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The Flower Shaman with Adrian Anteros of Pureheart Alchemy (EP#122)

In this inspiring episode, Mase and Adrian Anteros, founder of Pureheart Alchemy explore shamanic practice, ceremony, the frequency and healing of flowers, the language of plants, and more.


Enter the world of flower shaman Adrian Anteros, where the language is flower, the scent is heavenly, and the rhythm; A symbiotic flow of direct communion with plants and flowers. Anteros is the founder of Pureheart Alchemy; the most divine range of shamanic flower essence mysts, massage oils, and tonic essences to emerge from Gaia's garden. One myst/inhale of these powerful healing essences, and you instantly feel your energetic state shift, intuitively you come into centre, and in that moment, you connect with higher vibrations. In this inspiring episode, Mase and Anteros explore shamanic practice, sacred ritual in creation, ceremony, the frequency and healing of plants, the language of flowers, and how we can open up the higher mind and heart through these powerful botanical essences. Adrian takes us on a journey through his intuitive alchemical creation process that entwines magic and integrity on every level; All Pureheart Alchemy essences contain world heritage wild spring water, Gold Ormus, and are hand-tuned with harmonious frequencies found in nature. Tune in for plant wisdom ~


When you wrap your dream field around them, and you welcome them into your heart, there's something about the transference of plants and humans, that nature becomes one piece, and then you become the whole lyrical language in between".

- Adrian Anteros


Mason and Adrian discuss:

  • Speaking flower.
  • Plant medicines.
  • Flower Essences.
  • Plant communion.
  • Spagyric alchemy.
  • Integrity and the creation process.
  • How the plants are speaking to us.
  • Essential mysts and how to use them.
  • The immunity shield of Flower Essences.
  • Raising our frequency through the vibration of plants.


Who is Adrian Anteros?

Adrian Anteros is the founder of Pureheart Alchemy, a non-for-profit association creating the worlds first shamanic essence range, working solely with Species and Master Teacher Plants to support individuals in their healing. For over 15 years Adrian has been a Master Flower Essence Therapist, sharing his wisdom of the 'green brotherhood'- nature's abundant library of holistic and herbal medicines. Adrian has spent years travelling the world, engaging with Plant Shamans, healers, and teachers to develop his innate gift of communicating with the plant-spirit realms. He developed his skills further with a vast range of training and experience in the fields of biodynamics, horticulture, herbal alchemy, and perfumery.

Pureheart Alchemy creations offer a portal to shift consciousness, raise the frequency and offer re-connection through the healing resonance of the heart.


Pure Heart Foundation (Pureheart Alchemy)

Pureheart Foundation (Pureheart Alchemy) is a Community Based Non-Government Organisation, which aims to create awareness and healing through humanity's sacred relationship with Plants. Pureheart Foundation offers educational events and healing products, designed to awaken spiritual consciousness, improve wellbeing and create connection within community. Pureheart Foundation is focused on creating awareness around the healing power of Plants, the benefits of Biodynamic Gardening, and to encourage awareness through Sacred Ritual - supporting greater health, wellbeing and consciousness. Pureheart Foundation is also planning to roll out initiatives that direct contributions to the creation of a Pureheart Garden Sanctuary where community can come together to share with each other and learn from other like-minded teachers who raise awareness and inspire vitality. We seek to assist our brothers and sisters by empowering them to create awareness for themselves regarding their sovereign spirituality and greater wellbeing, for the greater good of humankind.





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Check Out The Transcript Here:


Mason: (00:00)

Hey, bro. Thanks for coming on.


Adrian Anteros: (00:02)

Hey. Hey, Mase.


Mason: (00:02)

Oh, I just realised I don't have my Myst around. I don't have my dropper around.


Adrian Anteros: (00:10)

Yeah. Yeah, I'll have an extra one for you, bro.


Mason: (00:12)

Yeah, please. I was just thinking back. I think I had SuperFeast when we met at that workshop. It was where we met. I think it was maybe Teangen's place in Manly, raw food workshop, I remember coming out the back to your car boot sale and you had the boot-.


Adrian Anteros: (00:40)



Mason: (00:42)

The bootcamp, yeah. And you had the Mysts there and you... we just had a great connection just after the workshop and then sat there I think an hour, running through all your Mysts that you'd brought with you. And I was struck by the style of communication when you were talking about the various frequencies that were coming through each of the Mysts, inspired by the various flower essences and plant extracts and mushrooms and intentions and [inaudible 00:01:15] and springwater that was going into them. The language. I know I've got friends who we were just talking about who referred to you as the Flower Shaman. I've referred to you as Speaking Flower. And it's fun. That's fun.


Adrian Anteros: (01:36)

[inaudible 00:01:36], thank you.


Mason: (01:40)

But that communicating on that level, because the language is flowery, because there's a particular frequency that comes when you are speaking of what they are in reality, rather than what we perceive them as with the human mind, and communicating the surface. Can you take us into that... the Flower Shaman energy. What is this plant shamanism that we're alluding to and where do you go when you find the need to speak in these lyrical, musical ways that we all love about you?


Adrian Anteros: (02:15)

Yes. Well, it is artistic and poetry. I've always interpreted it as I feel it. It's having that direct communion with the plants and flowers. When you wrap your dream field around them, like a big hug and you welcome them into your heart, there's something about the transference of plants and human, that nature becomes one piece and then you become the whole lyrical language in between. So you meet there, where you meet at the assemblage point, where I find, over this last 20 years, almost veteran I'm speaking flower, that love, opening the portal, opening the portal of the heart, it's the main place where I go. It's almost like having a romance in the moment and you're so vulnerably in... you fall in love. That's where I find my language. So I fall in love with every flower pretty much that I encounter. Or it encounters me, I see first. The flower shamanism, I think that's been through all indigenous cultures. It's so ancient, between flower baths, blessing people. Flower language used to be in the iron ages and mediaeval ages.


