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30 Days Of Jing | A Diary! | Prep Part 2


Hello SuperFeast Universe!

It’s Olivia here. In today’s blog post I will be continuing my prep for the SuperFeast JING Challenge. If you don’t know what it’s all about or want to sign up, learn more here. If you would like to read the first post in the series, read it here

Last night, I sat down and read through the Challenge Guide, which you get after you sign up for the #30DaysOfJING Challenge. I learned a lot about what is involved and what it entails. If you are not familiar with the challenge, the goal is to include 1 teaspoon of the SuperFeast JING Blend into your life for 30 days.

The Challenge starter guide walks you through what Jing is and how to use the JING Blend. You can drink it in a tonic with water, in your coffee, a smoothie, or make one of the JING recipes on the SuperFeast blog.  I plan to make at least one recipe from the blog per week. In this post, I will share with you my recipe selection process. 

When looking for recipes, I went to a local Portuguese café with a cup of coffee. I pulled up the recipe blog and looked at what I thought would be tasty and fit my lifestyle. I was planning on making 1 recipe a week, but everything looked so delicious I might have to make more. I have chosen recipes that are in two categories: desserts and smoothies. I love smoothies and drink them for breakfast often so it is likely I will be doing a lot of smoothies with JING in them. 

The recipes I have chosen for the challenge are:

In my daily diaries during the #30DaysOfJING Challenge, I will bring you along with me to make the recipes. I will discuss how they taste and any changes I made to the recipe. My goal for these recipes is to try new things, use what I have in my pantry, and only buy things I know I will use again or use regularly but am out. This is important to me because I do not want to buy into consumerism and I want to be sustainable. I have many baking ingredients that may not be as healthy as I want, but I am going  to use them up before switching to healthier ingredients so I can avoid being wasteful. 

Grocery List

  • Tahini
  • Eggs 
  • Dark chocolate
  • Greek yogurt
  • Pumpkin puree
  • Almond Butter
  • Maple syrup
  • Cardamom
  • Cloves
  • Sprinkles 

Next in my preparation for the #30DaysOfJING Challenge, I printed off the calendar included in the JING Challenge Start Kit and hung it up where I can see it daily. I will be using it to track my progress and how I feel each day. I invite you to do the same. 



The last thing I need to do for prep before doing my shopping is joining the #30DaysofJING Challenge Facebook group. If you have not done it yet, make sure you join the group for updates on the challenge. The link to the group is in the challenge starter guide. 

A few days later….

Guess what?!?!?!? My JING for the #30DaysofJING Challenge came this weekend. I opened the package but will not use my JING herbs till the start of the challenge (July 1). If you haven’t joined the challenge yet, join now!

The challenge starts soon and I need to get my recipe ingredients. I thought about planning each week’s recipe selection and buying as I go, but decided against it. I want to be able to make the recipes as I feel like making them and not have to run to the store every time I decide to cook one.

I am planning to go to the store tomorrow. Right now it is super late and nothing is open. I plan to go to Aldi's, a popular budget grocery store that has a lot of healthy options. For the ingredients they don’t have, I will go to Walmart or Meijer. 

The next day…

So I went to Aldi today and got the majority of the supplies I needed for the challenge. They didn’t have any tahini, maple syrup, clove, and cardamom. I doubt I will be able to find any tahini in my area. I researched and found that almond butter can be used as a substitute. I went to Walmart after Aldi’s and I was able to find cloves and cardamom but I totally forgot to look for maple syrup. I will look for it the next time I go to town since I live 15 minutes from the closest store. 

My total for supplies was about $25 USD and I will use many of the items in other recipes I make.  I am so excited for the challenge to start! If you haven't signed up for the #30DaysofJING Challenge yet what are you waiting for?!?!?  Sign up now!

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