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The Codger's Cuppa - Cordyceps Tea (Recipe)

Level:EasyTime:4 minsServes:1

Just how easy is tonic herbalism?!!? so easy! this Cordyceps tea recipe shows just how simple it is to integrate these magical adaptogens into your daily flow.


At SuperFeast, we are all about the ease of integration - we don't want you to have to recreate your daily wheel, or make brand new habits; no, we invite you to simply *add* your tonic herbs to actions you already take. Upgrade your ritual.


Today's recipe invites you to do just that! Introducing the Codger's Cuppa - and for those of you out there who are unsure what we mean by 'Codger', it means an older fellow (he might tend towards being eccentric, too ;P).


This recipe includes Cordyceps - we love this medicinal mushroom for the older folk in our lives. It's a potent Jing (what's Jing again?!) herb that helps govern our primordial health, protects our bone health and can support athleticism and libido - both characteristics which tend to decline as we age. Join us with this super simple recipe, showing you how to integrate tonic herbs into your already-established rituals.


Core Ingredients

Other Ingredients

  • Cup of earl grey
  • Dash of plant milk


Step 1

Brew your tea

Step 2

Stir in your cordy

Step 3

Add your milk

Step 4

Sip and enjoy the codger's cuppa
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