Adrian Anteros: (03:47)

Where you'd place a flower in a particular bouquet or bunch, someone at the other end of that, the kings or queens or usually the jester who reads it for the queens and kings, they would know the language of what was sent across the miles from one kingdom to another. So this folklore, that's where the folklore comes from in a sense. I've just compiled all my information over the years and allowed all that merging of... which I call flower language, flower shamanism, yeah.


Mason: (04:27)

What is it about flowers in particular, because I know you are out there connecting, having this intersection in this point which I'm curious about rekindling and understanding your process. And I'd assume it's a unique process everyone would have to go through themselves to have that capacity to meet the flowers or hear their calling and meet at that point and hear and feel that language and feel that intention. But I know there's reading Steven Buhner's books. He explains the process. Yeah. I'm interested to know [crosstalk 00:05:04]. Yeah, the [inaudible 00:05:04] man. What a legend. But I'm interested in why flowers in particular, when we'll go deeper into plant shamanism and the whole plant kingdom and this fungal... it's goes on. But why flowers? Why that frequency? Why that medicine? It's like why is that particularly appealing to you?


Adrian Anteros: (05:27)

Flowers, yeah man, show their beauty, but they are the pinnacle expression of a plant. It's almost like the seeded memory of the whole bank of knowledge in that plant waits for that moment that it flowers. And that to me is one of the highest vibrational points where it finally gives birth to its pure form. In the Steiner and the Castaneda... he taps on it but Steiner in particular tells you of the forces. The inhalation and the exhalation. The flower's actually the fire force. The fire element. So because it's such a... yeah, you almost fall in love looking at it, it is the fire in the heart, as my studies too and my findings, it's the fire in the heart that connects you to the flower, because it is such connected to the cosmos in that particular way. So you being like you're putting your grounding matches before the humans are grounding almost the grounding for the flower force field, to come back into the earth. And that's where we derive our information about medicine from.


Adrian Anteros: (06:57)

But we need that so that "intermediary". And that's the human. That's our position on this, yeah, yeah. We become the seed on the fabric of creation when we can allow ourselves that vulnerable space that just falls so deeply with communication with the plants. This is where I bring my knowledge from and sit with them. It is the dream. It's the dream space. It's a dream collected. It's a bit like... I see it too, as though we can sleep in the same bed as our partner. Simultaneously we can have almost the same dream and we all take part in the same play or cabaret of dream. Plant is the same deal. We go into the same dream as them. And we merge like... so the plant doesn't distinguish between "Oh, I'm a plant and you're a human. Keep your distance." We all become one. And that's how I find my... yeah, that gnostic information that comes through for me. Yeah.


Mason: (08:36)

You're talking to someone... Just to say for myself, I've experienced that realm and I've experienced times when I've been enabled through my lifestyle to lose myself in that dreaming, in my own dreaming and that connection. And then at times come and having that balancing out, say in this business world. I've gone in kicking and screaming, to then becoming more structured and being able to refine the way that I'm thinking with my intellect, which is for me the spleen energy. Big grounding energy. And that's what the aspiring spirit they say, in Taoism, is of that spleen. You go and you check your thoughts and go, "Am I heading towards manifesting my vision correctly?" Which is that grounding is something I know we've talked about quite often when you've gone so far into the heart or the visionary, sometimes grounding into reality, for me anyway, can be a challenge. I don't know where you're at with that conversation. But then from there, continuing that cycle, how do you talk and explain that process to people who say, coming to your events.


Mason: (09:41)

And what is the process for you, if you are really in your mind right now, I'm going to try and explain and bridge you to the heart in terms of how to connect with this flower or plant and enter into that co-dreaming.


Adrian Anteros: (09:54)

Yeah. I would mention, "Allow the plants to polarise the mind spell. Because they dissolve the programme because of their purity." So when we have events here, I will send people out... yeah, they'll go for half an hour, some will get lost in the forest. Fantastic. Even better. But I will say usually, you're talking about the spine, the backbone being the [inaudible 00:10:25] of all the information travelling up to the brain. A lot of approaches like to hug the tree, I like to also approach with my back to the tree. So your backbone is on the information. You're syncing with the plant or the tree in particular. So then you see people meditating and they've got their back to the tree. That's perfect posture. Absolute connection. Because your bones, which are the transistor or the antenna, your backbone in particular carries all the vertebrae, all the information, all the tones, all the music. They call that the music of the spine. Your music of the spine is being connected to the tree's information too.


Adrian Anteros: (11:22)

So it comes through the backbone a lot, a lot I find. And that's why I train people here to just let themselves go. Let themselves go and lose the mind, the timelessness. The place where you just totally go damn empty. And yes, stay as long as you need. Dissolve yourself.


Mason: (11:49)

I'm just thinking back, must be six years ago, when I first brought you Eucommia Bark in. And remember I sent you some and I was like, "Oh, I'm not going to tell you anything about what this is." You put a big spoon in your mouth and I don't know if you remember that, but you-


Adrian Anteros: (12:11)

Yeah, I do. I've got a good memory, bro.


