: (16:31)

How did you in your experience, because this is something I liked why I love talking to you, and you made an initial distinction there around primary creator of the universe and having a relationship with that creator that isn't subservient or lesser than, and then the relationship to a religious God, which has a superiority in, in kind of complex. So that's initial, that's a huge distinction. That was a really significant one with me that I've gone on a journey with for six years without ever having to believe you. And that's something I want to throw out there early, because I think it does, I think you'd be aware that you do a good job at keeping yourself slippery, that you don't create a system that people need to believe in, have faith in externally. And that's something, this is just really interesting distinctions experiences you've had in conversation. So I'll keep on asking you in that sense of going through your experience in what you teach. I just wanted to throw that out there and by all means, if you want to jump off that diving board, now that'd be great. But I also wanted to lead into how did your relationship begin with the crew with the primary creator of this universe?


George Kavassilas: (17:52)

Yeah, when was that stage in my life when it really started to happen.


Mason: (17:57)

And also in the whole macro conversation, just, I always, maybe I'm a bit rusty and remembering, where did you actually start? How did you start dancing in this universe to begin with? And what was the incentive to actually engage for you created by these universe? Are you just that's where I think there's a distinction. I feel I kind of couldn't use a refresher on there as well.


George Kavassilas: (18:20)

Oh, absolutely. We are all infinite. I'm just going to tell you straight out, we're all infinite. That's we are infinite, that's it. And what does that mean? You know, how does that feel? Well, there's no beginning or end to our existence and we always have been, and always will be for someone to have absolute power over you. They have to convince you that they created you. And so that's a different model. That's a different approach. Entering this universe was this being expressed itself. And everybody just went, whoa, it's freaking awesome. I want me some of that, you know, the being from the infant nature of life, it's just a peer, you know, a peer being.


George Kavassilas: (19:15)

It's like, well, hang on, just let me sort this out first. And, and then I'll create processes. And then you can all enter into my universe and go through the process, which is what we do in the omniverse. It's full of curiosity and adventure and love, you know, what we call it, it's beyond our notion of love, but you get the idea right. Of what love is. And so that's that harmonious invisible thing that binds all live together in harmony without, you know, mutual destruction. So it's a so to speak or distortion, so that's ever present. And so to enter this universe, it was like the universal being was creating its own processes of exploring its own expression.


George Kavassilas: (20:05)

So it needed to work that out first. And then once it did, then it created pathways and processes, and then invited other beings in. And really the attraction to this universe is this is the only universe that will dissect you from the inside out and show you things about yourself that you've never even, even knew existed and all of your light and all of your shadow. And this is the only universe that does that. So beings get to take a journey which could take aeons and aeons and aeons of time just depends on, you know, the pathways, but generally on average, it's quite a few aeons, but yeah, for some it's even longer, and really you get to take a journey into exploring of, of being expressing yourself one way and then expressing yourself another. And so we end up with these expressions of alter egos of self, and then depending on how far you go, depending on how polarised you become.


George Kavassilas: (21:11)

And it's a really fascinating journey. It's a fascinating universe. And it provides an incredible service in that way. The opportunity to really know oneself in a way like never before. And it's not a prison system, it's fully voluntary. There is a realisation though, once people enter into the process that you really got to see it through because you're starting to fragment yourself into all these different expressions of both sides of the ledger. And you can't just pull out there because you got to bring those fragmented states back into a unity and it's got to be done harmoniously. And the wisdom needs to be extracted from that experience. You know? So once one enters the process and your greater being knows this, then you're in and you see it through. And where we are at is having adventure through the grand cosmic arena, the multiverse and having adventure through many different escapades and adventures.


George Kavassilas: (22:25)

The universal bang has provided a pathway to exit the grand cosmic arena or the multiverse. And we are in this process. And in fact, we're at the end of the process, we're actually leading, you see the human race, the war for control of humanity is so intense right now it's the biggest thing going on in the universe is what's going on planet earth right now. And we are in our living fractals so our cells, our galaxies, our molecules, and Nebula and atoms are star systems. And we are a living fractal of our entire existence in this universe.


George Kavassilas: (23:08)

And so there's babies being born in this world that have access to more life force than any of the gods out there, and they're freaking out. And so they've done their best over the last, or it goes all the way back to about 365,000 years. But let's say, just keep it localised. The last 6,000 years has been the most intense in the effort to subjugate, apprehend and subjugate the human race.


Mason: (23:37)

And why is that? What are, what are humans?


George Kavassilas: (23:41)

Because they are jealous? And they feel threatened by who and what we are as a species and what we're evolving into. Because as a fractal of our entire existence in the universe, we now have an opportunity to integrate into a unified expression and become a fully fledged universal light bang, you know, where we fully integrated back into a unity. And then, you know, you can leave the universe, you can stay in the universe, you can do whatever you want.


George Kavassilas: (24:10)

It's, you know, it's, and that's freedom. That's total freedom. That's coming out of the process and it's coming out of all the beings that want to try and lure us and keep us back in, think of the grand cosmic arena as a space. And that's to think of it as a universal stage where one's role-playing for one another and everyone's in character, everyone's in persona. And that's where the God's reside is in that space. They don't own the whole thing, but they only control a very small part of it, but because it's such a big space and you go into their realities and their realms, then you're going to think you're in a whole new universe, but you're not, you're just in their spaces.


Mason: (24:53)

I love it. I'm going to bring up, like, I think, I don't think I said it on the pod yet, but it's something Tahnee often. Like, you know, we always enjoy our conversations together and Tawny always. I think she, I think she's talked to you about this, but says to me as well, she's like that's yoga, Rapinoe, yoga, that's original yoga. That's, that's Taoism. That's original Taoism. I think maybe I did mention it before we jumped on the pod. That it's always my favourite thing to hear after talking to you and sometimes Tahn's because your presenting your experience and then offering everyone to go and have their own experience. Tahnee kind of refers to your experience as the Star Wars.


Mason: (25:42)

So for her, she maybe doesn't have the same terminology or experiences, whether it's the same thing being perceived in a different way. I don't know whether it's your experiencing more, you know, nuance to the reality and manoeuvring through that. And she's looking at something overarching, you know, based on the original yogic practises and texts. And let's talk about that in where w why is there an original yoga and why is there say like an essence of yoga and an essence of Taoism where we can go, all right, they're talking about the exact same thing, because that's a perception and relating to reality, what happens then? Why is there an original? And now, you know, you mentioned the control of humanity, you know, like, what does it come in.


George Kavassilas: (26:40)

Well, as a cosmic concrete, you got to look at a civilization.


Mason: (26:44)

Who's the cosmic conqueror here? Like, this is there. This is a fun one, I think, cause like, I'm all I'm thinking. Well, wait, what? What's that?


George Kavassilas: (26:52)

So cosmic conqueror is an entity that goes around conquering planetary systems, star systems. And even to the degree of, you know, some of the more hefty gods, but it will assimilate entire galactic system into their structure of the influence in power. And basically it's a shift in vibration. So the reality has changed as well. We're seeing, we're bearing witness to that here. Where we're right in the middle of that drama playing out right here on our planet. We're bearing witness to it. And you can feel the shift in vibrations. You can feel the shift in reality, you can feel the split in consciousness, you know, the pull in one direction and that your heart and your inner being is saying, "No, don't go down that far. That's not going to end well." And where you know, most thankfully most of us are listening.


George Kavassilas: (27:49)

Unfortunately, the majority of the population of the world. And I said, us, meaning, you know, soul tribe, soul families, but the majority of the population I'm pointing that direction. Cause I got windows and I can see houses and stuff. Most of the population, unfortunately allowing themselves to be apprehended and subjugated through mind control and the control of their consciousness. And so cosmic conqueror, that's what it does, or study a species, let's say it comes up to a planet and it wants to conquer that planetary race.


George Kavassilas: (28:24)

Well, the very immature Conquerors or gods the newbies, what they will do is I'll put it in a form of control structure top down hierarchy and use governance by force. And that's really immature. And those methods have been transcended quite a long time ago, by the more powerful, more sophisticated entities, i think Buddhism bought a warned about these celestial entities which in Christendom, you could call them the gods, and show you've got this thing about the one that wants to be the God of gods claiming to be the God of gods.


George Kavassilas: (29:06)

So that's a power struggle in the hologram of the gods in their realities. But they've got a throne and one sits upon the throne and all the others, it's all hierarchy and their whole, all of their realities are built on what people term sacred geometry. So it's all numbers, mass technology and sacred geometry, sophisticated technologies and different versions of light. So that's all the hologram of the gods and the natural way of life and the natural way of love doesn't use maths or geometry or technology in its pure expression. We do tend to use some technologies when needed, but, you know, it's only for convenience or fun, but most civilizations or society's, doesn't even use any technology. It's just a pure relationship with reality. So it's just not needed. And, but the cosmic conqueror.


