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Papaya Sorbet


This delicious Vegan Homemade Papaya Ice Cream is a sweet treat that won't leave you with a sugar-high and is full of liver-loving herbs and minerals to make your skin and nails glow!


Core Ingredients

Other Ingredients

  • 1/4 teaspoon MSM
  • 3 cups frozen red Papaya
  • 1 fingerlime + more for decorating


Step 1

Blend frozen Papaya until smooth, this may take a fair bit of muscle power with the tamper pushing the frozen papaya down onto the blender blades so it gets really smooth (food processor would work too)

Step 2

Add the Beauty Blend, MSM, and fingerlime caviar, blend until combined

Step 3

Serve in a bowl or cup, top with extra fingerlime caviar

Step 4

Optional for a extra bit of fancy Nasturtium leaves, edible flowers or even goji berries.
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