Mason: (12:14)

Yeah. I don't know if you remember precisely what you said. There was one standout. And I just want to use that as a clarification for me, because you've gone into a deep feeling. And what is that internal process for you? You felt something in that extract powder, which is, it's an extract powder. It might have been sourced and extracted really well naturally, because you've been able to connect with it, which is always, again, it was one of those great gauges for me that I was still on that right track. I could still feel that wholeness of that plant and you could feel that wholeness of that plant communicating with clarity coming through. How did you get to that real feeling and that essence to then putting it into English. That's always the thing I liked about Steven Buhner. He said, "At some point, plants don't speak English. It needs to go up into the mind to get interpreted." What's that process for you of just doing that so that there's still a union between that feeling heart and the mind verbalising?


Adrian Anteros: (13:16)

Yeah. Well I allow, Eucommia Bark yeah. I allow the plant, in whatever form it is, to land. When it lands to me, it lands in its purity. I'm transforming that medicine, whatever it might be, but when it goes in and I gestate it, it's going to be pure because of your own frequency and what you can do with your own magic. But when I receive it, it wraps around me like a skin. Then I unpack it, as I unpack it, it's already transferred its information to me. So it almost becomes part of my auric skin when I receive the plant. It wraps itself around me. It's a present. And that is the presence in the present. And as I unpack it, it's like information that I find and it has to travel through the field and the body, all the causal bodies. Then I can determine what it means in English. But I have to feel the whole goddamn thing at the same time, just in whatever motion it is, in plant speed, I call it.


Mason: (14:54)

What's plant speed? I have a bit of an idea, but I'm keen to hear your-


Adrian Anteros: (14:59)

Yeah, it's almost like the... plant speed is the pacemaker. Plants give you that pacemaker so you find the perfect rhythm with them, so you can internalise the medicine, the information, so yeah, it's that dance. How quickly you dance before you know that choreographed beautiful, I don't know, that dance that you're trying to learn. So yeah, plant speed will only allow you... it's such a "syncromented" time that you'll get it. You'll get it. It won't go any faster, it won't go any slower. So that's the pacemaker plant speed for sure.


Mason: (15:58)

Yeah, with the tonics, you can see it's like people like, "How do I take them?" "Slot them in wherever. Just get them into you." And just they can just be joined some of like covert stuff. But at some point, if you can just pause and see... and I haven't known how to really communicate it without it becoming really ambiguous, and feel the pace that the plants want you to take on theirs. I think it's at that point you're still feeling what was happening already, but you've come into reality and been able to perceive how those plants are interacting with your field, with your chi, with your elements, which is always, it's always a next level. I found that it's almost an initiation. I say it's a difficult one to communicate with people. But it's almost an initiation. It's like this mysterious little treasure that people sometimes find on their own. And they're always going to find it on their own. It's like it's... you can't really teach a process for that.


Adrian Anteros: (17:03)

Yeah. It's your personal myth. It is metaphysical too. It's your meta myth, so they say. Yeah. That will find you and the mushrooms. I found this orchid the other day. It's called the Underworld Orchid. It literally flowers under the earth's surface and totally feeds on mushrooms. Mushrooms just feed this plant into life. Nothing else. You did the thing up and there's just all sorts of different mushrooms come from everywhere. And it's stunning. It looks like a [inaudible 00:17:47] in all these colours and geez man, that's a symbiosis going on, which we just don't detect, if you're not open to feel and look at it. That subtle realm. Yeah.


Mason: (18:06)

And straight away you go into lessons coming from... then plant shamanism. So much of plant shamanism what I've learned, I've just got clicked from what you were saying there, and we learned symbiosis. And then all of a sudden you've got access to this plethora of information and realities, which is one that humans maybe the mind's not going to perceive of on its own, which is you're in a symbiotic relationship and you can see that deficient in the world. Can you talk, let's go on... like these lessons. Some key lessons. I don't know what. There's too many to go through them all, but any that you are especially feeling right now. The symbiosis you were just talking about. We were just talking about the she-oak before, and about being potentially just in the context of conversation, something, this various trees that are maybe wanting humans to go, "Hey, I've got a bit of medicine right here," and you were like, "Oh, that was probably the one that fell over the border and was just trying to get into our reality." 


Mason: (19:15)

I'm really interested in going a little of a dive here into what the lessons are that emerge to humanity through say, the plant shamans. Maybe shamanism isn't just serving psychedelic plants after all.


Adrian Anteros: (19:29)

No. One of the best... I literally did it yesterday. I've got a beautiful track down at the waterfall here. I walked at night, no stone and no torch. Just walked into the black. It's almost like the void to discover yourself and something more. So I was connecting with the stones around here. Beautiful, different formations. That's part of the emergence as well, with plants, because the stones being the record keepers, are talking about unpacking. They call it medical mineralogy. So the minerals on the planet storing so much information. The way that you connect to all your crystals is actually... take them inside and then allow them to open up. Allow the stone in. Gestate them like a sacred seed. So you're looking and you take that photographic information and you unpack it inside you. So I feel yeah, the plant shamanism, it's more psychology than... it merges. I'm sure there's psychedelics, but there's the psychology of those psychedelics is incredible and vast like the McKennas and all these guys. It's priceless information into really living a vital life.


Adrian Anteros: (21:20)

Opening up those senses too. The higher mind, the higher heart. The three dantians, I like to go into that as well. Just boom, boom, boom. Have them all open before I walk into the forest, into the black. I'll open those all up so my senses are full of receivership. So I'm not just taking them at a face level, they're travelling through my being. Through my whole metamorphic field as well.