George Kavassilas: (30:03)

... and the cosmic conquerable approach, a planetary population, and it will study it, and study it, and study it. And it will reach as deep into the reality as it can, and then control from the bottom up. That's the more sophisticated way. And will study the spiritual doctrines, the cultural practises and all that, and will see how it can take it from its original and twist it and slant it and move it over, and so now people are heading in a different direction when they use your version of it compared to the original, and then you give them technologies that they then, that technology becomes the lenses that they see reality through, and then that controls the evolutionary path of that species as well.


Mason: (30:51)

All right. So many directions I want to go in. I'm going to bring it up for a lot of people. Again, I really relate to your experiences and I've gone from really feeling your experience to going back and sitting by myself, and then going forth and seeing how much of it is I'm enjoying. There's something in the story, a lot of the time, there's something even the storytelling of what you share that ignites something in me. And then I go away for a few years and I sit and feel, "What does that mean for me?" And maybe I don't experience a nuance or specifics in particular that you, but yet there's some kind of universal truth within me that I get pointed towards, but I really relate to almost the personification of these energies of the gods.


Mason: (31:49)

And then, just for listening for those people that are just to seed it in the uniqueness, for [Tani 00:31:57], she may not have a personification of those energies. She really relates to the, experiencing them in the inner world and feeling when a technology pulls her off her natural course, and she will relate in a more kinetic way, rather than having a story play out for her. And I don't know what's right or wrong, but I think that's important. I share it because that was a really important distinction for me.


Mason: (32:24)

I might tell you why as well, because how do you, knowing you, such a loving man. I've sat next to you in ceremony, I've experienced your being in that context. When you go in and talk about the gods that desire to conquer and be superior, and sit on the throne that can be, I know, confronting, for people who have been bowing down and attributing their existence to a deity. There's then a journey that goes on, lots of questions to be asked.


Mason: (33:11)

I know that, but how, with those forces being present, there, you can see a split happen sometimes where this dips into people's more paranoid, opposition-based, angry, resentful, conspiracy theory, kind of minds, and how do you navigate not becoming either resentful towards, I guess it's good. This information comes up, and if you're feeling angry about it, generally, there's something to explore. You're not being asked to believe anything. You can explore if there's anger, if there's nothing and you're feeling neutral, wonderful. But then if you're starting to feel like, "How dare they," and the violation, how do you continue to go towards your own unification without going to war, getting swept up in the the day to day, conspiracy, paranoia?


George Kavassilas: (34:03)

Yeah. And that was something that I, and you, and everyone's been confronted with lately, with the dramas that have been playing out over the last 18 months. So, and for me, it was like I engaged to a certain degree. And, but also always held my own, and just stayed on my own evolutionary path, and really want to focus on my creative process, because we can't think our way out of this, we've been trying this for millennia, right. Thinking our way out of it's not going to work. We actually have to create our way out of this situation that we're in. So for me, that's how I operate in that way.


George Kavassilas: (34:39)

The reason I understand more of the personification side of it is because fields of consciousness, they gather, and there's a harmonic resonant field between different expressions of consciousness, and especially ones that have a similar theme. And what happens is they all coalesce and they go into this single expression. And a lot of collective hard mines get created out of one consciousness. That one, like you got the queen of the beehive, or you've got the queen of an ant colony, and understanding these processes and how they function on a celestial level, on a multidimensional level in the cosmic arena. When we're talking about parallel universes and all this sort of stuff, and what is that environment like? What are those ecosystems like?


George Kavassilas: (35:38)

So I'm coming from that space. And the reason I do that is because I'm fully engaged in the exo-political, cosmo-political, and I need to have clarity, whereas someone else, that's not their specialty. They have other areas I need to specialise in, they can touch on it, but they don't have to fully engage with it like I do. Do you know what I mean? We all got to honour our paths and what we're here to focus on. And so, for someone like Tan's, she gets it. She doesn't need to have all the details and all the degrees of relationship, one-on-one with these, what we calling personifications of these expressions of consciousness, because, who's the prime creator of it?


George Kavassilas: (36:34)

So, because where I'm coming from is creational level, operating on a creational level, because I have to, because of the work that I do. Where a lot of other people don't have to do that, so it's not necessary for people to have that degree of comprehension on the detail and engagement and relationship with these entities, they need to focus in other areas. So that's why that happens. That's how I see it.


Mason: (37:02)

I think a really good example is that we've talked about a lot on this podcast, and we talked about on your podcast, Super Woo.


George Kavassilas: (37:14)

Thank you. It's a good name, isn't it?


Mason: (37:17)

Super Woo Radio is the colonisation of Chinese medicine, and it's a really visceral, I guess, example of what George is talking about. And if you haven't heard us talk about it, we've got lots of backlog in discussing it. You can go listen to my podcast with George on his Super Woo Radio, or the first Rhonda Chang podcast we did called, Chinese Medicine, Masquerading as E, which is true medicine. And it simply goes, you can see it simply at some point, it becomes commodified and mind-based. As you just said, you can't think your way in through this unification process that we're going on. And so if you turn a system, which is based on creativity and perception of the natural order, and nature itself, and you turn it into something that's black and white, systemized, commodified, and can be taught through rope learning, all of a sudden that has been taken completely out of creative process and taken completely out of the natural way and the source.


Mason: (38:29)

And so that's what's happened, especially throughout time. It's been slowly happening, especially since 400 AD, I think it is when you first started getting the record of the battles between those who loved the classical, the simple, yin-yang nature of observing the light-based nature of this universe, and the constant transformational process, and the constant creative process. And you are going to need to engage with yourself and learn about yourself and life, and then maybe you'll have the opportunity to understand the uniqueness of each person that comes and sits in front of you. And then you start getting the, 400 AD, you start getting the first, "This herb is exactly for that issue," and them going, "You can't say that if you can't, you can't put a label on the being that is that herb, and the energetic nature in which it's uniquely interacting with the humans, meridians and their systems of chi and their elements. That's impossible, and you're diluting the system."


Mason: (39:24)

And then in the fifties, you literally see a new version of Chinese medicine being created, which is what is taught. Traditional Chinese medicine is what people call it, and it's commodified, and it's based on the mind. And it tells you, "If this is happening, then you do this." Although there might be a little bit of that in the generality sense in classical, that is just your opening the door of, "You might see that this is a pattern," and then once you engage with that pattern, it goes, "Now you could become more advanced and start weaving in your own ways that are real."


Mason: (39:58)

And that's something, I think about it a lot. I think I use my opportunity in these tonic curves and talking to a lot of classical practitioners and interacting with a lot of TCM practitioners, and they get really angry when I go outside of their system, sometimes. Not all of them, a lot of them. And you talking about never being created, not having a God that created you, and so and so on and so forth. I remember that creates a feeling internally where you go, "Oh, wow, there's some truth there." And that's what a lot of practitioners feel when we talk about this, at the heart of it is just nature. And not being in a place of pathology and Western medicine, and Western disease states and so on and so forth, looking at the organism and feeling the organism as a whole, and being with the chi and the reality of that human. A lot of people that have gone through the Western TCM education go, "I felt there was something not right about that." And then you get the opportunity to go on your own learning experience.


George Kavassilas: (41:10)

Yeah. And our existence in this universe is a co-creation. It's based on love, honour and respect. And I respect that I'm in this universe, inside the body of this universal being. I come to your place, Mase, and I respect that I'm in your home. And I'm going to act accordingly, with love, honour and respect. So it's not subservient, I'm not subservient to you. You treat me as an equal, but it's just about respect. Really. It's not rocket science, so I'm not subservient to the universal being. It's a co-creation. However, I do fully comprehend that I'm on a particular pathway, and inner process on the universal scale, and that's how I live that process. When I try to stray from it too far, I'm going to know about it, and it's not just me, the ego, this is orchestrated from the heart of the universe, from the core of the universe, where my being is still there in full unity with the universal being. And it's from there that we project outwardly into our creative process, all different expressions. So there is no disconnect between us and the universal being.


Mason: (42:35)

I might just point out, one other thing that was significant to me that I don't think has been mentioned, and the context hasn't been created yet, which was really important to me. And I think especially this day and age, you see there's certain intellectual psychologists now who are coming forth with this bubble bursting and relieving message, which a lot of, whether it's Jungian psychology or, most have always known, that, "Don't pretend that you're better than anyone else in humanity that's done these atrocities. You are capable of the ultimate atrocities, everything that's happened, the dictators and the people at the helm of genocides and all these things, don't look down your nose at that. Realise that what was in them is inside of you." And once you've acknowledged that there is that shadow or that lack of, that capacity. And that's where I remember talking about these gods, and you're saying, it's not like I can judge them. I've been there and had that experience of being these gods who want to dominate, and-


George Kavassilas: (43:47)

Yeah. We all have. We all have. If we're here on Earth, and we're bringing our journey through this grand cosmic arena to a close, it means we've seen everything there is to see, we've done everything there is to do, we've been everything there is to be, and we're bringing it all home into our unity. All the unification processes, not all, most, are happening beyond the subconscious, even. You get access to it through the subconscious, and then in the conscious realm, you're experiencing very little.