Mason: (21:51)

And now, okay we go to that process, but then we go directly, say with the Mysts pump and those flower essences around our own field. I assume that same process is what we're inviting in when we pump around ourselves and we go into flower essences, the drops, whether that's on a point on the skin or taking that internally. Can you take us a little bit deeper into that process of the intent of the medicine there?


Adrian Anteros: (22:25)

Yeah. Yeah. Well the Mysts themselves, I love this one, Enchantment-


Mason: (22:30)

Oh my favourite. Absolute favourite as well.


Adrian Anteros: (22:38)

[inaudible 00:22:38]. Incredible. But yeah, to me I see them as highly charged molecules interacting with our cellular system as well. We spray our field. It is spiritual information. It's full plant communion. Like the Enchantment in particular, I align this one with the tarot card. So that's related to the Fool. He's like the forest gypsy. He'll take a leap off into faith. And always just that trust in hope, and that one in particular is about the language of nature. What language do we use best to address ourselves and address the plant? The essence drops, Astral Aya, is one of my favourite too. Yeah, like you were saying, I do put them on different accu points. Sometimes I do a little bit of tapping. May the crown, the forehead, the heart, the feet, just depending on whatever meridian points a particular client or myself needs.


Mason: (24:02)

Astral Aya. I've run out of Astral Aya, but can you give me a little download on the master plant energy coming in there?


Adrian Anteros: (24:10)

Yep. Yeah. Half of this is a Spagyric now, which you're also privy to the information. It does take a long time to create the Spagyrics, but having them grow in my own company on this land, that one in particular about the expansive... it's almost the astro shamanism side, where you're connecting to the inner and outer planets, how wide do we actually allow our consciousness to be in everyday life? How much are we not perceiving? How much are we limiting ourselves? And what are you letting in? How much do you really want to let in? Whether it be for your mind, your body, your heart. That one's all about expansion in the moment. You do feel these instantaneously because of the frequency, the tesla technology, the scalar information, all that, that I run through these as well, so it does allow you to travel. Travel at almost light speed, which flower essence are a light. They are captured light. The photosynthesis, the sun information, it's all there, yeah. It's totally riding on it.


Mason: (25:47)

Speaking of travel, just in case I don't get my little travel pack of the Mysts especially, having that Sacred Sage with me when I travel is always an absolute... I say planet sent, not God sent, in that instance it feels more appropriate. It's like that owl energy, eyes wide open, just able to... it's like putting that shield up around me is how I feel it. And just that owl, just that bang, ready to swoop on anything that comes into the field, and I just pump it on the planes, in the new Airbnb's. Don't have to... if I can't get in there and actually do a smoke. And then the Brethrens, it's still Brethren right?


Adrian Anteros: (26:29)

Yeah man. Yeah. Yep.


Mason: (26:34)

That Cougar. Is it Cougar, Jaguar, Courage?


Adrian Anteros: (26:38)

Jaguar, yeah.


Mason: (26:39)

Yeah, that Jaguar, the courage. And I always used to use it. I align with that so much with that surface immunity with those particular botanicals. But courage to get on the frontline of the body, where that war between the inner and the outer of the surface immune system in that phagocytic constant battle line is occurring, which is a beautiful part of nature as well as all the warring states that are going on, but living symbiotically as well. I always like, "Just get that in me, to that antiviral, that shield of protection as well."


Adrian Anteros: (27:15)

Yeah. It is an immuno shield for sure. It's your own force field. What you call the Darth Vader. You can learn more about that. But yeah. It gives you that confidence as well. The confidence. It has all the antimicrobial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, all of those it has in Brethren in particular. I did place it that way, so it will align with our immunity tonic as well. Yeah, especially in this, I don't know, the currency that we are living in. I think the mushrooms, the tonics, really every artillery that's available to you in the medicinal world, then you need to raise your frequency enough to be walk in any battles and really-


Mason: (28:17)

Well, let's dive into the therapies in that way, where you see the real therapeutics of the flower essences. How one can use them within themselves, what's going on when we do that and when you have those. And you've got the immunity to ingest I think. You've taken the Mysts and transformed them all into a dropper as well, like having a [inaudible 00:28:38], is that right?


Adrian Anteros: (28:40)

Yeah, there's 11 in particular, I've created for the Mysts and the essence. Yeah. Just really 11 chakra systems. I've got the soul star, earth star, and all the other chakras in between. Yeah, I think it's like with the Akashic too, which is very much related to the tree of knowledge. The earth information, the mushrooms, that one. I have you in mind in particular, around the original origin of creation of this one. But yeah, having the internal essence and the external Myst, it's almost like your internal vibration meets your external frequency and you can find the balance in there. There's a whole emotional psychology in between there as well, in particular, like we just did the higher heart, self love essence with Celestial Myst. That's just opening up so many channels for people to... "How do you really love yourself? What's the best way?" You can open yourself up to loving yourself first before you can love anything, a plant or whatever. So yeah, that's really cracking open the portal of the heart.


Adrian Anteros: (30:19)

That's the core of what a Pure Heart does. How do we decant, distil this pure heart that we actually... our origins derive from anyway. Bringing it back to that. The flowers always re-correct, re-centre you, recalibrate you into the... back on destiny's path, really. But yeah, health wise, if we can, with the flower essences... they're perfect marriage with any other medicine, because they'll always be in effect and be affectionate with other medicines, because they're soft, they flow, they move, they morph. They morph with say, I have the Mason's Mushrooms, but then not long after I can my Myst and my drops. It's just like, "Ah," there's some kind of beautiful dance going on there. They're happy to be with each other. There's no clash whatsoever with flower essences. They're always perfect in meeting. Like perfect relations. They carry this.


Mason: (31:39)

I see such a symbiosis there. I've been really thinking a lot about this dance, which I also find that it is a beautiful dance. It's the old story between there's the big label, the good and evil, chaos and structure. And it's this light and dark whole basis of this universe, political left and right. All these balancing forces. And what you're talking about is this accessible flower essence, which is you're able to go and... you can procure on your own. Some like me aren't going to be doing that. I'm going to be using the Pure Heart, and then reminding myself that I do have that connection through the products, that I do have that possible connection straight back to the wild and the Source myself and keep that alive. It's the same with the herbs. People go... they can access these incredible mushrooms or tonics, but then, because it's in tradition, because there's an intent and a love behind it, it energetically shows its work back to the Source and reminds you that you've got the capacity to go and harvest your own medicines.


Mason: (32:48)

Procure your own teas, and get into the earth the way you are right now. I think that's potentially the mission we've both known has arisen from the embers of intent around our business, and yet had to go on the journey in terms of accepting that that's going to require us building and going into the Dojo and challenging ourselves in order to facilitate that when we perhaps thought we were just going to live in the chaos, and not structure. And I see the accessibility of this and the reminding that you've got... you've got that therapy, that day to day therapy and it works so well. It isn't this intense, complex system that you need to remember and learn, which is the counter of the medical system's institutionalisation around herbalism, institutionalisation and certifications around flower essences. And people becoming the keepers of the knowledge, which is useful of course. Because there is a complexity of knowledge with flower essences or shamanism or herbalism.


Mason: (34:00)

It gets to the point where it's like, "Maybe this is beyond the day to day person's capacity, and we can interact with the specialists at times, but remembering on the other side of that is that yeah, there's an actually a decentralisation and a non-institutionalisation, and you can see how your own or naturally rhythmic institution of your life and your family arises. And you can bring these herbs and these essences into it. And so I always like yeah, I always like the positioning and the determination and that stubbornness of pure heart in holding that space. I feel like stubbornness is a really great quality that comes out of the plant kingdom, especially. Like trying and get rid of Japanese knotweed. It's stubborn.


Adrian Anteros: (34:53)

Robust. Yeah. It is, yeah. But we have a plant here that's pretty much overrun. It's called the Aeroplane. The Aeroplane plant or Spider plant. Anyway, It's been tested. It's 90% it dissolves pollutants in the air, more than any other plant on the planet. I've had this thing just outside the apothecary. I've been kicking it over, pulling it out, going, "Damn you weed, you just keep coming back." But of course. Of course, man. Let it overrun the place. Now, now I know. So it's... the medicine finds you. It will creep in anyway. Yeah, getting back to that, I feel like we are the blacksmith that walks into the furnace sometimes, like you're holding strong. You know you might get a little bit singed and burned getting in there, but you're going to create something beautiful like bringing in a medicine. Bring it. Bring it if you know it's within you and then be the keeper that holds the wild, like your mushrooms, brother. You bring the wild into your mushrooms.


Adrian Anteros: (36:18)

People still taste the wilderness still there. That chalice that you've held them in, in that fiery furnace. That's what's needed. That's what's needed so that people don't... almost don't recognise anything of the pharmaceutical range. Nothing to do with that. So you keep the wild and I keep the wild of all the plants here too. Yeah, just riding on that is like the lone cowboy, man. Or cowgirl. It's yours. It's yours then. So I don't own the medicine. It's yours once it's travelling through you. You make do what you do.


Mason: (37:05)

Can I ask a couple of things. I probably... I want to hear about a few... okay, a little bit more nuance of people navigating their way through the range of Pure Heart. I feel, as staples begin to emerge, Sacred Sage is what everyone this year, or probably last two years, everyone gets in for their birthday. Here we're back spraying Sacred Sage in the parcels when they go out.


Adrian Anteros: (37:35)

Amazing, yeah.


Mason: (37:37)

So that's a staple I feel for everyone. Have a bottle there, just because it's that Sage energy, it's becoming more and more familiar. Then the other staple is the Medicina de flores.


Adrian Anteros: (37:52)

Yeah. Love it, man. Wow. Didn't have one this morning. But yeah, thank you.


Mason: (37:57)

I want to go into it. Just so you know, where my progression of my thoughts is to lay down the staples. I think it's everyone really beneficial for me, for where I'm at, those are two are especially are those staples. So it's nice having a couple of staple products that are easy. If you're in the hustle and the bustle, you know you just go get your couple, and that's what I definitely recommend. Before we dive into the Medicina de flores, how do you recommend people get in, when they get into your world, how they best connect to what's going to be right for them at a particular time. What systematisation have you seen arise over product usage. Any other questions to be asking that leads you to the answer of the one, two, three, four products you're going to be getting.


Adrian Anteros: (38:45)

Yeah. First entry I would say is to use Medicina de flores, because of the vastness of herbs and plants and practically has my whole repertoire of garden information of 88 plants. I have a few more than this, but 88 plants in particular, that... yeah, that gives you pretty much the library of information to begin with. You've got a stack of books without carrying the load. So, I would use that one first.


Mason: (39:34)

While you're on it, maybe if you don't mind, can you take me in... and I immediately, you talk about flower blessings and you were at my wedding, where we were blessed to have that flower blessing and I was like, "Oh, you're right." That feeling when I dropped deep in the middle of that ceremony, Brandon and Jen took us into that space. I was like, "Oh yeah, I recognise that," when I doused myself in my Medicina de flores. Can you run us through the energy, the inspiration, and you know I like the inspiration behind the creation. Because I, like everyone, like a lot of people listening in, sat in ceremony, whether it's Ayahuasca, whether it's San Pedro and in Peru and had that Agua De Florida sprayed all over the place, spat all over me and just to hear what... that's a nostalgic smell for a lot of people, but go into that energy and then the inspiration behind you creating yours.