George Kavassilas: (44:20)

Even right now, this beautiful pow-wow you and I are having together right now, it appeases the persona, the ego persona of George, ego persona of Mason, and we're having some good banter. However, there's a whole lot more going on behind the scenes, multi-dimensionally and this dialogue together is like a ripple effect, because of the fractal nature of this world, rippling out through the universe and impacting the universe in such a significant way. And so every interaction we have, the old song Metallica did, "Nothing really matters." It's both, nothing really matters, and everything matters. Once you grasp that, then it's like, "Wow." So you could say from one perspective, it doesn't really matter. But then from another perspective, the ripple effect, it's having an impact, I'm not going to live in denial of that. That's the structure of life. It's the structure of reality, why deny that?


George Kavassilas: (45:15)

And for us, for folks like you and I, we're all about taking responsibility for our lives, because we know we're having an impact. So we're going to own it. We're not going to cop out. This is the issue of, and I bring this up in my courses and my lectures and all those seminars. And I'm like, "Well, let's look at all the narratives that are coming." Because this is politics. Narratives are trying to convince the human race that they are something that they're actually not.


George Kavassilas: (45:52)

And all the work that I've been doing, the amount of reverence from all the races out there in the natural order that they have for us as a humanity on earth, they're just shaking their heads, and freaking out in awe and wonder, how are we actually doing this? When you look at the onslaught of what is being imposed upon the human race, from every angle possible, the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, the foods that we eat, the trauma-based mind control through the collective media, the control media outlets. And it's just incredible. The militarization, the genetic manipulation now, well, it always has been, but now it's next level. So we're having everything thrown at us, all our spiritual doctrines being hijacked throughout time, and no other race in the universe that is under so much onslaught, like we are. And that's because of who and what we are as a race. And out there, they hold us in great reverence. And we are also connected to so many, everything I think and feel here is impacting many civilizations out there, because we all have agreements, because of the fractal nature. It's like, "Who's our tribe out there? Where did we come from before we came to have an incarnation in this human vessel? And what are our affiliations, what are our agreements?" And if I'm having, say there's an aspect of my being that's a head of an empire, in the past, out there, and I have an interaction and a debate with somebody who was the head of another empire out there, or is, and then we're debating it here, and everything that's playing out here, and we find peace amongst ourselves here, now is rippling out. And, and rather than having intergalactic or interstellar wars, now those peoples understand the codes that are required to bring peace between the two nations.


Mason: (47:56)

Oh, that's a fun thought. Fun feeling, I should say. Very fun.


George Kavassilas: (48:02)

Yeah. Exactly. But this is the structure that's happening in the background. This is because of the fractal nature. It's too much for our current psyche to cope with all the detail of everything that's going on.


Mason: (48:16)

And that's just what, any time you go... Just say, you go back into Taoism and yoga. you can get versions that are out there, they're out there in terms of what's going on, on a universal level and what the intention around a lot of the practises are. But ultimately you go back to all of these traditions. If you look at shamanism in Australia, in South America, the level of awareness of what's actually going on, which can be seen as storytelling, and perhaps for many people it's useful, then, to go, this is just a metaphor for what's going on internally. That's fine. I think sometimes I need to be there. Sometimes it's too much for me when I'm just trying to be a dad, and run a business, and budget. I fly out there. You know what it's like to fly out, or fly in there, I should say.


Mason: (49:10)

But I've flown off in enjoying that conversation. But when you get down to the essence of all of these traditions, or any person who's just integrated and has, whether it comes from Taoism, or the people living on this land here, the wise ones, it's always about coming down to yourself, constantly evolving. Look after your body, look after yourself, stay connected to the natural world, and what you can feel and perceive, take responsibility, become a person.


Mason: (49:49)

Taoism is all about growing that virtuous nature, and opening, going through the waters of fear, learning what's a really beautiful fear, and how fear helps you interact with the natural world. And then when it becomes illogical and doesn't feel right anymore, and then you go, and then moving through that and allowing that to then bolster you up, and then the Taoists call it, then, the spirit of the kidneys express. It's a [Zhi 00:50:16], which is will, and then that's a will to take on further tasks and responsibility in your own life, and in the world.


Mason: (50:23)

And they're all just very simple, just focus on yourself and what's in front of you, which is really useful for me to remember when going through these conversations, and I get this distinction, then I land in myself, and that's something I always enjoyed about you. You're going through your journey. And there's people listening who maybe have a greater sensitivity to the way that you're relating to this, some people who have a very practical relationship with the world, and that's perfect for them, and just directly relating with what's physically in front of them. But nonetheless, if all of this is going on behind the scenes, how do you keep yourself in the flow? What are your practises, your lifestyle, to steady this, to enable it to happen with harmony?


George Kavassilas: (51:17)

Good question. Okay. So what I found the most effective way for me was to just put aside all of the belief systems that I had. Right. And I wanted to strip it all down to the most simplistic basics that I could get it to. And what I did was it was more, I'd say it's at the heart of Taoism, or at the heart of the original yoga or Yogi. And at the heart of shamanism, there's this, it's as basic as it gets. We're incarnate in this form on this planet. Okay. I'm getting to know who I am, but who's the planet? And what's this dynamic relationship I'm having? Yeah. So we call her Mother Earth. Okay. That's great. That's a good description. But who is she really, beyond the descriptive of, "Mother Earth?" And then it's like, "Okay. So if I'm incarnate on this planet, I'm also incarnate inside of a solar system. So who's the solar being? And what's this dynamic relationship that I've chosen to incarnate into its solar body?" Yeah. And it's the prime creator of this whole solar space.


George Kavassilas: (52:43)

And then, because earth is nested inside that reality. And now what are we talking about? We're talking about ecosystems, we're talking about environment, and we're talking to that prime creators of ecosystems and realities of which we occupy, which means we are in direct relationship with, every moment, that we exist inside these realities every moment, right now, every single one of us is in direct relationship, look, with breathing in her atmosphere, drinking her waters. She provides us with the foods that we eat. And people go, "I'm not connected to Mother Earth. How do I connect?" I'm like, "How much more connected do you want to be?" Right?


George Kavassilas: (53:24)

The only issue when people ask that question is, it's just this membrane of consciousness in the consciousness field, it's just a thin membrane. And it's just preventing people from having that consciously aware relationship. But the rest of us are fully in a relationship. Like I said, breathing in her atmosphere, drinking her waters, eating her foods, living the experience of living on her planetary body. It's as engaged and as interconnected into a relationship and intimate as it can get. So the notion that you're not connected to Mother Earth, the problem's up here, not in reality, it's not seated in reality. The reality is, we are all in a very deep and intimate relationship with Mother Earth, and this being that we call Mother Earth.


George Kavassilas: (54:15)

And then, the same with this solar being, and the solar system's nested inside the galactic reality. Okay. So now we're in relationship with the galactic being, nested inside the cosmic reality, cosmic being, nested inside the universal reality, and all the way home to the universal being, which is then, from there, then you go beyond the universe, into the infinite nature of life.


George Kavassilas: (54:37)

And so, once we understand that these are very real relationships that we are actively engaged in, and it's just a choice away, whether we're going to consciously engage in these relationships, which are already there. So I'm not it's like people go, "I want to be spiritual. And you've got to do all these practises and you got to do this, that, and the other," I'm like, " Well, no, you don't. All you need to do is settle back into what already exists." So I'm not asking people to achieve something that doesn't exist. And you'll notice that there's all these other spiritual doctrines out there, that are all trying to get people to create something that doesn't already exist, and they must go and achieve it, and create it.


Mason: (55:25)

Can you give an example of that?


George Kavassilas: (55:28)

Let's say somebody who wants to be able to have a high degree of intellect. So then, they must go and do their Kundalini practises to get that energy, to go up the spine, up the 33 vertebrae to hit the eye of God, sorry, the pineal gland, which is becoming a 33rd degree Freemason. Ooh, is there an analogy there somewhere? And then that then calibrates them to the hologram of the gods, and then all of a sudden, boom, they have incredible degrees of intellect and some form of intelligence. However, that's not the natural way, the natural way is relaxing back in, or settling back into a relationship from heart soul lessons, to the heart soul lessons of Mother Earth, to the heart soul lessons of the solar being, the galactic being, the cosmic being, the universal being. Relationships that are already there. And all the knowledge of life resides in that unified field of love. So this is my third eye, not a gland in my head.