Adrian Anteros: (40:35)

Yeah, well likewise. I was introduced to Agua De Florida travelling Peru and yeah, sitting in circles, yeah. It didn't align with me. Even though I was almost engaged and entrapped in the hysteria of the whole storyline, and but still there was something amiss here, because synthetics just don't... they've got a million and one chemicals that are not... there's no compatibility to the human design whatsoever. So yeah. And then when they spit it all over you, you're highly flammable, you pretty much... you walk past a campfire, you'd probably go up. But anyway, this is ridiculous.


Mason: (41:47)

Petrochemical ceremony.


Adrian Anteros: (41:48)

Oof. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. A running flame. But so yeah, I just knew I had to... there's something more entertaining than this. So yeah. I wanted to take it to higher consciousness. If you're cleansing, cleansing is a sacred rite. It's a passage of usually transforming one state to the next. So with Medicina de flores, what I found is, it will clear the parasitic energy, detox, declutter the whole senses, inhaling as well. I do it in prayer. All the waters we collected, it took us almost five years. Four for sure, to collect every water from sacred sites and springs all across the planet, on every continent we collected. People would bring the back to us. And we collected in the storehouse here. I wanted anyone to connect deeply to wherever they were on this flat plane, globe, whatever you want to call it. Wherever they are on the planet, they're able to connect with it. So that is the web of light that covers the planet we're on.


Adrian Anteros: (43:23)

This way we can connect there, we can travel through water has that information, so that's why I just knew that 88 plants, 22 oils, every water from every continent on the planet. You've got a full open source. Open source connected through the fluids, we are fluids just like I was aligning it to us. What would best serve us as a spiritual cleanser and give us the information to transform? That's why I call these transformational medicine, because it's almost like the altered state of consciousness enough... it's almost like the agitation or the irritation in life is just enough to make you change. This will give you the... or help you through the threshold of transforming into the next phase. Or at least the initiation, initialising information like scent in particular. We can have a beautiful conversation. If we share Medicina in between this and yeah, it's like I won't forget a word you've ever said to me, because of that limbic... passing that limbic brain, straight into the storing pool of information of constant.


Adrian Anteros: (44:53)

So, that's my love for Medicina. And we use the magpie, because the magpie is always speaking, always warbling, always hanging around you, wanting to communicate. Interesting, I have a couple follow me into the bush every day. They'll walk, walk, walk so far, obviously wanting a feed, but yeah. They're talking to-


Mason: (45:15)

I think it's called the swoopy boy attacks.


Adrian Anteros: (45:20)

Yeah, yeah. They're titanic masterpieces. They're trying to get your attention. But yeah, that's why I'm always playing between the tarot, the esoteric herbalism, all that ancient information, ancient shamanism, just blending the whole lot, really. Story's.


Mason: (45:49)

Yeah, to get on to it, I think everyone listening. It's a really good gift if you've got a friend who sits in ceremony, who sat in ceremony here or in Peru, in the North Americas, wherever. Anyway they've gone and they've sat and you can hear this emerging natural narrative around this flower blessing and this clearing that you can access with the Medicina and just come. We'll take a little clip of this, we'll put that up on YouTube, just the clip talking about this. You send them that, send them a bottle of Medicina de Flores. You'll nail it. It's such a good gift. I've done that a couple of times now and it hits deep. It strikes something deep in those people who were connected to that intention around... every now and then they're shedding that parasitic energy that they've possibly felt or cultivated within themselves. And that and as I say, is just always a no brainer for me to give to myself and to others. You can always send a bottle to mum, it always works a treat. And then where are they heading in the apothecary?


Adrian Anteros: (47:05)

Well yeah, I've taken on the Spagyrics just because of the concentration of medicinal value, the therapeutics, I've just... I've become fascinated with this type of alchemy. Yeah, talking about the language, it's a different... I'm alchemizing the different languages so that I can now offer an even more potent form of medicine, where it's non-intrusive but absolutely takes you to the highest point of consciousness, where we want VIP. All access. And then flower essences, they'll always give you that elevated, levitated feeling, because of where the flower sits on the perch of a plant. So yeah, we're opening up probably, I don't know how many, a few more months, but yeah, opening up the space of flower shamanism for interactive educational platforms of using this as a medium in your practitioner work, your own personal work. Actually journeying with them. Like at the moment we do... if someone was to have one of the essences, so we've got the Love Essence, the Grounding Essence, whatever, Astral Aya, I would say, "Do a 21 day [inaudible 00:49:01] on there. Seven drops three times a day for 21 days, you've got this full any habits, emotional stuckness, you'll push through that.


Adrian Anteros: (49:13)

Because you've overcome... you've done your 21 day [inaudible 00:49:21] with the flowers. They want to work with you. You'll change it. You'll flip it. You'll flip that information. And then you'll find that, "Wow, it's almost like I took off the old coat." And yeah, that's the ability they have. So that's what I would suggest straight up anyway.


Mason: (49:44)

Everyone can always get in touch with you guys as well, get a little bit of guidance, right?


Adrian Anteros: (49:50)

Yeah, absolutely man. Yeah, yeah. There's many do. They just say... like a lady this morning says, "You know, someone..." Her friend just gave birth, a little bit traumatic, she was feeling out of her body and she said, "What should I use?" And I said, "Angelica," because that's a salve of comfort during transitioning. So I would use Angelica, it's got Angelica Heart [inaudible 00:50:22]. I think it's got Ashwagandha in there. That four are very strong pillars. So that will step into the room. That Angelica being, I see them as beings themselves. That whole formula being will start coming and then be like a midwife, will actually comfort the whole arena of people, whoever's in that space. Angelica was used by a clinical aromatherapist, [inaudible 00:50:53] that was giving birth, she used Angelica in a hospital.


Adrian Anteros: (51:00)

Yeah, so when the baby was being delivered, it's like why not have the information between... imagine the first scent the baby comes into the world it smells of Angelica. It's like, "Wow." The mum continues to use that, the connection is there forever. The umbilical, that love. It stays with them for life. I've recently created a... they use the Love, the Jewells Myst and Love Essence and the husband, the wife have been taking this and spraying this and then when the child comes into the world, in their delivery room, they're going to be using this at the same time too. So it will be the Holy Trinity. It bonds the family together, just through essence and scent, which was pretty. It's quite touching to be able to offer this. That's where Pure Heart has been steered lately. It's really this sensational... it feels profound that where we've gone from in the car boot sale, to you originally, to like, "Wow man. This is used as, this actually more of a serious encoded medicine."


Mason: (52:47)

It opens up and there's all these various pathways that are possible. There's a little postpartum pathway and the... there's all these different fairytale and stories and collections and intentions that are able to be easily be taken on. It's been nice and sometimes of a difficult one when there's so much complexity and so much that can't be communicated via a brand story, or just a website. But you build in the background with faith I guess, which is nice to watch it emerge. So it's nice to see it emerging.


Adrian Anteros: (53:24)

Yeah, thank you man. Thank you. It is like that. It's... I don't know... you sit still long enough, you'll start to listen to yourself. Yeah, yeah. It's incredible what is possible just through holding the faith. Just through holding the faith, holding the trust. Knowing that yeah, let the medicine speak for themselves. And eventually it will, or step forward and hold your hand. Hold your hand. Wow. Thank you. You're showing me the way. I thought I was showing you. It's... yeah, very present man. And for me it feels like music every day with the plants. That is the music of the plants, going out there, coming in here, it's just like I come in, in the apothecary, all the essences, the tonics, they're just sitting there on the shelves. I come in there and I smoke them and I just play a little bit of light drum to them, connect, say, "Hey, how are you today? Let's go create." And it seems to run quite smooth from this forward.


Adrian Anteros: (54:59)

And I've tried it. I've tried it. Other days I haven't, it's a little bit clunky. Only you'd know this. That the little wheels is a little off, but yeah. So that's the practise of checking-in every day. My first and foremost practise is Agnihotra, sacred fire, connecting the rising sun and all that. The first 40 seconds of the day and the last 40 seconds is the most volatile, full of information you'll have in your everyday. So you've really got 80 seconds there. 80 seconds to partake, that is to loaded with the new knowledge coming up, that it's amazing to sit there. That's the beginning of pretty much every day, man.


Mason: (55:57)

[inaudible 00:55:57] used to live on an Agnihotra farm. We'd have a little [inaudible 00:56:07]. Yeah, I think what I like, I like chatting to you. I've been just really reminiscing at the moment about business, and became a little bit disillusioned by the people with conscious business, patting themselves on the back for ticking some boxes, but there were just was an incongruence there, and I only recognised it because I recognised it a little bit in myself. And I get that I judge those that I love the most so that I can get clarity in my own life as you maybe... and I've really been trying to nail what happens when a business for me, when the times that I felt a bit disillusioned with the business and when it becomes more of a job, which at times I know is necessary, but excessively and then maybe I lose a little bit of that connection to that essence and that inspiration and it doesn't seem to be evolving.


Mason: (57:05)

It seems to be stagnating and I look at it objectively, and I go, "I'm still saying all the same things. The brand is about the same things. People in the business are really believing the mission. Customers are believing the mission, but I can feel something stagnant. And there's those embers that's before you have a business, that's the intention that emerges, and you create the business, and you go, "Right, I need to interpret with language." It's like the same with the communication of... when you're having a communication with a plant. You go and you go, "Ah, this is what I felt." You put some language to it. But if you don't continually go back and connect with say, the flower, with yourself, and then in this instance, the essence of the business. For me it's my muse within this world of creation we call business. Then all of a sudden, it's like what happens in Materia Medica, Botany with a plant. It's like you can read about it and memorise what that plant is, but then you're stuck in an institutional mindset.


Mason: (58:07)

And that's the same with the business. You go, "Ah yeah, I'm about this, I'm about delivering this to the world, this is the big mission," and then for me, I've gone along and what I've recognised in you at all times is, you're going, "I'm not moving away from this muse. I'm going to continually be there." And I felt that at times, possibly I've become a bit too precious about protecting my muse and let it go and grow and interpreting it as something new, but yeah, I definitely can recognise that which I've maybe gone, in your business and the way you approach it, which is something which I've recognised in myself is if I don't go and check in and allow it to morph, I start using it as a justification. I start using it as a brand. I start commodifying it and I allow that brand to become a stagnant external thing, rather than constantly checking in. Constantly facing, "What are the quandaries I have?" Okay, hold both the quandaries to the light, the dark of everything, so that something new can emerge and a new interpretation and connection can emerge.