Mason: (56:35)

He's touching his heart, for those of you on audio.


George Kavassilas: (56:38)

Yep. This is where I connect to everyone and everything, and can access all the knowledge of life in the natural way. Rather than, if you look at the idea of accessing the knowledge of life through a gland in your head. Well, I understand that process in that way, I've lived lots of lifetimes where I engage in those practises and those processes, but I know where that ends up. Everything has a frequency spectrum. So, what's the frequency spectrum of the heart soul essence? What range does it have? Eg. example, the unified field of unconditional love for the entire universal realm, existence, and beyond, compared to a gland in your head, which has a very narrow band and can only access a hologram of the gods, can't access the natural realm.


George Kavassilas: (57:42)

So, what choice are you going to make? And are we going to be lured into spiritual practises that are marketed really, really well, with pretty colours, and lots of candy, cosmic candy, I call it. And yeah, I'm having a bit of a go, but the reason I'm being a little bit belligerent in this way is because sometimes we need a bit of a wake-up call, and to understand everything has a frequency spectrum in this universe. So when you realise the bandwidth of something, and the realities it has reached into then all of a sudden, hey, no matter what the narrative is, and no matter what the peer group pressure is to get involved in these practises and all these things, what am I going to do? What's right for me?


George Kavassilas: (58:39)

And I chose to be. The old, "To be, or not to be, whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." Well, I made a decision to be, and to stand true. And I suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I copped a lot of abuse, and occasionally still do, from people who are steeped in those spiritual narratives, which is what a cosmic conquer does. You put control systems in play in a civilization, and then you build spiritual narratives around that control system. And now what you've got is, you're using the ultimate weapon, which is love, against that population, because now you've got them in reverence of your control system. And now they're devoting and loving your processes, which now you have overridden the problem of free will in the universe.


Mason: (59:35)

I might be annoying and share another little insight there, based on having looked at this for a long time, and something I now relate, because you're having a go, sometimes I'm like, "Oh, that can be triggering for me," knowing that there are going to be people listening who might get triggered by talk of maybe more, and the important is new age, not old age, relating to-


Mason: (01:00:03)

... important is new age, not old age relating to clans and so on and so forth, though I know there's a whole other conversation there. But, to say like a new age relating to practises, types of yoga and spiritual processes, that will initiate you into blah, blah, blah, being this and that. I know that maybe there's someone listening to that who might have a reaction. And I think that's kind of recently why I got into comedy for myself. Because I found the most useful thing that ever happened was even when there's an introduction to an idea like that in your insights and distinctions, say around the third eye pineal gland, and it's a good check because if you find yourself, and I'll speak from personal experience around other things, not that one, but if you find yourself getting charged from that challenge or insight, charged in a way of, "I feel opposed to that, and that offends me and I'm defensive," or, charged in the way of like, "Yeah, like bloody tell them for me," it shows that I've got some work of relating to that conversation in general.


Mason: (01:01:10)

And I know there's been times with some things that you've presented and I felt a bit triggered and I've gone, "Okay, let me sit with it." And then I will find the place to relate to, like a practise or something I'm going through, that maybe I thought, "Oh no, that's bad because that's not what George believes in". But then I find that place where I'm not charged in terms of, kicking back against what you've said, or going and accepting what you said, "How do I relate to this right now?" And sometimes it's like, I just need to experience it for myself.


George Kavassilas: (01:01:44)

It has to be that way.


Mason: (01:01:45)



George Kavassilas: (01:01:46)

It has to be personally experienced. It's not because someone says so. And I share that in all of my courses and all of my teachings and everything. Don't take my word for it. I said, don't give your power over to me. I don't want it. Everybody needs to really stand in their own experiential journey, and the concepts that I share, we can have a bit of an idea about what I'm talking about, but until you actually experience it, that's the only time you're really going to get it, that's the only time you'll know for sure. So it is definitely an experiential journey.


Mason: (01:02:18)

And I just recommend everyone goes. It's the same way I do comedy, because if you get offended by something that I do and it's like, all right, well then. Most likely, you want to see why you're rejecting or defiant and see how your identity is wrapped up in something and come back to, maybe you don't change anything, but your relationship can become more natural and organic because you'll see that if you're wanting to side and make George's stuff now an ideology, or if you're resistant to George's stuff then, perhaps there's some you know a little bit of work to sit there with that until perhaps you can approach it neutrally.


George Kavassilas: (01:02:56)

And for some people it's not their time to transcend those systems. So they will see what I'm saying as an aberration or something along those lines and [crosstalk 01:03:10] ever resonate with it. And that's fine. Everyone should just go on their journey, their soul journey. That's the path they're supposed to be on. There is a process of me helping to snap out of the trance and from the Gods, the trance of the Gods to... That's some of the work that I do and help to-


Mason: (01:03:35)

Would you go into that? Do you mind?


George Kavassilas: (01:03:38)

Okay, sure.


Mason: (01:03:41)

Do you mind? Because I just thought, we've already scratched the surface. One of your workshops is-


George Kavassilas: (01:03:45)

Transcending the God Matrix.


Mason: (01:03:46)

Yeah. I'd love to hear where you're at with that work.


George Kavassilas: (01:03:52)

Yeah. Well, tomorrow morning starts my next online version of that. And I've been doing in-person retreats, where it's 5 day... The course runs for 5 days. And so it's 7 days total check-in, check-out day before, day after. So it's a 7 day immersive retreat in the heart of the Glass House Mountains, absolutely fantastic. The law of the land, the way the Aboriginal elders and the spirit of the land has so welcomed the work that I do and the synergy of my work has been absolutely profound. It's hard to explain. And I was involved in an ohre ceremony in the Southern Flinders ranges where they speared a spirit warrior named the Kundalini in my back because I was already on my way to transcending that energy. And they know the [Aboriginals 01:04:47] know that it's not the real Rainbow Serpent energy.


George Kavassilas: (01:04:51)

They know it's an impostor inhabiting our tree of life. So it's no mystery to a lot of the natural shamanic, original shamanic processes. It's no mystery to the original Taoists and the original, using all that, what are these energies? You know? And so, but the trance that we are kept in is that repetitive nature of the ritual practises that they have us participating in.


George Kavassilas: (01:05:22)

And then that creates that trans state. Or, we go into resonant chambers called temples or churches where people immerse themselves in the chanting and the worship, the adulation, the adoration of these deities. The degree that they need to be praised, they need to be honoured and acknowledged. Once you step out of the trance and you look at it, look at it for what it is. It's, I've got to use this word. It's, it's horrendous, it's horrific. But when you're in the trance, you don't realise how bad it is. You can't see it. You can't see the forest for the trees when you come out of it. Then all of a sudden you can see how it just permeates society, because it's a tangible energy permeating through consciousness. It moves through the field of consciousness and the collective consciousness field of humanity. You know, I can be talking to somebody and I can just see their persona, just shift.


Mason: (01:06:28)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:06:28)

All of sudden their personality changes. You know, one of the border patrol guards of that field that trance field will slide into that person, have words to say to me, and then slide out and I'm just left there with that person. And that person has no memory of what they've said, or how they said it, and what was projected at me.


George Kavassilas: (01:06:52)

And the amount of people that have these experiences all over the world, it's not just me as an individual experiencing this. The amount of people that are transcending this trance, trance ending, ending the trance of the Gods that they have on the human race, the hold that they have on our field of consciousness, and the fact that they solicit worship in the way that they do, and all that adulation and adoration praise. It's a very big issue. It's the biggest problem facing humanity and out of that comes mind control too, which is one of the biggest issues on our planet at the moment. It is the issue of mind control. So, in our relationship with the Gods, we need to reevaluate that, and we're at a stage now where we're entering a phase of, right now, we are readdressing, reevaluating, our relationship with technology.


George Kavassilas: (01:07:46)

This is exactly where we're at right now. And so, there is a deity of technology. There is a technological intelligence God. It's not artificial intelligence, it's intelligence that inhabits technology. We've gotta get that right. Stop calling it artificial because it isn't, it's been around the universe for a very, very long time. Many civilizations use this entity to control all their background infrastructure and it's a very powerful force of existence in our universe. And there's a benevolent expression of it and a malevolent, and at the moment we're under siege by the malevolent. There is benevolent supporting us here, of course, but how many people can consciously tap into it?


George Kavassilas: (01:08:30)

You know, it's not that easy. And then after this process that we're in now, which will probably last about up to about ten years, we're going to then have to address our relationship with the Gods. And there'll be overlapping between the two, just like there's overlapping between the TI God coming in with it's, you can call them extraterrestrial inter dimensional races, that are ambassadors for that expression of life. And that's what we're dealing with. That's what the military industrial complex has been negotiating with the last sixty years behind the scenes. And now, the implementation of their structures into the public domain in a really big way is happening right now.