Mason: (59:12)

And I've recognised that you've never wavered from staying in, from what I can tell, going that, "I'm staying in direct communion here, I'm to just running off into the entrepreneurial scene. I'm not just running off into the business scene," which can be challenging, when you're-


Adrian Anteros: (59:32)

Yeah. 100%, man. Well, yeah. In the blending of perplexing and simplicity and watch your patterns of perfection. And does it steer me too far away from my first love, my first core essence bubbling in there? Yeah, I like to remain in that full self-inquiry. That is always presenting to me, something exciting and new, but it's very close to nature's rhythm. Because it's so close to nature's rhythm, it's actually my rhythm at the same time. So yeah, it's remaining soft, remaining soft, agile. Agile in the newness, but also having this divine drive that I'm guided by this, I'm guided by my... I don't know, my soul self, my God self, whatever you want to call it. But yeah, you've got to let have the mainstay. The main play in this... in my existence, that's the main stage. The main play. I totally hear you bro, it's like doing the entrepreneurship and geez, man.


Adrian Anteros: (01:01:26)

Yeah, we have to have this too. Many hats. Pointed hats, long coats, short coats, shirtless, whatever, but have to have all those guards as well. So yeah, it's really finding yourself in that next phase. But it's the right relationship with your next rites of passage. So yeah, narratives, all this type of thing, but just stay in love with yourself along the way. Just stay in the self love. The self love.


Mason: (01:02:16)

I think that sums up... sorry. I was just going to say for me, when I think about Pure Heart Alchemy, that sums up if you're going in, you're like, "Oh, where do I start?" If you sit in that self-love space and you enter into the apothecary whether you get going out and you're getting it at the shops, just jump on the website and go and connect. If you're sitting in that self-love space, it's pretty easy just to go like, "Yeah." You're out of problem-solution. You're into cultivation.


Adrian Anteros: (01:02:45)

Yeah. Yeah. Coming home to yourself. Coming home to the love, the heart, the body, it's through nature. Through nature and these creations are absolutely funnelled you back into you, whether you're funnelling it from [inaudible 01:03:11] action, and cosmic channel, you're funnelling through your heart, through whatever part of your body. The flower essences, they're seeing you there. Absolutely seeing your hand, bro. 


Mason: (01:04:10)

Beautiful, man. I encourage everyone to go out and stock up, gifts, all that. It's a great offering. I feel like, you are so familiar with the offerings and feel I still am as well, and it's a nice feeling knowing so many people that still yet to go and stumble into that world and experience... because everyone who gets on there, they're always coming back like, "Yeah, that's right. I knew something was missing. I haven't got my Pure Heart. I've been a month without my Pure Heart." So I'm excited for everyone to go and stumble into that world.


Adrian Anteros: (01:04:46)

Maybe we'll get everyone on the [inaudible 01:04:47] soon, bro.


Mason: (01:04:48)

Ooh, yeah. I was just... because yesterday was 10 years since I started SuperFeast and I was just-


Adrian Anteros: (01:04:55)

Oh, congratulations.


Mason: (01:04:57)

Thanks, bro.


Adrian Anteros: (01:04:59)

Cheers to that.


Mason: (01:05:05)

Yeah, cheers. And I was just posting about the cacao party and I think we'd met maybe a year before that, but you were the Chief Flower Shaman of the cacao party. And I just remember everyone going, "Who's that big Adonis guy going around just pumping..." You were just pumping out of your holster. [crosstalk 01:05:33] out of your holster, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang... and the whole place just felt like a bouquet and smelt like one. And it was really significant... I look back at the, it was such a big party, it was pretty big in numbers, but it felt like a big moment, a lot of people met their tribes there at that party. A lot of people discovered things. Everyone always comes back. Everyone who was there got something special. It wasn't just like another conscious party. And you were such a big part of creating that energy, with just "mystifying" it.


Adrian Anteros: (01:06:08)

Yeah, yeah. Wow, I absolutely remember that. I actually remember the scent I was pumping around most of all was... I think it was Tantric Rose. Tantric Rose pumping this chocolate cherry just [inaudible 01:06:27]. Fogging up the place. That was quite good. I remember on the side you had one of those stage fog machines and I got the dude to switch it on while I was pumping the Myst into it and it was just [inaudible 01:06:46], it was this vapour just hitting the walls and the dance floor. Yeah.


Mason: (01:06:56)

That would've almost been the opening night for Tantric. I remember you creating it around that time and bringing the cocoa... anyone doing, there's so many people here facilitating ceremony, therapists, people doing cacao ceremonies, having their own tea and cacao ceremonies, you'll match here with the flower essences. You'll be able to find something to completely bring wind underneath the wings of that intention. Don't underestimate it. Get in touch with these guys or follow your heart and just find that Myst or that dropper that spagyric. Bring the Medicina de Flores in there no matter what, to clear yourself before you head into that space of ceremony. It's the same as you go and stand on the earth and [inaudible 01:07:50]. You can release that energy and cleanse and then you bring a little flower blessing in. Dose yourself over the top. You can go in clear. These are real amazing allies. So grateful to you and Isabella is off camera for bringing it forward into the world to your friends.


Adrian Anteros: (01:08:11)

Yeah. Thank you for all you do too, brother. That was incredible. Incredible.


Mason: (01:08:16)

Absolute pleasure. Thank you. All the links are in the show notes, guys, but if you look up to your Heart Alchemy, bam.


Adrian Anteros: (01:08:24)



Mason: (01:08:24)

There you are. Boom. Get on the newsletter as well. Get on the newsletter. Lots of goodies. Lots of insights. Lots of flower shamaning.


Adrian Anteros: (01:08:34)

Yeah. Aho.


Mason: (01:08:37)

Aho. Ciao.

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