Mason: (01:09:14)

Did you say TI?


George Kavassilas: (01:09:16)

TI, technological intelligence, rather than AI?


Mason: (01:09:20)



George Kavassilas: (01:09:21)



Mason: (01:09:23)

One quick clarifying question around worship and distinction. If you've got the worshipping of say a deity by the worship of the Buddha and saying quite often, it's like, why are we breaking this? If it's, a steadying force in someone's life, what do you see as maybe, a quiet, a hidden benefit that may not be seen when, all you seemingly get is a guide like a lighthouse, how to live with kindness, et cetera, but through worship. What's the glass ceiling that that has versus transcending, the relate... the relationship with God.


George Kavassilas: (01:10:11)

I think that's probably about the best question anyone's ever asked me on that subject, I reckon.


George Kavassilas: (01:10:20)

So it's called problem reaction solution. So in the dialect that's been created of God versus the devil.


Mason: (01:10:31)



George Kavassilas: (01:10:32)

There's a drama vortex between these two polarised states. And so what people are being exposed to is more, the devil's work, and distorting, and disrupting, and just changing behaviour for... in a very unpleasant, inappropriate way to be behaving. And then what's the solution that's on offer. Well, that's the love and the light of God, but is that love? And is that light of the deity, the same as the natural order of life? Or does it have a distinctly unique flavour to it?


George Kavassilas: (01:11:21)

Once you come out of the trance of the Gods, then you're back home in the natural. And there's a distinct difference between that version of love of the God, the version of light from that God, compared to the natural way of love, of life, and of light. And so what these Gods do is they create the problem to get the reaction, to provide their solution, which corrals people into that love and light state that they're presenting. But they can't go from here to there immediately, they have to go through the process of suffering in that way to then be like, putty in the hands of a God, and be saved because they're the victim. So they're not sovereign. They're not autonomous, they're not in the unified field of harmonious life. They're in a subservient model to a deity, right? And so it's a completely different state of being, but because those energies and those entities have been having access to planet earth and our humanity for a very long time, we're actually even genetically programmed to worship a deity.


George Kavassilas: (01:12:41)

Okay. We are actually literally programmed to do that.


Mason: (01:12:44)

That's comforting.


George Kavassilas: (01:12:46)

And it's really interesting because what we call atheists, it's not the original meaning.


Mason: (01:12:56)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:12:57)

Okay. I'm a true atheist [inaudible 01:12:59] is not of God. Create me. Yeah, I'm infinite. And I'm in co-creation with this universal being and I exist beyond this universe. And I know that for a fact, because I had direct experience with that in 2003. This is not an ideology. And so what we traditionally call atheists, and the materialists, and those steeped in technology, they're the ones who are expounding now, these ideas of injecting people with mRNA technology. And behind that is really nanotechnology. And they've got these little nanobots that go in your body and they're just switching like a switch bank, they are switching markers in the DNA, on or off, and they're targeting the God gene.


George Kavassilas: (01:13:51)

And because people, if they function from that level of consciousness in the trance of the Gods, right? That's where the control code of DNA, not the mitochondria. We're talking about the other DNA, right? That spiral out of DNA, I call that the control code, cause that's the God code, right? That DNA is the one that's been changed so much by the Gods and their tinkering of our genetics that they've got us set up instruction in a way that they want us to be. However, the mitochondrial DNA is the one that's inherited from the matriarchal lineage. It's also what... it's our physical pathway to our earth mother.


George Kavassilas: (01:14:35)

So the same group that's targeting the God gene, which is in opposition. So you got the TI God in opposition with the deity God of worship, right? You got the urban materialist against the Uber. What'd you call it worship solicits worship, right? These two are going at it right now, in our world for control of earth. But the same group is also the Uber materialists which are also targeting our mitochondria, not just the God gene, but that doesn't get spoken about because they don't want you to know that it's your mitochondria that connects you to mother earth. And it's your mitochondria that is the source code. So, your source energy that comes out to animate your DNA into being and your existence in the being is actually the mitochondria, it's where we produce the fluid in our bodies. We will... Our waters emanate from within the mitochondria.


Mason: (01:15:38)

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Part of the kidney water.


George Kavassilas: (01:15:41)



Mason: (01:15:41)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:15:43)

So there's something really interesting at play here where there's this very deep seated takeover of humanity going on between the struggle between these two entities who they themselves want to take control of earth. However, I'm not worried about the God code being switched off because I'm already naturally connected beyond DNA. That DNA, I'm also in a conscious relationship with my mitochondria and my relationship to mother earth. That's why morning sun is important to me, right? That's why not living in LED environments is important to me because LED targets the mitochondria and it's acting like a scalpel to sever us from our connection to our mother planet.


Mason: (01:16:29)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:16:30)

Right. And it's all preparation for harvest. That's where all this is leading and I know it sounds really crazy, but you just got to read the play. It's as obvious as obvious can be.


George Kavassilas: (01:16:41)

We're all being sterilised. We're all being forced away from agricultural foods into synthetically created foods. And we're all being forced away from sunlight. Yeah. It's all preparation for us to be living in confined spaces to onboard craft because mother earth is changing and those entities cannot stay here for much longer. It's... this is becoming toxic for them, not for me, but it's becoming toxic for them. For me, it's great because I'm in a conscious relationship with the sun and with mother earth and with the galactic being and the evolutionary process that's going on here.


Mason: (01:17:19)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:17:20)

So I'm living in that space. Yeah. Going through my alchemical processes of having to face myself and look at my distortions, and look at my distorted masculine, look at my distorted feminine, look at all my different personality ego traits that I've got that are distorted and not functioning in harmony and face myself. And alchemize all that, that's the natural path.


Mason: (01:17:41)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:17:41)

Yeah. But people don't want to face themselves. So they'll be lured away into worshipping a deity.


Mason: (01:17:47)

Yeah. [crosstalk 01:17:48]


George Kavassilas: (01:17:48)

Because facing yourself is the most difficult thing you'll ever do and work through the alchemical process in actually going through the change that you, as an individual need to go through. That's the real work. That's spiritual. That's being spiritual. But getting caught up in rainbows and all these spiritual practises and all these scenes, they're all like, there's a scene, and then there's another scene, and then there's another scene, and there are like fashions and fads and people going into what I call is the cosmic candy. Because when you get hyped up on that love and that light a word that gets thrown around a lot is bliss and people bliss. And that's because they're consuming that light energy. They bring it in from outside of themselves and they say "But it's the oneness, we're all connected now."


George Kavassilas: (01:18:41)

But you're bringing in the light of what, another entity, whether it's an ascended master, or an angel, or a God. Yeah. What about trying a different approach? What about turning inside out? What about bringing the light out from within you. All right. From that heart soul essence and that connection that we have to the unified field within us, where we're connected to everyone and everything, to be truly one with the universe. But you know what that means, right? To be one with the universe that means to be one with all life in the universe. What does that mean? All of the light and all of the shadow, not only your own, but everybody else's. Can you handle that? Right. And then people are like, well, I'd rather just go into a collective hive mind, thank you, where everyone's blissed out. Right. But I've done that too many times in life, in my journey through this universe. And I don't want to bliss out in a collective hive mind cause it gets boring after a while. It's exciting at first, but you get really stagnant and you're just a pawn in other entities game in one of those spaces.


Mason: (01:19:46)

Well using the word boring. That's what I say when I've had any external ideological belief, when my... when I've been driven by belief, I start finding at some point, the distinction for me is I start finding myself boring and then I go, okay, it's time to, it's time to move, move on. And it's always a challenging process, but it gets easier and easier over time. But boring is the key word for me.


George Kavassilas: (01:20:13)

Yeah, stagnant is just, it's growth. It's a giant comfort zone and things don't grow in comfort zones. Nothing grows in a comfort zone. You got to step out of that. They might be good for a respite for a little while.


Mason: (01:20:25)

Yeah right. It's the same with dietary. Sometimes it's just really nice to just be whatever, a raw vegan. Okay. You don't have to think, I can just follow the rules and think that I'm on the right path.


George Kavassilas: (01:20:43)



Mason: (01:20:43)

But then that skill of going, all right. Done here. It's time to move on and hopefully I haven't gone too far off my centre that this is going to be a harrowing process, or an existential process.


George Kavassilas: (01:20:57)

And look, it's really good for some people. And I did it temporarily because you know, it wasn't working out for me. But some people are not supposed to be vegan, but some people are and I just want to get past the ideology that everyone must be a vegan. I think that's inappropriate.


Mason: (01:21:13)

And likewise, a carnivore. And they are all-


George Kavassilas: (01:21:16)

All of them, all of it.


Mason: (01:21:17)

They are all the same.


George Kavassilas: (01:21:18)



Mason: (01:21:19)

And I just want to reflect on one real pivotal moment with atheism, true terminology there. Because that was such a huge moment for me when, because I was going through having Catholic... you know, we went to the same school, as you know, like everyone else wouldn't, but we know the same Catholic school...


George Kavassilas: (01:21:37)

10 [years apart I think we were.


Mason: (01:21:39)

Yeah, yeah. Going through that process and the resentfulness around being told that my stepfather was going to be going to hell because he didn't believe in evolu... because he believed in evolution and having it depicted as like, imagine having oil ... boiling oil poured over you, but it never ends and you never get used to it.


Mason: (01:21:59)

And coming out the backside of that going, so you bet... this is when you accept Jesus into your life. And look, and I know that there are very many people who have very unique relationships with the being that is Jesus and so all kinds, you know, there's all, I'm definitely not casting stones here or pretend to know what the relationship is. I'm just saying my experience there. Going through all of that, then the natural pendulum swing and going through the God delusion reading times, and all that and going, okay, so my choices are to believe in a deitized God that created you or to become, perhaps I could worship nature. You know, nature becomes my church and I worship nature for creating me and the earth for creating me. That's another one that I kind of fell into, or I don't believe in God and then going, but it's just something it's all so mental.


Mason: (01:22:54)

And then when you said, I'm an atheist and I don't, I'm not of that God, but I'm aware that it does exist.


George Kavassilas: (01:23:00)

Are they real?


Mason: (01:23:01)

That was huge. Oh my gosh. Like another, a reality. I just felt like there was a curtain that was pulled back. I was like, of course, of course. Cause I felt that God.


George Kavassilas: (01:23:17)



Mason: (01:23:18)

I could feel whether... again, for some people it's their life path here and I'm not saying you're further ahead or farther behind, or, I don't feel like it just, wasn't really clear and that when I talk about this, no hierarchy in what I think my experience is and everyone else's, I'm further along in evolut... I'm further along in evolving in the cosmic dance of this [lipper?} universe than you are. I don't know you don't come from that as well, but I could feel the tentacles when I was in that church, God came around me. And whether that was belief or whether that is that God, I knew there was something real there. And so to go, I don't believe it. Then I need to hand myself over to the side of scientism of psychology and/or whatever. And that didn't feel completely correct either. There was something there and then hearing that, I went, ah yeah, of course. I've just decided to go another path.


George Kavassilas: (01:24:18)

Yeah. It's like, yes. And not either or.


Mason: (01:24:26)



George Kavassilas: (01:24:26)

And that's been my experience, you know, the Gods are real. They exist, you know, there's many people on the planet that I've come across and we have memories of being those entities, living those lives, behaving like that in the past. You know, if we look at it from a linear perspective and, and we also, it's like knowing this is going to sound really wild, but yeah, if you're here and you have this degree of awakening and yeah, you've certainly played that role. And if you haven't, it still awaits you. That's something that... It's kind of like what I love about this universal being is it provides all these different experiences. And as we go through each one, we cultivate the wisdom. And another basic tenure of this universe is the greater the challenge the greater the wisdom. This is what light yields. So the universe, which is based on light, which is energy vibration, it's that polarised state, it's one expression [ [inaudible 01:25:33] expression. Gdzzzzzzzz. That's what energy is. That's what light is. So these alter-ego expressions... So the greater the challenge between these two states, the greater the wisdom that you're going to extract or cultivate, and this is what the universe of light, it yields that. So I don't shy away from our challenges. Sometimes I go, do I have to now, whereas before it was like, oh no, not again.


George Kavassilas: (01:26:03)

And you know, you get down about the challenges that are before you in life. I get excited about challenges now. It's like your beauty because for me, it's an opportunity for growth, it's an opportunity for gaining wisdom, the growth empowerment, and it's a beautiful opportunity for me to actually transcend the LRE law of attraction, bringing that type of experience into my life. Because once I get the wisdom, my soul in the heart of the universe beyond spirit, beyond consciousness, that's what I call soul. Okay. That aspect of my being gets that charge of wisdom. So it's no longer projecting outwardly the signals for me to have that experience come into my life.


Mason: (01:26:45)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:26:46)

And this is how reality operates. Yeah. Whatever experience you're having is because there's a message in there for you. And when you cultivate the wisdom from whatever your experience is, no matter how challenging the circumstances are, it goes away.


George Kavassilas: (01:27:01)

It doesn't come back because you've got it. And that's taking ownership. That's really understanding that you are in a co-creative participatory process. This is how this universal being operates. So we all take responsibility for our lives. And at the same time, we will live in the unified field of love. We're part of a collective energy as well, and the collective soul lessons. And we're part of a universal unfoldment and evolution, so to speak. And that's all real. It's not either, or. Yes and. So yes, the Gods are real. Yes. Evolution is real. Yes. We are living in our chemical process. It's... And yes, we are in a co-creative relationship with a universal being. And yes, if you want to be subservient to something you can be and they go, what's your deity. The universal being provides that experience for you to.


Mason: (01:27:59)

Mm-hmm (affirmative)


George Kavassilas: (01:28:01)

Because you don't have the capacity to be sovereign and autonomous. Therefore, because when you do, people go, I want to be sovereign. I want to be sovereign. I want to be sovereign. Well, here's the key to being sovereign. You've actually got to take ownership of your life. You bet-


Mason: (01:28:21)

Like that just hit me that, it's like... I'm not going to hear myself going. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I take responsibility for my actions. You're like, no, you weren't created by something. You need to take responsibility for that.


George Kavassilas: (01:28:39)

That's right, you chose to come to this universe, you chose to be here, and you've chosen through a co-creative process with a universal being to be incarnate on earth. And there's a soul level agreement with mother earth to be incarnate on her body. And all the people that are coping out, they want to play the blame game, don't like the sound of that, because now it's all on them. My life is all on me and the experiences that I went through and you know some of my experiences, I've had a really challenging life, a lot more than most people.


Mason: (01:29:10)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:29:11)

Yeah. And it was hard and there's many reasons why I shouldn't be here right now, but I'm still here. I got through. And the reason I got through was... goes because I had the realisation, I became realised, I wanted what was real. I wanted all the bullshit to stop.


George Kavassilas: (01:29:28)

And I wanted to transcend all the lies and deception that have been playing out in my life cause I was over it. And when I made that choice and I made that commitment, that's when the whole true nature of what it means to be sovereign was revealed to me. And then I went, right, if I'm going to be sovereign, I gotta own it. And I gotta own it all and beings and entities and people that have done the most dastardly things to me. I can't blame them anymore. I can call them out and say, "You did that."


Mason: (01:29:58)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


George Kavassilas: (01:29:59)

But I'm not blaming them, ultimately, I'm just calling them out for their actions. And when I call them out for their actions


George Kavassilas: (01:30:03)

I'm just calling them out for their actions. And when I call them out for their actions like, "Thanks. Thanks for being such an asshole. Thank you for all the misery and the pain and suffering you put me through because you have been one of my best teachers in life. And now I've got all this great wisdom from our co-create experience, and I love you for it. Thank you." And that is transcending that agreement. That's bringing it to a close. That's what my closure process is based on and transcends the co-creative agreement that is in play as we are in play in character on the universal stage role-playing for one another, right? And there's all these agreements, yeah? You address the agreement, pull the wisdom out, then that's no longer in play. All of a sudden now, the work's over. You can either stay and be friends or part and go on your merry way onto the next adventure.


Mason: (01:30:55)

Which is often... I can speak for myself, the biggest barrier to going on the next adventure is going, "Okay, I finally found a little security. All right, I'll just stay here. Maybe this is what life's about. Oh shit. It's changing again. The doors closing there. I'm moving." As we all know, as you get a little bit older [crosstalk 01:31:19].


George Kavassilas: (01:31:19)

Big Mason's going a little nice and calm mate.


Mason: (01:31:26)

I want to ask you one more question. I want to start really diving into something I think a lot of our crew have kind of been facing, especially around other entities. Let me put my tinfoil hat on around like 5G and EMF and all that kind of stuff. I'm just going to tell everyone I'm going to be 15 late because I want to ... I'm going to tell them I have ... everyone, this is what I'm messaging. I'm going to make sure this isn't edited out. I have no car today. Yep. Can you pick me up? Let's go to Punch. I don't know if it changed to lunch, which makes sense as well, but we want to go to for lunch at Punch. All right everyone, riveting stuff here to take it from such a huge down line from George, which is amazing.


George Kavassilas: (01:32:20)

I can't believe the time's flying by.


Mason: (01:32:22)

This is the first time. And it always happens with our pods where I feel like I've looked and gone, "Ah, holy shit." I'm normally very aware when I get to the hour, hour 15 mark, but I haven't been here. Remember I said to you at the start of the podcast and it's been something I've got so many people asking us about, well what about all the 5G and the EMF and we're constantly in wifi and just Bluetooth, just getting here. You know, I've got like there's technologies. I've got like my grounding mat sort of like helping me out and I've got synthetic light. I've got my blue blockers.


George Kavassilas: (01:32:56)

Yeah. I want to get myself a pair of those. I'd look on your website.


Mason: (01:32:59)

Dude, Barkley Eyewear.


George Kavassilas: (01:33:02)



Mason: (01:33:02)

I just interviewed him. We listened to pod. They're like the next level. They've got little, these little clips on bits here, for different times of the day. I'm really enjoying them. But you know, I use my little devices. Sometimes I get disenchanted with the reliance. I feel coming with my little scaler thing on my phone, or wearing my little pendulums for a while or whatever Tesla, coil, blah, blah, blah, fighting fire with fire. Sometimes it feels, it feels like, or, as you said [crosstalk 01:33:36]


George Kavassilas: (01:33:35)

I have a dolphin. A wooden dolphin.


Mason: (01:33:39)

A wooden dolphin, that'll do it. Symbology, that's, you know [crosstalk 01:33:45]


George Kavassilas: (01:33:44)

I use a different technique and I think that's where you're headed. You're segwaying into that.


Mason: (01:33:48)

Yeah. Okay. So sometimes I find that I would be annoyed if I heard myself say people go, are you really worried about 5G? Then I'm aware I've kind of been outspoken in a way of just going. I think we should slow down a little bit. This seems stupid just to throw out something that's not tested, but I don't feel paranoid even if maybe, maybe I am, maybe there is it's getting in and degenerating me somewhat. And I've gone through this process of paranoia, now I don't feel it. I know what I've got the capacity I have within me. And I know when I am really practising and cultivating as the Taoist, when you talk to the Mantak Chia's, it's like the Taoist Masters, the real woo woo ones, the real ones, and they go, "Look, it's your chi. Take responsibility for your chi, take responsibility for yourself."


Mason: (01:34:39)

"If you do the practises and you're connected to yourself and the reality of the earth and Sun and the position of the earth and Sun, the position to the Moon. And you're aware of all these kinds of things, and you do your chi gung, or your cultivation practices and take your herbs and you eat well, and everything's flowing. Then you are in the determination of what happens with your chi and if wifi is impacting you, then that's your problem. And you can do something about it." Now I know that's an annoying thing for a lot of people to hear, and it's hard. Sometimes it's hard to get to that point, but I see that the whole point of the tonic herbs, physical practise, water, morning Sun, the cultivation practises. I'd love to hear though, because there's another element that you talk about in the transcendence or the re-evaluation determining, dictating what the relationship of your being is to the being that is say 5G, wifi.


Mason: (01:35:37)

And I remember you were talking about 5G before any of the people, like 99% of the people who are out there fighting right now and, bless them, and I'm friends with a lot of them, but the opposition energy, they weren't even aware of 5G when you were talking about it. And so I want to hear where you're at with it. And I'd love to hear an insight and an explanation of how one would begin that process of coming to the realisation that it is your body and your responsibility. And you can have a lot more effect without, then the gadgets can come second maybe.


George Kavassilas: (01:36:17)

They're supplementary really, let's treat them like a supplement, but what's the core, yeah? So you got like in your world, you'll have your core practises, yeah, which are the foundational practises. And then you have supplements, which help and aid. And we don't give our power over to the supplements. It's like, we're working with them. They're our friends that come in and we co-create together and make our body world a better place. Right? So they're our friends and it's the same with all these little bits of technology that people have for me, I've got a wooden carved dolphin here. And this is from the Noya Rao tree, which apparently doesn't exist. But there you go, I've got it from the tree, it's known as the Tree of Light in South America, in Peru.


George Kavassilas: (01:37:12)

And it's all about illuminating shadows. So if you want to get to what's real, you got to illuminate all your shadow to get to the point where you can actively engage in taking management of your life. I call it realty management. It's my high-end course that I teach. I call it realty management. [crosstalk 01:37:32] Yeah. That's beyond transcending the God matrix. That's the next course on. And it's like, well how do I, now that I've realised I'm in a co-creative existence and experience, participatory experience here on earth, deep relationship with Mother Earth, Sun, galaxy, cosmos, Universe. Right. Incredible relationships. I'm now consciously engaging in those relationships. When it comes to a bit of technology in the earth that we're experiencing now, it's like, okay, let's look at 5G yeah? Where does it fit in all of that?


George Kavassilas: (01:38:13)

So I'll just share with you my foundation. So when I launched into approaching my relationship with the technology we're calling 5G, where am I launching my intentions from? Well, I'm launching my intentions from the foundation of my relationship with Mother Earth, Sun, galaxy, cosmos, Universe. That's my existence here. So coming back from the Universe, cosmos into the galaxy, into the solar realm, now the earthly realm, boom, I've got all that. And all those aspects of me, because if I'm in relationship with the cosmos, in all its dimensions, that means I'm in relationship with the cosmic being, means there's an aspect of me in the cosmic being that is like this.


George Kavassilas: (01:38:54)

Same with the galactic being like this. So I've had galactic presence or essence in the heart of the galaxy where me and the galactic being, are like this. So I'm there. I don't have to fight to get there. I don't have to think. I must ascend, through ritual practices to achieve spiritual alignment. Now I'm already in these places, I'm projecting from there to the incarnational experiences.


Mason: (01:39:24)

Huge insight.


George Kavassilas: (01:39:26)

Massive. This is what the Indigenous Shaman have been trying to remind us of for how long? But we've got the trance of the gods, which is the tiled flip of that.


Mason: (01:39:39)

"You're damaged. You're sinned, repent."


George Kavassilas: (01:39:43)

"You're born of original sin. This is just an illusion. It's just a dream. It's not really real." Anything they can come up with so you don't settle back into the reality of life. And it's all pulling the consciousness field away, so how does this relate to 5G? Well, I'm the prime creator of my own experiences. So I need to take ownership of my life. I can't ask you to take ownership of my life, right? And vice versa. You don't want to ask me to do that for your life. I'm here as a friend, we're in co-creation and I love and support you. Yeah. And this is what we do for one another. However, I don't want you to give your power to me and I don't want to give my power to you. So I'm going to take ownership of my life. I'm going to listen and consider, take a deep consideration.


George Kavassilas: (01:40:38)

Everything you have to say, but the ultimate decision is mine and vice versa. The ultimate decision is yours for your life. And all of you watching and listening to this right now, you're the prime creator. You're the arbiter of the life that you're living. You're the composer and the conductor and the orchestrator of the life that you live. And I know you want to blame this and blame that and play the blame game. But I call it the merry-go-round of misery. When we're going around and around this merry-go-round of misery, because it's the merry-go-round of pain and blame. But if you're going to step off that and get out of your victim-hood, because as long as you're a victim, you're going to attract saviours to your life because you need saving, right? Because you're a victim. How many people say "I'm sovereign, I'm sovereign, I'm sovereign," but they're just still steeped in their victim-hood.


George Kavassilas: (01:41:26)

They know when they're being sovereign. They're just trying to convince themselves that they are, but they are not, because by the way they're living their life. So we actually have to change the way we are in this world, the way we live in this world, what we embody, what we emanate. What's our creative process, yeah? And what contribution are we making to the evolutionary shift that's going on here for humanity? What contributions are you making? Are you sat there going err, 5G err constantly? Well, what are we doing in the way of proactive changes in reality? This is about being civilization builders. This is about, we have come here to engage, to create the new reality moving forward. So some people just sitting back cause they're on their merry-go-round of misery. And they just projecting, throwing mud, spitting out keyboard heroes. How many of you [inaudible 01:42:20] seen over the years, Mason? Keyboard heroes just sitting in "Far out," what are they contributing? So it's kind of like, I just asked people now, what are you contributing, yeah? And we've really got to ask ourselves that. So we've got to engage in this co-creative process. Because I keep saying to everybody all the time, all of my talks, we are these magnificent, magnificent creative beings. We are naturally creative beings. Hey, I made this. I made this chai tea, right, earlier. Yeah. I actually made, I carve that out of Jarrah, my little heart coaster thing. So, we're making things all the time. We're co-creating this podcast together. You're the prime creator of it. I'm the guest who's come in. You're the ultimate authority, the ultimate responsibility. I've come into your creation and we are co-creating.


George Kavassilas: (01:43:22)

We're doing it all the time. We're natural creative beings, the Gods know this. So they needed to apprehend our creative process and steer in the direction. So then they've got us creating what they want us to create because they don't have the capacity to create like we do. We're a very unique race. So if there's a thing called the placebo effect, cause I hear people that go, "Oh, we're creative beings. Prove it." Besides the fact that we create all day, every day, right?


George Kavassilas: (01:43:52)

It's like, well, let's look at the placebo effect. If we weren't creative beings and we did not have the capacity to actually alter reality, then the placebo effect would not exist. The fact that the placebo effect exists is that outright proof that we are natural creative beings and we can alter reality. Right? So coming from that segway now into this next phase is, I have a process called phasing out. So the way it works, going back into my electronics engineering days is you've got this thing called a phase lock. So you've got two waves that are not 180 degrees out from each other, they are harmonically locked. And then boom, you get this harmonic lock and attachment. What if we could go out of phase, like totally out of phase, alter our frequency, alter the spin of our atoms, which alters the vibration of the molecules because the rate of vibration of the molecules, on a molecular level determines the density of matter.


George Kavassilas: (01:45:06)

And that vibration is determined by the rate of the spin of the atoms. So what if we could manage the spin, change the molecular vibration and phase out from 5G. To be in this world, but not of the world. Right? So all of a sudden we can coexist. I'd teach it, phase out from the phones, phase out from the EMFs, phase out from everything I don't get affected. I used to be hyper-sensitive, right. Really bad. And fluoroes would knock me out for hours and all sorts of stuff. And then once I realised this and started phasing out, my life changed, and it's a very, very powerful tool to be able to phase out. And it's something we can do where, because the more you go err and you, and you really focus on all the negativity of 5G and everything, your phasing yourself in more and more to phase lock with those frequencies, which are going to actually have an impact on your physiology. If you phase out the wave passes through, no phase lock, no attachment to the physiology, you don't get the harmful effects of it.


Mason: (01:46:22)

Huge. Yeah, I think you're right. I mean, using distinctions, like a placebo thing, something that the mind can see has been scientifically proven and the observer effect in quantum physics, seeing that the outcome's going to be altered by, based on the observer of the experiment. They're very simple, little tricks or tools for them to be able to, for me anyway, to slide into that reality of that's right? It's not, it's not all brick and mortar.


George Kavassilas: (01:46:59)

Well, we need to be reminded that we are these magnanimous, magnificent creative beings. We are sovereign, infinite creative beings, and we need to be reminded of that. And what we are capable of is even beyond our reckoning. To have access to that degree of reality management, you really need to do the work on yourself that this is personal alchemy that needs to happen because you can't just slide into this incredible, powerful potential without having the wisdom to actually embody it. Okay. That goes for anything in life. So it's not a hierarchical thing. This is about being responsible on all levels of your life, you know? "So ah, you want to do realty management. Okay, well, let's see where you're at."


George Kavassilas: (01:47:48)

Okay. Because if you start impacting reality, then what kind of an impact are you going to have? Because if you start turning into a power hungry God, then that's not going to help anyone. We've been there, done that many times over. We've seen the outcomes of that. This time is different. This time, the answer is understanding that there's the human world, and then there's the rest of the world. And let's just understand these two relationships between the human organism and the planetary Mother. And even though there's a unity between them, there's also a differentiation. And these two entities having a very dynamic relationship, and we need to understand that pretty much 99% of the commentary that we have, whether it's conspiracies or it's this, that, or the other, it's all drama's playing out in the human world. The rest of the world's getting on fine, go sit under a tree, go soak in a lake, go for a swim in the ocean, go hug a tree, go whistle with a bird. The world's just getting on with it. Right?


George Kavassilas: (01:48:55)

But because we're in the trance, okay, our consciousness has been corralled into, into a field, a containment field, which has another name. This containment field has another name. Yeah. Do you want to know the other name? It's called the status quo. The status quo has now officially become a containment field for human consciousness and I'm in a containment field. So we need to move beyond that containment field, come back into our heart-soul essence, back into that unified field. That is real, not a collective hive mind thing. Einstein, he discovered the unified field, and then they started hammering him after that. But he went through science and numbers, but he got there. He found it, you know?


George Kavassilas: (01:49:57)

And so here we are. Are we going to be sovereign? Because the true organic sovereign means you function with love, honour and respect. Yeah, you're sovereign and you're free and you're in co-creation all the way to the universal level. I'm in co-creation with a universal being. Oh yeah, but I'm inside a universal embodiment of another being, I need to have love, honour and respect here. Yeah. So that's sovereign, yeah? That's true. That's natural sovereignty. Yeah.


Mason: (01:50:33)

George, appreciate you coming on so much. And I was waiting for the presentation of where the next conversation would be leading and in the distinction you were making around the rest of the Earth, that's getting on with it. And from where I know I've felt a lot of times and a lot of people listening, what needing and wanting and finding purpose in saving the planet, saving the Mother, that could potentially be a really beautiful place to launch off from next time in our conversation. Cause there's an ability to maintain actions around that without so much despair.


George Kavassilas: (01:51:16)

Well what you just mentioned is being fully taken advantage of by the controllers at the moment. The wannabes, so that's a very powerful narrative to enter into. And I would really love to do that down the track. That'd be absolutely sensational.


Mason: (01:51:33)

Beautiful. And the other one I forgot to, I want to, maybe a little tuning into the beings that are some of the herbs, that's something we'll just leave. Yeah. We'll leave it sitting there tantalisingly, like waiting for the next conversation. Cause I talk about tonic herbalism a lot. the whole point of so many things with food is, don't think that it's given you something that you don't already have. And, that's why the Tao is called these herbs the messengers from heaven, the [inaudible 01:52:10]


George Kavassilas: (01:52:12)

They're friends. Co-create with, and it's like I remind you of things you remind me of things in me that I need reminding of. Cause we're, also holding up the mirror for each other at the same time, as you know, co-creating new stuff. And, I see my relationship with tea or food or a salad or a herb and medicinal mushrooms and what have you, anything. I'm in a conscious co-creative relationship with that entity that being and they each have their own personality traits, you know? And they're really awesome when you get to know them. They're really awesome. And to me it's like they're people, but in plant form. You know what I mean?


Mason: (01:52:58)

I think there's lots to talk about. I remember having a conversation with you about the mushroom kingdom a few years back, and it'd be another delicious one to dive into and stay where we're at. And yeah, I mean, if you're happy to do that in the meantime, maybe we'll have a little tune into the beans that are these herbs that coming in left, right and centre and lending a hand where they can, coming along for the journey and be fun too.


George Kavassilas: (01:53:22)

Absolutely. And I'm so grateful that they are here with us and supporting us and helping us, it's really important, the role that they're playing in our lives.


Mason: (01:53:32)

Definitely recommend everyone jump on to George's newsletter website, read the book. Where's the easiest place for them to find it all?


George Kavassilas: (01:53:44)

That'd be


Mason: (01:53:48)

Right? You got it, gang.


George Kavassilas: (01:53:50)

Yeah, our journey home, yours and mine, And there's a choice. You can stay out on the public side and get the podcast and other little bits and bobs, or you can join it's only a cup of coffee a week. And there's hundreds of hours of webinars, presentations, you name it, it's a huge archive now, it's grown into. Life-changing information. And, then once people are well versed with my work, then, I can entertain the idea of coming and transcending the God matrix. I'm going to pull closure out of it cause it needs to be on its own at the moment. It's integrated with the God Matrix course, but I'm going to pull that out. So it's going to be closure. TGM, transcending the God Matrix, and then closeure facilitators for people who want to be a facilitator of the closure process, which is being adopted in drug rehabilitation clinics, in counsellors are using it for trauma based counselling.


George Kavassilas: (01:54:57)

It is an incredibly powerful tool because it is about reality management and, and then reality management itself. So they're all my big end courses that I've got going on as well. And it's fun. I love it because people are coming into the space and none of my work is dogmatic and it's all about empowering the person. And then you go and you take ownership of your life and implement, the tools that are given, which can also be quite adaptable. You can change the wording, you can do all sorts of stuff. So, my work is not dogmatic and it's all about empowering people, so they can go off and live their fundamental purpose.


Mason: (01:55:37)

It's good stuff everyone. It's highly recommended and we'll have George back on the pod more, have another party.


George Kavassilas: (01:55:46)

Thank you so much Mason. And, if people want to get on Super Woo, our Super Woo radio podcast is off the charts. Good as well.


Mason: (01:55:53)

Down in the show notes, pop it there. Otherwise just look up super radio and Mason, just wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.


George Kavassilas: (01:56:03)

Yeah. Yeah. We're on Apple and SoundCloud and Spotify and all those places as well. So yeah, it's fun.


Mason: (01:56:09)

That was huge. That was a big conversation as well.


George Kavassilas: (01:56:13)

That was.


Mason: (01:56:15)

I need to go listen to that one again.


George Kavassilas: (01:56:21)

What a treat. Thank you so much. Yeah. Love you, bro.


Mason: (01:56:26)

Love you too, chao.

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